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									                                 Pittsylvania County Schools
                                  Career and Technical Education

                               Computer Skills - Course Syllabus

   Course: Advanced Computer Skills (8th Grade)                Course Number: 6150

Textbook: Computer Applications & Keyboarding, Glencoe

       Required Fee/Supplies: $8.00             Student Organization: None

              Prerequisite: 6th or 7th Grade Computer Skills
   Dual Enrollment Credit: No
    Industry Certification: None

Advanced Computer Skills is an 8th grade course in which keyboarding techniques, computer
concepts, word processing, terminology, formatting features, career exploration and
communication skills are taught based on the Virginia state competencies.


                                      Task Area                                        Days
Implementing Virginia's CTE Course Requirements                                          2
Participating in the Student Organization                                                1
Keyboarding                                                                             57

                                                                               Total    60

1.        Daily Assignments
2.        Projects
3.        Portfolio

                 Advanced Computer Skills (6150) - Related Standards of Learning

6.6   The student will write narratives, descriptions, and explanations.

          a.   Use a variety of planning strategies to generate and organize ideas.
          b.   Establish central idea, organization, elaboration, and unity.
          c.   Select vocabulary and information to enhance the central idea, tone, and voice.
          d.   Expand and embed ideas by using modifiers, standard coordination, and subordination in complete
          e.   Revise writing for clarity.

6.7   The student will edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure.

          a.   Use a variety of graphic organizers, such as sentence diagrams to analyze and improve sentence
               formation and paragraph structure.
          b.   Use subject-verb agreement with intervening phrases and clauses.
          c.   Use pronoun-antecedent agreement to include indefinite pronouns.
          d.   Maintain consistent tense inflections across paragraphs.
          e.   Choose adverbs to describe verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.
          f.   Use correct spelling for frequently used words.

7.7   The student will apply knowledge of appropriate reference materials.

          a.   Use print and electronic sources to locate information in books and articles.
          b.   Use graphic organizers to organize information.
          c.   Synthesize information from multiple sources.
          d.   Credit primary and secondary sources.

8.6   The student will read, comprehend, and analyze a variety of informational sources.

          a.   Draw on background knowledge and knowledge of text structure to understand selections.
          b.   Analyze author's credentials, viewpoint, and impact.
          c.   Analyze the author's use of text structure and word choice.
          d.   Analyze details for relevance and accuracy.
          e.   Read and follow instructions to complete an assigned task.
          f.   Summarize and critique text.
          g.   Evaluate and synthesize information to apply in written and oral presentations.
          h.   Draw conclusions based on explicit and implied information.
          i.   Make inferences based on explicit and implied information.

8.7   The student will write in a variety of forms, including narrative, expository, persuasive, and informational

          a.   Use prewriting strategies to generate and organize ideas.
          b.   Organize details to elaborate the central idea.
          c.   Select specific vocabulary and information.
          d.   Revise writing for word choice, sentence variety, and transitions among paragraphs.
          e.   Use available technology.

8.8   The student will edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and


         a.   Use a variety of graphic organizers, such as sentence diagrams to analyze and improve sentence
              formation and paragraph structure.
         b.   Use and punctuate correctly varied sentence structures to include conjunctions and transition words.
         c.   Choose the correct case and number for pronouns in prepositional phrases with compound objects.
         d.   Maintain consistent verb tense across paragraphs.
         e.   Use comparative and superlative degrees in adverbs and adjectives.

History and Social Science
CE.12    The student will demonstrate knowledge of career opportunities by

              a.   identifying talents, interests, and aspirations that influence career choice;
              b.   identifying attitudes and behaviors that strengthen the individual work ethic and promote career
              c.   identifying skills and education that careers require;
              d.   examining the impact of technological change on career opportunities.

VUS.14   The student will demonstrate knowledge of economic, social, cultural, and political developments in the
         contemporary United States by

              a.   analyzing the effects of increased participation of women in the labor force;
              b.   analyzing how changing patterns of immigration affect the diversity of the United States
                   population, the reasons new immigrants choose to come to this country, and their contributions to
                   contemporary America;
              c.   explaining the media influence on contemporary American culture and how scientific and
                   technological advances affect the workplace, health care, and education.

      Advanced Computer Skills (6150) - SOL Correlation by Task

014         Proofread copy.                                             English 8.6
015         Edit copy.                                                  English 6.7, 8.8
017         Compose and format letters, memoranda, reports, outlines, English 6.6, 6.7, 8.7,
            and tables, using the English writing process steps.      8.8
021         Obtain assistance for preparing documents via electronic    English 7.7, 8.8
            and hard copy references and documentation (e.g., help
            screen, spell check, user's manual, dictionary, grammar
            check, thesaurus, Internet search).
024         Develop a résumé.                                           History and Social
                                                                        Science CE.12
                                                                        English 8.8
025         Complete a job application form.                            History and Social
                                                                        Science CE.12
                                                                        English 8.8
026         Create a portfolio containing representative samples of     History and Social
            student work.                                               Science CE.12
                                                                        English 8.8
027         Identify potential employment barriers for nontraditional   History and Social
            groups and ways to overcome the barriers.                   Science CE.12,


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