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    Normandale Hylands UMC
  9920 Normandale Boulevard
Bloomington, Minnesota 55437

The organized unit of the United Methodist Women
shall be a community of women whose purpose is
to know God and to experience freedom as whole
persons through Jesus Christ, to develop a
creative, supportive fellowship, and to expand
concepts of mission through participation in the
global ministries of the church.


All women of the church are the interest and
concern of United Methodist Women, and
membership is open to all. However, all women of
the church are not automatically members of the
organization. It is a matter of choice. Commitment
to the purpose and a desire to belong are basic to

                Please Note
    Watch the Hylander and Sunday bulletin
     under “Women’s Opportunities” for notices
     and news about the UMW.
    information is also posted on the NHUMC
     website— The UMW page
     is under Ministries.
    Babysitting is available for most events
     upon request.
               2012 LEADERSHIP TEAM

President              Paulette Malecek
Vice President         LaVonne Dea
Secretary              Beverly Otto
Treasurer              Helen Eslinger
   Spiritual Growth    Audrey Mondelli
   Missions            Ione Henry
   Nurture             Karen Frick
Secretary of Program
Resources/Historian    Marilyn Brown
Hospitality            Bev Koser
                       Jan Kidd, Assistant
Memorials              Joyce Nylund
Nominations            Sylvia Farrells
Communication          Sheree Johnson
Members at Large       Cheryl Matz Au
                       Judy Clark
                       Nan Morain
                       Vianne Stehlik
                       Patty Wycoff
                       Judy Young
Faith Circle           Paulette Malecek
Hope Circle            Pat Reynolds
Ruth Circle            Marilyn Brown
              2012 PROGRAMS


February 11       FEBRUARY TEA

                  REFUGEE SPONSORSHIP

April             SPRING PLANT SALE

May 12            DAUGHTER’S DAY

September 22      FALL KICK-OFF

October 27        BAZAAR

December 1        CHRISTMAS BRUNCH
            Charter Date: June 2, 1969

    Abdella, Darlene     Major, Lucille
    Bayles, P.           Middlebrooks, Jan
    Berglund, Sharon     Morain (Lehner), Nan
    Blohn, Cathy         Olshansky, Rosemary
    Brown, Marilyn       Roedecker, Helen
    Jan Colwill          Serviss, JoAnn
    Dutcher, Judy        Stevens, Helen
    Fuller, Delores      Stille, Yvonne
    Gillespie, Shirley   Thomas, Georgia
    Johnson, Twyla       Thorp, Norma
    Maas, Sue            Warren, Ella
    Madsen, Adele

