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									1A. Career Pathway                                   1B. Master Schedule that Aligns with Career

1C. Syllabus for each KY Tech Course                 1D. Curriculum Map for All Courses

2A. Technical Writing – Two (2) Samples of           2B. Open Response in Assessments – Two (2)
Assignment and Students’ Work                        Samples of Assignment, Rubric, and Students’ Work

2C. Unit/Lesson Plan with Evidence of Integration    2D. Unit plan/Four (4) Detailed Lesson Plans
of Academics in Student Assessments

***3A. Student Scores Increase (English) – K-PREP,   ***3B. Student Scores Increase (Biology/Science) –
ACT or NCRC                                          K-PREP, ACT or NCRC

***3C. Student Scores Increase (Algebra) – K-PREP,   ***3D. Number of Industry Certificates Awarded
ACT or NCRC                                          Increase

***3E. KOSSA                                         ***3F. Certificates Improvement

*4A. & B. In Classroom and Tech School or High       4C. At Assemblies/Awards
School(s) (*No documentation needed; will be
assessed by observation.)
4D. By Business and Industry                         4E. By Educational Entities

4F. Feeder High Schools                              4G. Feeder District

4H. Other                                            5A. Student Progression Through Career Pathway

5B. Career Pathway Used for Registration and ILP     5C. Career Pathway and Student Progression Shared
Development                                          with Counselor

5D. Secondary to Postsecondary School Agreement      5E. Dual Credit Courses Available or Received

***6A. 1S1 – Academic Attainment (Reading)           ***6B. 1S2 – Academic Attainment (Math)

***6C. 2S1 – Technical Attainment                    ***6D. 3S1 – Secondary School Completion
***6E. 4S1 – Graduation Rates by NCLB                ***6F. 5S1 – Placement of Completers and

***6G. 6S1 – Nontraditional Participation            ***6H. 6S2 – Nontraditional completion

*7A. Clean and Orderly Classroom(s) and Lab(s)       7B. Annual safety inspection
(*No documentation needed; will be assessed by
7C. Recommendations from 7B implemented              7D. Accident reports and planned prevention

*8A. Safety practices (*No documentation needed;     8B. Safety Tests – Two (2) Different Tests at 100%
will be assessed by observation.)                    Completed by Two Different Students

8C. Monthly Inspections by Student Committee         8D. Recommendations Implemented from 11C

*8E - G. Written Policies, Safety Posters & Visual   8H. Policies Signed by Parent and Student
warnings – Posted in Program Area

9A. One (1) Participant in Technical Competition     9B. One (1) Participant in Leadership Competition

9C. Participation in Leadership Development          9D. Minutes of Meetings – Two (2) Samples

9E. Program of Work                                  9F. State/National Membership – Increase or 75%

9G. Community Involvement – Different than           10A. Live Work Completed On-Site
Documentation in Standards 4, 10, and 11

10B. Live Work Completed Off-Site                    10C. Newspapers Articles

10D. High School Publications                        10E. Serving on Program-Related Committees

10F. Feeder District Publications                    10G. High School Course Descriptions Book

10H. Presentations at Career Fairs/Civic Meetings    10I. Presentations at Conferences
10J. Community Service Projects not in Std 9G      10K. Business/Industry/Educational Publications

10L. Web Pages                                     10M. TV/Radio Spots

10N. Open House                                    10O. Orientation

10P. Summer Camp                                   10Q. Student/Parent/Counselor/Community Tours

10R. Other                                         11A. Community Resources

11B. Parental Involvement                          12A. Two (2) Meetings with Agenda/Minutes;
                                                   Three (3) B&I

12B. Continuous Program Improvement is             12C. Two (2) Meetings Agenda/Minutes; Three (3)
Documented in Minutes by Committee Involvement     B&I; Four (4) Total Present

12D. Recommendations from Two (2) Meetings         12E. Log of Contact with Advisory Members

12F. List of Seven (7) Members/Titles              13A. Teacher is Industry-Certified

13B. Program is Industry-Certified                 14-1. Number of Seniors:___; Number in WBL:___;

14-2. Student #1 – Documentation of A, B, and c    14-3. Student #2 – Documentation of A, B, and C

14-4. Student #3 – Documentation of A, B, and C    14-5. Student #4 – Documentation of A, B, and C

14-6. Student #5 – Documentation of A, B, and C    14-7. Student #6 – Documentation of A, B, and C

14-8. Student #7 – Documentation of A, B, and C    14-9. Student #8 – Documentation of A, B, and C

14-10. Student #9 – Documentation of A, B, and C   14-11. Student #10 – Documentation of A, B, and C
14-12. Student #11 – Documentation of A, B, and C   ***15A. Twenty-five (25) Hours of Completed
                                                    Professional Development

***15B-D. Professional Growth Plan                  16A. Biennium Plan - Signed, Measurable Goals,
                                                    Activities Improve Instruction

*16B. CATS, KOSSA, Perkins, Advisory Committee      16C. Student Evaluations
(*No documentation needed.)

16D. Program Assessment Team and Self Scores        16E. STR < 12.5

16F. School Plans                                   16G. Projected Program Budget

16H. IIC Forms– Two (2)                             16I. Written Narrative Indicating Improvement in
                                                    Score Below a Four and Comments

17A. Distance Learning                              17B. Computer Peripherals

17C. Program-Based Software                         17D. Advanced Equipment

17E. Word Processing                                17F. PowerPoint for Assignments

17G. PowerPoint for Instruction                     17H. Web Page for Program

17I. Web-Enhanced Instruction                       17J. Internet Research by Student

17K. Spreadsheets Produced by Students              17L. Other

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