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					Naviance for the Novice

               Ah Young Chi
               College Counselor
               Malibu High School

               Erin Garland
               Lead Training Specialist

Before we get started:
 Ah Young Chi
Erin Garland
 Overview of Agenda
                             Naviance for Novices

• Overview of the Naviance Succeed Solution
• Working with Naviance Succeed
   • Data Management
   • Collaborative Tools
   • Reporting
• Working with Family Connection
                 Intro to Naviance Succeed:
                 What is Naviance Succeed?

Naviance Succeed is a fully integrated
solution designed to help raise student
accountability and performance across a
number of key indicators leading to
increased engagement, improvements in
academic performance and overall
workplace and college readiness.
                    Intro to Naviance Succeed:
                    What is Naviance Succeed?

Family                        Succeed
Connection                     for School Staff
 for Students and
                                Intro to Naviance Succeed:
                              Benefits of Naviance Succeed

Benefits for Students                                Benefits for School Staff
Provides single source for                           Provides single source for
personal research, tracking                          research, tracking and
and communication tools                              communication tools for all
Provides structured                                  students
                               Success     Career
approach                       Planning   Planning   Streamlines counseling
Enables students to                                  process to make time for
explore interests              College    Course     more meaningful student
                               Planning   Planning
strengths and goals.                                 engagement
Links career, college and                            Provides robust analytics
course planning tools                                for student activity reporting
enabling maximum post-
secondary success
                                 Intro to Naviance Succeed:
                                           Success Planning

 Success Planning:

  School Set Up:         Students:              Schools:
  Create goal            Create goals           Comment on goals
  categories                                    and tasks
                         Complete tasks
  Build task libraries                          Monitor task activity
                         Create “to-do” lists
  Group tasks into
                                                Report on goal and
  programs               Comment on goals
                                                task completion
  Assign tasks and       and tasks
  programs to students
                                  Intro to Naviance Succeed:
                                             Career Planning

 Career Planning

   School Set Up:         Students:                Schools:
   Set up Family          Complete personality     Access career
   Connection Optional    and interest             research tools &
   Features to activate   assessments              assessment results
   assessments            Research career
                          clusters, pathways       Track student career
                          and careers              interests
                          Build career lists       Report on career
                          Link results to course   interests and trends
                          & college planning
                                 Intro to Naviance Succeed:
                                            Course Planning

 Course Planning:

   School Set Up:         Students:             Schools:
   Import course          Browse course         Review & approve
   catalog                catalog               plans
   Import student         Create course plans   Comment on plans
   course history
                          View alerts           Report on course
   Build Plans of Study                         plan status and
                          Scan plans to
                          measure rigor
                                   Intro to Naviance Succeed:
                                              College Planning

 College Planning:

   School Set Up:          Students:             Schools:
   Import scholarship      Research colleges     Access college
   lists                   Build college lists   research tools
   Import college          Request application   Track student
   application history     documents from        applications
   Configure research      counselors and        Prepare and submit
   tools                   teachers              application
   Set up college visits   Track college         documents
   Prepare to use          applications          Generate reports
Data Import
                                    Data Import:
                               Process Overview

 Consult the Guide to Importing and Exporting Data
 Enlist IT resource
 Enlist Naviance Support
 Prepare data files
 Import data
 Update data regularly
                               Data Import:
                 Automation and File Format

• Data can be automatically imported and
  updated from existing electronic files or your
   – Importing saves you time
   – Works with your SIS: key once, use the data
     many times
• Templates are also available in the help menu
                                   Data Import:
                            Data Import Options

Data Import Options:
 Student personal data
 Student test scores
 Student course history
 Parent data
 Teacher lists
 Course catalog
 College application data
 Scholarship data
 National Student Clearinghouse Data
Student Profile
                                                Student Profile:
                                       Student Folder Overview
How do you track student

Student Folder Benefits:
• Quick access to data allows more
time for MEANINGFUL student
•Improve accountability
•Gain visibility to student activity

Student Folder Features:
• Organized and accessible data
• Tracking and accountability tools
• Year to year history
Collaborative Tools
                                       Collaborative Tools:
Create shared or private journal
entries to record reflections and
track progress
View journal entries from school

Create shared or private journal
entries to record student activities
such as meetings,
correspondence & counseling
Track student year to year
                                    Collaborative Tools:

Complete surveys
View survey history

Schools & Districts:
Create surveys to gather student
& alumni interest and goals
View and report on survey results
Link surveys to Success Planning
task completion
                                   Collaborative Tools:
                                      Messaging Tools

Students & Parents:
View emails sent by school staff
in FC inbox as well as through
Respond to school-generated
Create email templates
Send mass emails to targeted
students, parents & college
Track status of sent messages
                                     Collaborative Tools:

Students & Parents:
View & print individual and
shared documents

Upload documents
Create and use folders for
document management
Share folders with staff, students
& parents
                                       Collaborative Tools:

The data is in Naviance….
but how do schools make the most
of the data?

