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					                      REPORT OF:           HEAD OF BUILDING & DEVELOPMENT SERVICES
                      AUTHOR:              Andrew Benson
                      TELEPHONE:           01737 276175
                      TO:                  PLANNING COMMITTEE
                      DATE:                23 February 2005
                      AGENDA ITEM:         18

APPLICATION NO:       04/02458/F           WARD:    SS          RECEIVED:        13/10/04
APPLICANT:        Ashcroft Care Services            AGENT:      Martin & Lacey
LOCATION:         THE OLD REPEATER STATION, BONEHURST ROAD, SALFORDS                           Formatted

DESCRIPTION:      Demolition of existing building and replacement with two detached
DRAWING NUMBERS:            2003-05-27-16C, 18


Development of the site for residential use is considered preferable to its existing use for
offices given the predominantly residential character of the area. Although part of the
proposed site is currently used as the garden area to the care home at 1 Wood Close,
historically this area formed part of the curtilage to the Old Repeater Station site and
therefore the loss of amenity area for 1 Wood Close is considered acceptable. The
application is accompanied by a detailed arboricultural report and has been amended to
ensure the protection of trees on and off the site. The development would not harm the
character of the area or the amenities of neighbouring properties.


Planning permission is GRANTED subject to conditions.

Highway Authority: no objections subject to conditions.

Harwood Park Management Company: residential use preferable to commercial and
conditions suggested.

Salfords and Sidlow Parish Council: objection to overdevelopment of the site and inadequate
highway access.

Cable Watch: no objections, offer advice to applicant.


Neighbours were notified by letter dated 25/10/04, 09/11/04 and 05/01/05, and notice posted
08/11/04. Two letters received raising the following issues:

 Issue                                    Number             Response
 Loss of/harm to trees                        2              See paragraphs 5.9 - 5.10
 Overdevelopment                              1              See paragraph 5.3

1.0   Site and Surroundings

1.1   The site is located on the west side of Bonehurst Road, which is predominantly
      residential in character and opposite the Salfords Industrial Estate. The site is elevated
      one metre above the road level with the existing entrance sloping upwards but is
      otherwise generally flat in contour.

1.2   The site consists of a single storey building, built as a telephone repeater station but
      which has more recently been used as offices for a care home business, whose main
      premises adjoin the site at 1 Wood Close. Part of the site is also currently used as
      garden area for 1 Wood Close.

1.3   The site is bounded by trees with protected oak trees to the south and west and a
      screen of various species to the east adjacent to the A23 Bonehurst Road, helping
      screen it in views from the road.

2.0   Relevant History

2.1   Relevant planning history is as follows:

         04/01528/F      Demolition of Repeater Station & erection of Withdrawn 23/08/04
                         2 x 4 bed detached houses.

         04/00509/F      Extension to existing office building and Refused 27/04/04
                         provision of car parking.

         03/02445/F      Single storey extensions to Repeater Station Refused 22/12/03
                         and provision of 13 car parking spaces.
3.0   Current Proposal

3.1   This is a full application for the demolition of the existing building and erection of two
      new dwellings.

3.2   Further details of the development are as follows:

       Site area                                  0.08 hectares
       Existing use                               Offices (Class B1)
       Proposed use                               Residential (Class C3)
       Existing parking spaces                    2
       Proposed parking spaces                    4
       Parking standard (advisory)                4 (maximum)
       Proposed number of dwellings               2
       Proposed site density                      25 dwellings per hectare
       Density of the surrounding area            13 dwellings per hectare

4.0   Policy Context

4.1   Local Plan Designation

      Urban Area

4.2   Surrey Structure Plan 2004

      Sustaining the Environment                       SE4, SE9
      Infrastructure and Development Needs             DN3

4.3   Reigate and Banstead Borough Local Plan 1994

      Landscape and Nature Conservation                Pc 6
      Housing                                          Ho2, Ho9, Ho13, Ho16
      Employment                                       Em1

4.4   Local Plan First Alteration (Revised Deposit Draft) 2000

      Housing                                          Ho9
      Employment                                       Em 1A

4.5   Other Material Considerations

      Planning Policy Guidance Notes                   PPG 1, PPG3
      Supplementary Planning Guidance                  Surrey Design
                                                       Local Distinctiveness
                                                       A Parking Strategy for Surrey
                                                       Parking Standards for Development
      Other                                            Human Rights Act 1998

5.0   Principal Issues
5.1   The main issues to consider are:

            Impact on character of the area
            Neighbour amenity
            Loss of employment use
            Access and parking
            Impact on trees

      Impact on Character of the Area

5.2   The proposal would involve the demolition of the existing single storey Repeater
      Station on the site and erection of two new dwellings.

