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									                               EDUC 6662: Document Creation   1

        Portfolio Assignment:
Document Creation in Word or PowerPoint
             EDUC 6662

            Jamye Horne
           Walden University
                                                              EDUC 6662: Document Creation           2

                Portfolio Assignment: Document Creation in Word or PowerPoint

       The newsletter I created in Microsoft Word allowed for more efficient communication

with parents, enhancing their ability to reinforce speech concepts that their child has learned in

speech. I sent this newsletter home with my students aged three through the second grade. I, then

followed up with phone calls to or personal visits with several parents. Based on the feedback I

received, parents enjoyed the newsletter although some of the activities were a little too difficult

for their three-year-olds and four-year-olds. All of the parents commented, positively, that they

enjoyed the recommendations of activities designed to help students’ carryover of the concept of

triangles. One mother had already begun a “shapes” book and she and her daughter were cutting

out, categorizing and gluing down all four basic shapes on separate pages. I shared this mother’s

comments with other parents on the phone and at Admission, Review, Dismissal (ARD)

meetings because I felt that she had done exactly what I had hoped parents would do with the

information provided.

               In order to make future newsletters more beneficial, I would identify

developmental levels so that the parents of younger children would know exactly what is

expected at the various ages. I like the one-page format because it does not seem so

overwhelming for the parents; however, I would like to devise pamphlet-style brochures for

other concepts with each panel building, developmentally, on the previous one so that the

brochure would, in essence, “grow” as the child’s levels increase.Parents frequently ask what

they can do to help their child be more successful in achieving his or her Individual Education

Plan (IEP) goals. Providing a newsletter containing ideas for activities to do at home would

empower parents to help their child succeed. This would make my job run more smoothly and,

more importantly, immensely benefit the students.
                                                             EDUC 6662: Document Creation           3

       Prior to this course, I was hesitant to use technology in my classroom because I felt it

limited the amount of time for oral language. After finding various internet sites and developing

activities in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, I became aware of many possibilities for effective

speech remediation that I had not considered until now. The effectiveness of a newsletter to

generate further learning for my students had never occurred to me. I intend to develop

newsletters that are applicable to each of the areas of language development and communication

that I address. Learning to convey messages through the use of images “to help learners

understand and remember…information” (Burmark, 2002, p. 7) as well as realizing that “.oot

segami era sdroW” (Burmark, 2002, p.19) are the key points that I will remember when creating

newsletters and other multimedia materials.
                                                          EDUC 6662: Document Creation   4


Burmark, Lynell. (2002) Visual Literacy: Learn to See, See to Learn. Lynell Burmark.

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