            UMW MEMBERS 2011

Aho Kaye,                  Case, Gale
Anderson, Ardys            Christenson, Joanne
Anderson, Carol            Clark, Judy
Andre, Darlene             Cromwell, Sue
Au, Cheryl Matz            Cummins, Blanche
Ballard, Anne              Dea, LaVonne
Barden, Shirl              Devereaux, Rachel
Bermel, Nancy              Dom, Norma
Bill, Pat                  Dop, Becky
Bixby, Kristin Smith       Dungan, Tracy
Bolton, Alice              Eiswirth, Jodi
Boosalis, Mary             Eslinger, Helen
Boots, Bonnie              Fairman, Kim
Brandt, Darlene            Farrells, Sylvia
Braswell, Lauren           Felter, Janel
Brown, Jana                Frick, Karen
Brown, Marilyn             Gaebel, Cheryl
Bunch, Denise              Gainor, Nancy
Cameron, Bonny             Gerde, Pat
Campbell, Karen            Hamilton, Jann
Hanson, Laurie         Nelson, Karen
Harris, Johanna        Nylund, Joyce
Joanie Hart            Oldham Margo
Haugen, Pam            Olson, Joan
Haugen, Sarah          Orman, Betty
Hauser, Bev            Otto, Bev
Hazel, Jennifer        Pennoyer, Cindy
Henry, Ione            Potretzke, Mary Ann
Hepler, Jennifer       Reid, Marjorie
Virginia Hildebrandt   Rettmann, Joyce Sorenson
Hill, Audrey           Reynolds, Pat
Hintz, Melissa         Richards, Joanne
Hite, Cuba             Roedecker, Helen
Hoffman, Dorothy       Rostkoski, Susan
Holforty, Jackie       Savage, Mary Jo
Johnson, CheriAnne     Saxon, Carrie
Johnson, Jennifer      Schevenius, Ruth
Johnson, Jackie        Schlieckert, Mary
Johnson, Judy          Schryver, Hilda
Johnson, Sheree        Sewall, Patricia
Joslyn, Shirley        Shermak, Tiffany
Kahrs, Lenell          Smith, Mary
Kidd, Janice           Stann, Shirley
Kerwin, Suzanne        Stehlik, Vianne
Lewis, Kelly           Stevens, Helen
Kiel, Barb             Sultany, Shirley
Koser, Bev             Switzer, Mary
Lindberg, Colleen      Toepke, Sarah
Mackenzie, Rita        Torgeson, Jean
Malecek, Paulette      Walsh, Shireen
McMurtrie, Marcy       Willson, Dawn
Mensink Jan,           Wilson Marie
Millenacker, Laura     Wingert, Arlene
Miller, Cheryl         Witham, Charlotte
Miller, Jane           Works, Enid
Miller, Sherry         Patsy Wright
Mondelli, Audrey       Wykoff, Patti
Morain, Nan            Young, Judy
Murphy, Marthe         Zayed, Crystal
Anderson, Ardys
Anderson, Carol
Ballard, Anne
Barden Shirl,
Bermel, Nancy
Bill, Pat
Bixby, Kristin Smith
Bolton, Alice
Boosalis, Mary
Boots, Bonnie
Braswell, Lauren
Brown, Jana
Bunch, Denise
Cameron, Bonny
Campbell, Karen
Case, Gale
Christenson, Joanne
Cromwell, Sue
Devereaux, Rachel
Dop, Becky
Eiswirth, Jodi
Fairman, Kim
Felter Janel
Gainor, Nancy
Hamilton, Janet
Harris, Johanna
Joanie Hart
Haugen, Pam
Haugen, Sarah
Hauser, Bev
Hepler, Jennifer
Virginia Hildebrandt
Hill, Audrey
Hintz, Melissa
Johnson, CheriAnne
Johnson, Jennifer
Johnson, Judy
Joslyn, Shirley
Kahrs, Lenell
Kidd, Janice
Kiel, Barb
Koser, Bev
Lewis, Kelly
Lindberg, Colleen
Mackenzie, Rita
McMurtrie, Marcy
Millenacker, Laura
Miller, Jane
Miller, Sherry
Mondelli, Audrey
Morain, Nan
Murphy, Marthe
Nelson, Karen
Oldham, Margo
Orman, Betty
Reid, Marjorie
Rettman, Joyce Sorenson
Rostkoski, Susan
Savage, Mary Jo
Saxon, Carrie
Schevenius, Ruth
Schryver, Hilda
Sewall, Patricia
Smith, Mary
Stann, Shirley
Stehlik, Vianne
Stevens, Helen
Sultany, Shirley
Switzer, Mary
Toepke, Sarah
Torgeson, Jean
Walsh, Shireen
Willson, Dawn
Wilson, Marie
Wingert, Arlene
Witham, Charlotte
Works, Enid
Wright, Patsy
Zayed, Crystal
                 FAITH CIRCLE

This circle is fellowship and service oriented.
Meetings are scheduled at various times
throughout the year, depending on the activity or
event. Watch the Hylander for announcements
about activities, i.e., making sandwiches for
Simpson Shelter, pies for the Bazaar, etc. Chair:
Paulette Malecek

