O200 Level Exam by w6JLcR7


									O 200 Level Exam

30 points

Exam is open book. Answers may be written in sentences or point form.

   1. A B event is being held on a map that has not been updated recently. As course planner, how do
      you ensure that your courses are fun, safe, and fair for all participants? (3 points)
   2. How does a course planner create route choice? (2 points)
   3. Describe the criteria for an acceptable beginner course control location (2 points)
   4. What characteristics should a well-planned intermediate course have? (2 points)
   5. What precautions should B event organizers take regarding the safety of participants? (10
   6. A participant comes to the finish angrily insisting that a control on his course has been
      misplaced. No other participants have complained. You are the event director. How do you
      handle the situation? (2 points)
   7. What is the role of a C event controller? (4 points)
   8. You are the controller for a C event. The first time course planner submits the following course
      for review. What are your suggestions? (5 points)

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