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					                                            Winter 2013 Registration Form
To fill out this form electronically, fill in or mark the shaded areas below. You may submit a hard copy to the Registrar’s Office in Kansas Winger 201, submit via email
        to ellen.chancey@spst.edu and your faculty advisor, or fax to (816) 483-9605. If you have any questions, contact the Registrar’s Office at (816) 245-4843.

                                                                    YOUR INFORMATION

             Full Name:                                                                                                   Date:
                Degree:              MDIV          MACM           MA(TS)           DMIN          NONDEG

     Has your contact              YES        NO
information changed?           If yes, fill in the information below
            City, State:                                                                                                     Zip:

                                                                  COURSE INFORMATION
DIRECTIONS: Clearly mark either the ADD or DROP box next to your courses. For specific course times please consult the Fall 2012
Course Schedule that can be found at www.spst.edu/Schedules
SECTION DESIGNATION: The first letter identifies specific sections of a course (A, B, C, etc.). The second letter designates the
originating campus location for the course (K for Kansas City, O for Oklahoma City, or M for Mixed). The presence of the letter “V” in
third place indicates that video technology is used to connect the course to the other campus.

                         CHL 311             AK            3       Practice of Parish Ministry
                         CHS 330             AK            3       Mission of the Church in the Contemporary World
                         CHS 530             AK            2       Healthcare: Biblical and Christian Ethical Traditions GHW
                        DMIN 510             AK            2       DMin Orienting Seminar WSCR
                        DMIN 529             AK            2       Becoming the Authentic Church in the Wesleyan Tradition in Korean KWSCR
                        DMIN 550             AK           1.5      Praxis Thesis Seminar GHW
                         DST 330             AK            2       United Methodist Polity
                         EVN 313             AK            3       Evangelism as Congregational Care and Nurture
                         HST 450             AK            3       Luther and Schleiermacher
                        IMM 336              AK            2       Immersion: Exploring Native Cultures-Pueblo Peoples
                        IMM 338              AO            2       Immersion: Prison Ministry
                         PCR 515             AK            3       Pastoral Theology and Care Perspectives GHW
                         PRE 501             AK            3       Rethinking Biblical Preaching RC
                         THL 512             AK            2       Theology and the Church’s Ministry RC
                         THL 527             AK            3       Theology and Spirituality in the Wesleyan Tradition WSCR
                        THL 527A             BK            2      Theology and Spirituality in the Wesleyan Tradition in Korean KWSCR

          Winter 2012 Registration Deadlines
 November 15 At home study begins                                                                Office Use Only
 November 29 Last Day to add/drop
   February 1 Winter term ends                                                                    Date Registered:                           Initials:
               Last day to submit and extension request
     March 1 Winter grades due to the Registrar

                                                                                                                                                      EC 8/20/2012

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