Reporting Benefits:
•Track & ensure compliance
•Improve accountability
•Monitor trends & outcomes
•Gain visibility to student activity

Reporting Features:
•Customization options
•Varied print formats
•Email capabilities
                         Collaborative Tools:

• Naviance Succeed has over 65+ reports
  for your school or district to use

• Most reports are customizable

• Reports can be emailed or printed
                          Collaborative Tools:

• Report categories include:
  – Student Reports
  – Course Reports
  – Planner Reports
  – Scholarship Reports
  – Career Reports
  – College Reports
  – Survey Reports
  – Score Reports
Family Connection Overview
                                Family Connection Overview:

The website for students and
family members is called Family

Using Family Connection, students
    • Research careers and colleges
    • Take assessments and surveys
    • Create goals and to-dos
    • Build course plans
   Family Connection Overview:
     Navigation - Welcome Page

Welcome Page
                        Family Connection Overview:
                          Navigation - Welcome Page

• The Welcome page on Family
  Connection contains key information
  and links to features such as:
  –   Email messages and comments sent from counselors
  –   Email messages and comments sent from teachers
  –   Comments added to student goals and tasks
  –   Documents uploaded to student goals and tasks
  –   Updates to documents
  –   Notifications when a task is assigned, completed, or waived
  –   Email notification digests to inform students when a task or
      program deadline is approaching or due
 Family Connection Overview:
         Navigation - Courses

                      Family Connection Overview:
                              Navigation - Courses

• My Course Records: Shows what courses students
  have enrolled in (only shown if school has imported
  course enrollment data and activated this feature for
• Interests and Ideas: A place for students to mark
  down courses that interest them and to give thoughts
  on their plan of study
• My Course Plans: A place for students to manage
  course plans and view how they fit in their multi-year
Family Connection Overview:
        Navigation - Colleges

                       Family Connection Overview:
                               Navigation - Colleges

• My Colleges: A list of colleges the student is thinking
  about and applying to. Also a place to see upcoming
  college visits.
• Students can add colleges to their “favorites” list in
  several ways.
• Simplest is to click add to list from a college profile
• It can also be done from the colleges I’m thinking
  about page (multiple colleges can be added at once
  this way)
                Family Connection Overview:
                        Navigation - Colleges

• There are 10 tools in the college
  research area that students can use to
  find colleges
Family Connection Overview:
  Navigation – Search Tools
Family Connection Overview:
   Navigation - Scattergrams
                Family Connection Overview:
                        Navigation - Colleges

• Scholarship information is also on the
  colleges tab in Family Connection
• There are three built-in tools to find
  scholarships: scholarship match,
  scholarship list, and national
  scholarship search
• Scholarship applications can also be
  tracked in Family Connection
 Family Connection Overview:
         Navigation - Careers

                 Family Connection Overview:
                         Navigation - Careers

• Students can research careers & clusters on
  Family Connection from the careers tab.
• Once a student has found a career, an
  information page with tabs will appear with
  description of the career, related majors,
  wage information, common tasks, knowledge
  and skills needed, et cetera
                   Family Connection Overview:
                           Navigation - Careers

• Career assessments available:
  – Career Cluster Finder: helps students find
    career clusters based on interests, personal
    qualities and subjects they enjoy.
  – Do What You Are™: uses the Myers-Briggs
    personality types to suggest careers & clusters
  – Career Interest Profiler and Career Key™: uses
    Holland Interest Codes to assess career profile.
    Career Key is aimed for middle school usage.
Family Connection Overview:
      Navigation – About Me

About Me
                 Family Connection Overview:
                       Navigation – About Me

•   Surveys
•   Resume
•   Profile
•   Account Information
•   Test Scores
  Family Connection Overview:
      Navigation – My Planner

My Planner
                  Family Connection Overview:
                      Navigation – My Planner

• Overview: View list of upcoming and overdue
  tasks and activities
• Goals: Set goals and relate to-do’s to goals
• To-do: Create personalized to-do list
• Tasks: View and complete tasks assigned by
  school / district
                                Family Connection Overview:
                                   Configuration and Set Up

Family Connection Set Up

Access Family Connection Set
Up: Connections > Family

Consult Overview link

Set up Optional Features

Customize Settings

Activate Students & Parents

Distribute Registration Codes

Activate Website
Professional Services
                                   Professional Services:
  – Telephone and email                         Support
  – Ensures satisfaction                        Services

  – Instructor-led courses
  – Product proficiency
• CONSULTING SERVICES              Success     Naviance     Professional
                                  Management   Succeed      Development
  – Best practices and guidance
  – Implementation for maximum
  – Ongoing communications                     Consulting
  – Recognize value                             Services

Naviance provides
ways for Succeed
users to connect with
other K-12 educators,
   • Naviance Network
   • Idea Exchange
   • Naviance Summer
                           Naviance Network

• Naviance Network is the largest on-line
  professional community of counselors,
  including not only domestic but many
  international counselors. You receive free
  membership in the Naviance Network with
  your subscription to Naviance Succeed.
                              Idea Exchange

• Idea Exchange: Share ideas, vote on
  suggestions and hear from Naviance.
• Naviance’s product development team
  uses this exchange to gauge where future
  development of the product is needed.
• Your feedback helps us decide the future of
                              Sales Information

• High school pricing basics:
  • Enrollment based
  • There are minimums per school
  • Varies depending on service level

• For more information, contact
Michael Thompson, Territory Sales Manager, 866-337-
0080, ext. 7412

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