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					                                       OFFICER DRESS CODE                              4219.1(z)

All members shall maintain serviceable regulation uniforms. That uniform shall consist of a
navy colored blazer, heather gray pants, white dress shirt, maroon and blue striped tie, 1-1/2”
black walking shoes.

       A. Unless otherwise assigned, members shall report for duty in clean uniforms.

       B. Uniforms shall be neat and pressed.

       C. Identification tag shall be worn on the left breast pocket of the blazer.

       D. All members are to dress appropriately for all court appearances. This includes:
          Grand Jury Testimony, Municipal Court, Juvenile Court and Juvenile Conference

               1. Regulation uniform.

               2. Sports coat, dress slacks, dress shirt and tie, or suit for males;
                  appropriate ensemble for females.

       E. Members and employees attending schools and training seminars shall dress in
          accordance with the parameters set by the school or the instructors.

Equipment and Weapons:

The Educational Enforcement Officer shall carry only the equipment authorized. This includes
an expandable baton, worn on the belt in a holder, O.C. spray worn on the belt in a holder, a set
of handcuffs worn on the belt in a holder, and approved firearm in a security holster worn on the
belt and concealed at all times. Communications equipment assigned to each officer is the
responsibility of the officer and must be kept with him/her at all times.

Officers must meet all qualification and re-certification standards required by State Law.
Failure to maintain certification or qualification for any weapon or piece of equipment shall be
grounds for dismissal. (Note: See Firearms Policy for further details)

Adopted: November 9, 1999

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