Campus Sport
Badminton Rules and Regulations

1. If you require a racket and shuttlecocks for your match please see the staff
at the ISE reception desk. You will be required to leave a deposit and in some
cases a small hire charge may apply.

2. Best of 3 games

3. First to 21, win by 2 clear points or first to 30.

4. You score every point. Serve until you lose the point.

5. Serve will be determined by spin of the racket. The winner of the spin will
have the choice to select serve or side.

6. Serving court for singles is determined by server's score. When server's
score is an even number, service is from the right-hand court. (Service is from
right-hand court to opponents right-hand court.)

7. Serving in doubles is determined by the servers score as well. When the
servers score is even then the player on the right hand court serves, continues
to serve from alternate sides until a point is lost.

8. A fault made by a player of the side which is serving causes them to lose
the serve. If made by player whose side is not serving, it counts a point to the
serving side.

9. It is a fault:
       If the shuttle is hit twice in succession, either by the same player of by
       the two partners on one side of the net.

      If during play, a player touches the net, or its supports, with the racket,
      person, or dress, it is a fault.

      If the shuttle, in play, is hit before it crosses the net. (It is permissible
      for the racket to follow over the net, without touching it, provided the
      shuttle is actually contacted on the striker's side of the net.)

      If either in service or play, the shuttle falls outside the boundaries of the
      court, or passes through or under the net. (A shuttle falling on a line
      shall be ruled to have fallen in the court or service area.)

      If, in serving, the shuttle at the instant of being struck be higher than
      the server's waist, or if the head of the racket at the instant of striking
      the shuttle be higher than any part of the hand holding the racket.

      If, in serving, the shuttle falls into the wrong service court.

      If the shuttle hits the ceiling during play.

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