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									                             Cambridge IGCSE Biology
Instructor: Mrs. Gabriele Fajardo

Office Phone: 472-8074                                                   email:
Prep. Hour: none

Course Description:
          Biology is designed as a study of organisms and their interactions within the
          environment, at the cellular and macroscopic level. It is a lab-oriented class that is
          designed to be interesting and informative to your student. Major emphasis will be
          placed on the scientific method, experimental design, analyzing data, communicating
          results, problem solving and critical thinking.

Content Curriculum:
    1.     Characteristics and Classification of Living Organisms
    2.    Classification and Diversity of Living Organisms
    3.    Cell Structure and Organization
    4.    Movement In and Out of cells
    5.    Enzymes
    6.    Nutrition
    7.    Transportation
    8.    Respiration
    9.    Excretion in Humans
    10.   Coordination and Response
    11.   Reproduction
    12.   Growth and Development
    13.   Inheritance
    14.   Energy Flow
    15.   Food Chains and Food Webs
    16.   Nutrient Cycles
    17.   Population Size
    18.   Human Influences on the Ecosystem

Materials Needed:
                 1-2 inch wide three-ring binder (for biology only)
                 Dividers (five sections)
                 college-ruled loose leaf paper (no “edges”)
                 pencils and a red pen
                 graph paper
                 flashdrive (recommended to save labs, research, etc….)

Notebook Requirements:
A notebook check will be conducted each quarter as part of the student’s grade. The notebook must be
maintained in an organized fashion with all papers saved and filed in the appropriate section as follows:
        •         Section 1: Daily Log and Syllabus
        •         Section 2: Current Unit Materials
        •         Section 3: Class Notes
        •         Section 4: Completed Units
        •         Section 5: Reference Materials
Text: IGCSE Biology, Second Edition, DG Mackean

Study Habits, Daily Work and Quizzes:
       Assignments are cumulative; therefore it is necessary and essential to keep up.
       Approximately 30 minutes of study or homework will be required each night.
       Homework may be graded for completion and corrected by the student or for accuracy by
        the teacher.
       Homework quizzes (announced or unannounced) may be given over homework
        assignments that are not collected.

The student will not know ahead of time whether an assignment will be collected or a quiz will be
given. Furthermore, if an assignment is collected, the student will not know ahead of time if it
will be graded for accuracy. Therefore, it is important that all assignments are done to the best of
the student’s ability.

Assignment Calendar:
       At the beginning of each day you are to write down the Daily Log. It is an agenda for
        that day as well as a listing of your homework assignments.
       Failure to copy it down may result in your missing a homework assignment, as I do not
        always mention the assignments in class.
       When absent copying the log enables you to determine what assignments and lectures
        you missed so that you are better able to catch up on your work.
       Assignments are also posted on the assignment calendar on the website, which you
        should use to get any missed work on days you are absent.

Absences and make-up policy
       Excused absences - for every day absent, you have one day to make-up or turn in missed
        work. A missed assignment is defined as an assignment that is given out when the
        student is not in attendance. In other words, if the student is present when an assignment
        is given, but is absent on its due date, the assignment must be turned in on the day the
        student returns to school. This includes making up a homework, labs, projects, quizzes
        and tests.
       Failure to make-up missed assignments in allotted time will result in “zeros”.
       Missed tests or quizzes will be made up in class on the day the student returns, to make
        up a lab you must make an appointment to ensure that I will be present to assist you.
        Make-up tests or quizzes will be an alternative form since students have the extra time to
Students who are “swept” and unable to attend class must see me before their next class period to
turn in assignments due during the period spent in sweep and to pick up new homework
assignments. If a test or quiz is missed, the student must make arrangements to make it up at this
time. Failure to meet with me will result in loss of credit on missed assignments, labs, quizzes
and tests.

Late Assignments:
       NO late assignments will be accepted for a grade.
Extra Credit:
       There is no extra credit. This class is designed so that any student putting out constant
       effort such as completing homework assignments and attending class on a regular basis
       will achieve success.
Make-Up Days/Tutoring:
       Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 – 7:55 am or Monday and Wednesday 3:00-3:30 pm.
Behavior Guidelines:
      Cheating will not be tolerated. All parties involved in cheating will receive a zero on the
       assignment or test. This includes plagiarism on projects or copying on homework
      NO cell phones, Ipods, graphing calculators, or other electronic devices during
       instructional time. If these items become a problem during class they will be confiscated
       and taken to the grade level administrator according to school policy.
      Red Mountain High School Expectations will be upheld as outlined in the student

   In general, the policies listed above require that you are responsible for your learning. If you
   follow the rules and complete assignments on time, you will likely be successful in this
   course. A good grade is dependent upon consistent effort more so than on intelligence and
   ability. I have watched many intelligent students fail due to a lack of effort and I have seen
   many average students excel due to hard work.

    I believe that open communication is the key to your son or daughter’s success, and I
   welcome any opportunity to discuss your student’s progress. Please feel free to contact me at
   (480)472-8074 or email me at You may also go to the RMHS teacher
   website, and then to my personal web page to stay informed as to what we are doing in class.
   The website directs you to the Cambridge Biology Assignment Calendar as well as other
   useful information.


  Mrs. Gabriele Fajardo

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