5.3   The proposed dwellings would be similar in scale to surrounding properties. They have
      been designed with a pitched roof of clay tiles and tile-hanging above brick elevations.
      The design, size and density of the proposed houses is similar to residential
      development in nearby Wood Close and Harwood Park and their layout and set-back
      from the road is similar to other houses fronting the A23, further to the south. A
      vegetation screen on the western boundary would largely screen the development
      from view from the A23. Overall, the proposed development is considered to be of an
      acceptable design and would be in keeping with the character of the area.

      Neighbour Amenity

5.4   The proposed dwellings would be located approximately 15 metres from 27 Harwood
      Park, which lies to the south-west. This property would be at right angles to the new
      development and not directly face it. There are a number of mature and protected oak
      trees between this property and the proposed houses, which are shown to be retained.
      Given the separation between buildings, the tree screen and the relative positions of
      the buildings, it is considered that the neighbouring property would not suffer any loss
      of light or significant direct overlooking as a result of this application.

5.5   1 Wood Close is located approximately 13 metres to the north of the proposed
      dwellings. This property is a care home, owned by the applicants for this application. It
      would not suffer any undue loss of light as a result of the proposal and would not suffer
      any loss of privacy, given it only looks towards the side elevation of the new dwellings
      where there are no first floor windows.

5.6   The application site area includes an area of land that is currently used as the garden
      area for 1 Wood Close. The size of this property’s garden would therefore be reduced
      from its current extent as a result of the proposal. However, the care home would be
      left with a garden area of similar size to other properties in Wood Close and of
      sufficient size to meet the amenity needs of its residents, as it is used in a similar
      fashion to a dwelling house. Historically, the area of garden land to be used as part of
      the application site did originally form curtilage to the repeater station.

      Loss of Employment Use

5.7   The current use of the existing building is as offices. The loss of suitably located
      employment uses would normally be resisted by policy Em1A of the Borough Local
      Plan. However, in this case the west side of Bonehurst Road is predominantly
      residential in character. It is considered that the existing commercial use is not suitably
      located and therefore a change of use of the site to residential would be appropriate.
      Access and parking

5.8   The site currently has a vehicular access off the A23 Bonehurst Road and a small
      driveway with room for two cars to be parked. The existing use of the site as ancillary
      offices to the care home has led to car parking overflowing out of this drive and parking
      in the entrance to Harwood Park. The proposed use would be likely to involve less car
      parking and, though the existing access would be retained, the driveway would be
      extended to serve the dwellings, with additional garaging and parking spaces
      available. This would result in two parking spaces per dwelling, which would improve
      the existing parking and highway safety issues on the site and is in accordance with
      the Council’s adopted parking standards.

      Impact on Trees

5.9   The site is located immediately north of a small group of protected oak trees, which are
      remnants of the former Harwood Park woodland. These trees are protected by a group
      tree preservation order, as are some individual oak trees within the site near the
      western boundary. In addition to these protected trees, there is also a screen of less
      mature trees along the eastern boundary, adjacent to the A23 Brighton Road.

5.10 A detailed arboricultural report accompanied the application and the development has
     been designed to best conserve the existing trees on the site. As a result, the
     protected oak trees to the south and west, as well as the tree screen adjacent to the
     A23 Brighton Road, would be retained and protected. Only a few less significant and
     immature trees within the site would be removed as a result of the application. The
     protection of trees during construction can be ensured by condition.


1.    The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of five years
      from the date of this permission.
      To comply with Section 91(1) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

2.     No development shall take place until samples of the materials to be used in the
       construction of the external surfaces, including fenestration and roof, have been
       submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority, and on
       development shall be carried out in accordance with the approved details.
      To ensure that a satisfactory external appearance is achieved of the development with
       regard to Reigate and Banstead Borough Local Plan 1994 policies Ho9 and Ho13.