               Aho Kaye
               Au, Cheryl Matz
               Dea, LaVonne
               Dungan, Tracy
               Eslinger, Helen
               Farrells, Sylvia
               Gaebel, Cheryl
               Hanson, Laurie
               Hazel, Jennifer
               Holforty, Jackie
               Johnson, Sheree
               Kerwin, Suzanne
               Malecek, Paulette
               Nylund, Joyce
               lson, Joan
               Otto, Bev
               Pennoyer, Cindy
               Richards, Joanne
               Shermak, Tiffany
               Wykoff, Patti
               Young, Judy
                  HOPE CIRCLE
This Circle meets the first Friday of each month at
the church at 1:00 p.m. It is fellowship and study
oriented. Chair: Pat Reynolds

               Andre, Darlene
               Brandt, Darlene
               Brown, Marilyn
               Clark, Judy
               Cummins, Blanche
               Dom, Norma
               Gerde, Pat
               Henry, Ione
               Hite, Cuba
               Johnson, Jackie
               Reynolds, Pat
               Roedecker, Helen

                  RUTH CIRCLE
This Circle meets the fourth Tuesday of each
month at the church at 9:30 a.m. It is service
oriented. Chair: Marilyn Brown

         Brown, Marilyn          831-0597
         Dom, Norma              831-0542
         Frick, Karen            831-6107
         Hite, Cuba              942-5449
         Hoffman Dorothy         884-1782
         Mensink Jan             846-0160
         Miller, Cheryl          835-3281
         Nielsen, Joyce          893-0986
         Potretzke, Mary Ann     831-4921

The purpose of the Reading Program is to
encourage United Methodist Women:

   1. to expand understanding of and
      participation in God's mission;
   2. to increase sensitivity to all human beings-
      their needs, interests, and concerns;
   3. to encourage critical thinking about issues
      facing humanity today;
   4. to grow in understanding of Scripture as it
      relates to Christian faith in contemporary
   5. to enhance self-knowledge and to act from
      that knowledge;
   6. to strengthen involvement in local and
      global Christian mission.

The Women's Division recommends a diverse
range of books with the intention of broadening
exposure to a variety of concepts. The division
does not intend that United Methodist Women
accept each word or idea contained within each
volume. Some books you may agree with. Some
you may not. Either is all right.

Books from the Reading Program are available in
the Church Library . Look for the UMW Reading
Program Bookcase. For more information about
the Reading Program at Normandale Hylands,
contact Paulette.
                 CRAFT NIGHT

This group meets monthly at the church on a Friday
evening to work on individual crafts. Watch the
Hylander for dates and times. Contact: Jennifer


This group meets weekly during the school year on
Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. at the church.

CPR (Coffee, Prayer, Rolls) meets during the
summer. Watch the Hylander for time and place.
                   2012 BUDGET
The UMW monies to support missions and fund programs
comes from pledges, the annual Bazaar and the annual plant

      Expenses: Outreach
      District UMW                             $2,000
      Emma Norton                                 500
      Methodist Hospital Auxiliary                100
      Walker Home Auxiliary                       100
      District Love Offerings                      50
      School of Mission Love Offering              50
      Memorials & Baby Gifts to Mission           100
      Special Recognition Mission Pins            120
      Joyce Nursery                               100
      Camp Scholarships & Youth Activities      2,000
         Total                                 $5,120

      Expenses: UMW Programs
      January                                     125
      February Tea                                 50
      Mission Sunday                              100
      May – Daughters’ Day                        300
      September Kick-Off                          100
      December Christmas Brunch                   250
      Bazaar                                        -
      Postage and Supplies/Mission Projects       200
      UMW Magazines                                50
      Child Care                                   25
      Kitchen Supplies                            200
         Total                                 $1,400

      Extra Monies
      Inner-City Camp Scholarships                500
      Northern Pines Camp                         500
      Camp Kingswood                              100
      SOAR/Emma Norton                            500
      Kissy Eye Clinic (Africa)                   300
      District UMW                              1,000
      Sierra Leone (Grandma’s Attic)            1,250
      Imagine No Malaria (Grandma’s Attic)      1,250
         Total                                 $5,400

         Total Budget & Extra Monies          $11,920

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