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This method is for use by Medical Practitioners only

Method 1 – Direct Injection – (Intravenous)

                  M ET HO D 1:                      M ix r at i o o f d rop s to act iv at or:
    Di re ct in j ect ion ( i nt r av en ous )                    no act iv at or

Dosage                                           Method
Calculate 1 drop unactivated FAITH™ Drops        Direct intravenous - 1 minute,
p e r 1 0 k g s o f b o d y we i g h t .
A d d t o 2 0 c c s t e r i l e wa t e r .
The volume of sterile water can be adjusted
according to body size.

Standard dose:
Adults:   20 cc
Children: 10 cc
Once the solution enters the blood stream it sterilises and kills any pathogens/viruses and
neutralises poisons on its journey to the liver, where the compounds in FAITH ™ Drops aids the
liver to detox further. This method is effective only in the event of an emergency or virus /
poison infiltration in the bloodstream.   Direct intravenous treatment method of FAITH™ Drops
will target the plasma and the tunica intima (inner most layer of the veins or arteries) only.

Frequenc y
This emergency treatment should be repeated every half an hour lasting no more than one day.
Check for blood pressure fluctuations and follow standard BP protocols.

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