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Photoshop CS3 Chapter 3 - True/False

Instructions: Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false.

    T         F        1. You can see through an opaque layer.

    T         F        2. A layer is an image superimposed or separated from other parts
                          of the document.

    T         F        3. The selected layer is also referred to as the active layer.

    T         F        4. It is good practice to give each layer a unique name so you can
                          identify it more easily.

    T         F        5. When you drag from one document window to the other,
                          Photoshop creates a layer.

    T         F        6. The Background Eraser tool erases all similarly colored pixels
                          with one click.

    T         F        7. When you left-click the Magic Eraser button in the toolbox, you
                          can choose other eraser tools.

    T         F        8. When using the eraser tool, the right-bracket key on your
                          keyboard decreases the size of the eraser.

    T         F        9. The Background Eraser samples the color in the center of the
                          mouse pointer which is called the selection spot.

    T         F        10. To undo an erasure, click Edit on the menu bar and then click
                           Undo Eraser, or press CTRL + E to undo.

    T         F        11. When creating a layer mask, by default the mask is not linked to
                           the selected layer.

    T         F        12. A special kind of mask is a clipping mask that masks the layers
                           above it.

    T         F        13. A selection layer mask is a layer mask created by making a
                           selection in the layer.

    T         F        14. Filter adjustments let you apply predetermined pictures, tiles or

    T         F        15. In the Layers palette, the transparency box allows you to change
                           the opacity or transparency of the layer.

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