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									                                   Honors Human Anatomy
                                    Teacher: Mrs. Inman
                                          Room 810

The human body is a very complex system. Just take a moment to think of all the functions
            your body performs for you every day…Wow! In this class we will begin
an in-depth examination of the structures and functions that allow the human body to “tick.”
   Using this intimate relationship between anatomy and physiology we can begin to dissect
 (literally!) the amazing biological processes that allow us to dream, to kick a soccer ball, to
 breathe, to digest a pizza, and to sense the world around us. This course will help prepare
 students who are exploring a career in the health professions, as well as students who just
 want to learn more about the human body. Lab activities, including dissection, will be part
                                          of this course.

                                                                 TCHS Guidelines for Success
Our Class Rules…                                                 Take responsibility
1. Follow all staff directions first time given (this            Commit to learning
                                                                 Honor self and others
    means school rules too!)                                     Serve and contribute
2. Be on time and prepared for class (this means be in your
    seat with notebook, paper and a pencil/pen, and ready
    to work.)                                                   TCHS Commodore Four (+1)*
                                                                1. Turn off all personal technology
 3. Respect the rights and property of others.                  from 8:25am-3:15pm
4. Avoid conduct disruptive to learning.                        2. Follow the “Ten-Ten” rule. Hall
                                                                passes available only after ten
5. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before             minutes into the block.
    speaking.                                                   3. Use appropriate language.
                                                                4. Report to class on time.
6. No food or drink out in class.
                                                                   * Follow all school rules

***All laboratory rules and safety precautions must be followed. You must be present for
the lab safety lecture and sign the safety contract to continue in lab. Any incident in the
lab must be reported to the teacher immediately.

       If a student chooses to break a rule:
       1st time: Student’s name recorded = Warning.
       2nd time: One check: = Speak with teacher after class.
       3rd time: Two checks = Call home to parent.
       4th time: Three checks = Discipline referral
       Students who behave appropriately shall be positively rewarded

Materials:     Come prepared to each class with the following:
               Textbook (Human Anatomy & Physiology, Marieb, 2001)
               3-ring binder (organized as you like)
               Paper, Pencils, Pens
               1 set of colored pencils (bring to every class!) REQUIRED:
               Lab Fee = $10                                    1 BOX ON NITRILE                GLOVES

Notebook:      A notebook will be kept for the entire year.

Homework: Assigned homework will only be accepted for full credit on the date it is due.
Any late work will be accepted for 50% credit the next class meeting. Late work should be
turned in to the appropriate class tray.
Grading: Grades will be based on the following percentages…
       Category 1: Formative: Homework, daily work, exit slips, etc. = 50% of your grade
       Category 2: Summative: Tests, major writing and lab assignments,
                                     presentations, etc.            = 40% of your grade
       Category 3: Final Exam (fall and spring):                    = 10% of your grade

        If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to ask your classmates and/or me for
what work you have missed (or visit my website). Any assignment or test that you miss must
be made up before or after school. You have the day you come back plus one day to make up
missed work. I am also available to stay after school every Thursday, as well as various
other days before and after school. See the clipboard in the front of my room to sign up
for before or after school help.
        DO use Infinite Campus to check your progress in the class. If you are concerned
about your grade and would like to schedule a meeting time with me, please sign up on the
clipboard in the front of the class and write that you are needing to discuss your grade
progress. I will also provide you with detailed progress reports several times throughout
the semester.

                Grading scale for 2011-2012:
                       92-100 A
                       83-91 B
                       74-82 C
                       65-73 D
                       0-64      F

My website address is:
Visit this site for daily assignments, homework, and other helpful links.

What Will We be Studying?

        1st Semester                                      2nd Semester
        Terminology                                       Cat Dissection includes…
        Tissues (Histology)                               Muscle Anatomy
        Integumentary System (Skin!)                      Digestive System
        Skeletal System and Joints                        Blood & The Circulatory System
        Muscle Physiology                                 Nervous System

How to Contact Mrs. Inman…
Please feel welcome to contact me at any time by calling the high school at 381-3620 to
leave a message and I will gladly return your call. I can also be reached through email at

Please read the Anatomy syllabus above and sign and return this bottom portion to

Mrs. Inman by Monday, August 15th (A-day) or Tuesday, August 16th (B-day)

Student’s Signature: _______________________________

Parent’s Signature: ________________________________

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