Public Access Application Form by vSTnB6


									                            Public Access by Individual and Company Clients



Postal Address:

Email Address:

Contact Number:

Where did you hear about DSC:

Do you have a specific barrister in mind from DSC that you wish to instruct (please note that we cannot
guarantee any tenant’s availability and that Chambers cannot offer Direct Access in all of the specialist
areas detailed on our website):

Please provide a brief summary as to the matter in which you require assistance (at this stage DO NOT
supply any original documentation – we will contact you in due course to supply this. We accept no
liability for original documentation sent to Chambers. Proof of postage does not demonstrate proof of
delivery). Please continue on a separate page if required:
Do you have any deadlines or court/tribunal dates at this stage? If yes, please provide details even if you
have already set these out above:

How will your case be funded (Please note that DSC expects all Direct Access cases to be funded by way
of payment in advance of any work to be done and that Terms and Conditions will be formally agreed
after a barrister has agreed to provide assistance):

Date: ____________________________________

A representative from Doughty Street Chambers will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible in
 relation to your enquiry. Please do not approach Chambers by telephone within 3 working days of
                   sending this form unless your matter has become more urgent.

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