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Letter to Editor and Governor Lynch
Peter Macdonald 465 Packersfalls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217
You may print my name and phone # I believe in America

I had coffee at Young’s restaurant In Durham NH as I do each morning. The conversation about my
volunteering helping a Madbury NH family expose abusive government acts came up. I was surprised
when a friend stated (that my going to jail and all the trouble my volunteering to help this Madbury family
has caused my family) that I brought it on myself. I clearly stated that I am proud of my actions. In my
eyes America comes first, MY family comes second, My self last. The conversation at young’s is a luxury
because men died so we have a Constitution that protects every individual.
During the year 2000 a family in Madbury NH called me to ask for my help. They got my name from
letters to the editor that I write. I went to their home and heard their story. I was ashamed to hear about
(what I assumed) was just a Madbury government mistake. Using the power of government to seek
personal revenge against citizens is a crime. Using the power of government to spot zone property is
discrimination. I was mad when the Madbury selectman clearly admitted this course of action in the
presents of witnesses was for revenge. He did not deny this action under oath latter on.
I volunteer to help this family. I went to court with them. A judge made me an “attorney in fact” even
though I stated to him I was 100% mentally and physically service connected disabled veteran. I was
convicted of a crime with no charges, evidence, witnesses or trial and fined $21,000.00 to teach me the
power of a judge. In the Madbury case we proved the case with out a doubt. The judge ruled for the town
any how. We appealed the case to the NH supreme court. They ruled the case moot. We did a redress of
wrongs as our constitution grants us the right. Governor Benson sent the state police to my house to
order me to stop helping this family. I wrote a second redress the state police came to my house and
arrested me under the Patriot Act. I lost my freedom for 6 months. 4 days before the trial the charges are
dropped. It cost my family $15,000.00 plus, for lawyer fees, court fees and fines. I wrote the governor
against court orders to ask why he sent a letter to the Veterans Administration to claim that I was a
terrorist to have my benefits stopped. Our Constitution grants us this right and no judge can diminish this
right. I was put back in jail and when released put on two years probation. I volunteer and my government
does this to me.
I file discrimination charges against the NH supreme court in federal court. Judge McAuliffe rules judges
are immune from constitutional crimes with their decisions. The court of appeals first circuit confirms this
decision. I have no legal back ground. I have serous medical problems from my time in service defending
this country, but I clearly know when government officials and judges are violating the law. I came back
alive from the a conflict. I owe the respect and gratitude to those over the years that did not come back
alive from defending your freedom.
The Newspapers refuse to print the truth. They in their own words believe my letters are going to hurt
people with good reputation. Our country is built on the fact “the opinion of the people“. There is not a
conspiracy here. What we have is a government and news organizations that are individually protecting
what power they have. A Madbury NH family has been destroyed. My family has been physically,
mentally and finically harmed. I have had my freedom taken, my medical condition harmed, my life
destroyed and my character eliminated. The news clearly had a part in this.
I use to volunteer thousand of hours in schools, community programs, NH state departments and
hospitals each year. As a terrorist I was ostracized from any contact with children or the public. To this
day I am not allowed to volunteer, not because I am a terrorist but now these people believe I am
because of the newspaper reports.
I have asked governor Lynch for help along with asking each of my government officials. They all believe
I am dangerous and refuse to have contact with me. I did my time in the Marine Corps. I am proud of my
actions in this case. No matter what my government or the public do to me I believe in America. I believe
each of us should help fellow Americans even a Madbury NH family. Thank You Peter Macdonald Sgt
USMC “Semper Fi”

WEBMASTER/WEBHELPER NOTE: The above letter has been included as it was received; without
change. It represents the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of NHJUSTICE.NET. Sgt
Macdonald’s letter is being included because he is entitled to present his opinion. Further, he is a
VETERAN that served his country as a Marine in Vietnam in the early 1970’s. After reading this
letter one might ask, “Is this letter really true and if so, how can this be happening in America?”
What can be done? VOTING & contacting your elected legislators and representatives is a good
start! It is their job to protect, prevent and address the abuses such as Sgt Macdonald has

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