3.    No new development shall be occupied until space has been laid out within the site in
      accordance with the approved plans for cars and cycles to be parked and for vehicles
      to turn so that they may enter and leave the site in forward gear. The parking and
      turning area shall be retained exclusively for its designated use.
      In order that the development should not prejudice highway safety nor cause
      inconvenience to other highway users with regard to Reigate and Banstead Borough
      Local Plan policy Mo6 and Surrey Structure Plan policy MT2.

4.    No development shall take place until a Method of Construction Statement, to include
      details of:
      (a) Parking for vehicles of site personnel, operatives and visitors
      (b) Loading and unloading of plant and materials
      (c) Storage of plant and materials
     (d) Programme of works (including measures for traffic management)
     (e) Provision of boundary hoarding shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the
     Local Planning Authority. Only the approved details shall be implemented during the
     construction period.
     In order that the development should not prejudice highway safety nor cause
     inconvenience to other highway users with regard to Reigate and Banstead Borough
     Local Plan policy Mo7 and Surrey Structure Plan policy MT2.

5.   Before any of the operations which involve the movement of materials in bulk to or
     from the site are commenced, facilities shall be provided as must be agreed with the
     Local Planning Authority, in order that the operator can make all reasonable efforts to
     keep the public highway clean and prevent the creation of a dangerous surface on the
     public highway. The agreed measures shall thereafter be retained and used whenever
     the said operations are carried out.
     In order that the development should not prejudice highway safety nor cause
     inconvenience to other highway users with regard to Surrey Structure Plan policy MT2.

6.   Prior to the commencement of any development works, including demolition, a detailed
     arboricultural method statement shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the
     local planning authority. The statement shall contain details of pruning or removal of
     trees, specification and location of protective fencing, details of construction
     processes, or any changes in existing soil levels, formation of hard surfaces within root
     protection areas.       The statement should also contain details of arboricultural
     supervision and frequency of site inspection along with a reporting process to the Tree
     Officer. All works including arboricultural supervision by a competent person, shall be
     carried out in strict accordance with the approved details.
     To ensure good arboricultural practice in the interests of the maintenance of the
     character and appearance of the area, with regard to Reigate and Banstead Borough
     Local Plan 1994 policies Pc6 and Ho9

1.   The permission hereby granted shall not be construed as authority to obstruct the
     public highway by the erection of scaffolding, hoarding or any other device or
     apparatus for which a licence must be sought from the Highway Authority.

2.   The developer is reminded that it is an offence to allow materials to be carried from the
     site and deposited on or damage the highway from uncleaned wheels or badly loaded
     vehicles. The Highway Authority will seek, wherever possible, to recover any
     expenses incurred in clearing, cleaning or repairing highway surfaces and prosecutes
     persistent offenders. (Highways Act 1980 Sections 131, 148, 149).

3.   The applicant is advised that prior to the initial occupation of any individual dwelling
     hereby permitted, a 140 litre wheeled bin conforming to British Standard RG723/2 and
     a 60 litre recycling box shall be provided for the exclusive use of the occupants of that
     dwelling. Prior to the initial occupation of any communal dwellings or flats, details of
     wheeled refuse bins conforming to British Standard RG723/2 and storage facilities for
     the wheeled bins shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning
     Authority. The approved storage facilities shall be constructed and the approved bins
     installed by the developer prior to the initial occupation of any dwelling hereby
     Further details on the specification for wheeled bins and recycling boxes is available
     from the Council’s Neighbourhood Services Division telephone 01737 276224. Bins
     and boxes meeting the specification may be purchased from any appropriate source,
     including the Councils Neighbourhood Services, telephone 01737 276627.

4.   The applicant is advised that the Borough Council is the street naming and numbering
     authority and you are requested to contact the Director of Environmental Services
     when construction is about to commence enclosing a site layout plan in order that
     official street naming and numbering can be allocated as appropriate.

5.   The use of a suitably arboricultural consultant is considered essential to provide
     acceptable submissions in respect of the condition no. 6 above.


The development hereby permitted has been assessed against development plan policies
SE4, MT2, Ho2, Ho9, Ho13, Ho16, Em1, Mo7 and material considerations, including third
party representations. It has been concluded that the development is in accordance with the
development plan and there are no material considerations that justify refusal in the public

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