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					History of
Al-Islam in
Houston &

                   Salat                                                 Seerah of Prophet

                                          Tafseer & History of Imam WD
               Foundation of
                                                                          Quranic Stories

               The Prophets                                              People of the Book    Field Trips

                                                                         Islam's Climate for
              Islam's Viewpoint
                                                                          Business Success
                    ARABIC LANGUAGE (Ongoing): Suras, Tafseer & Vocabulary

                       QURANIC RECITATION/MEMORIZATION (Ongoing)

                           MWDM Weekend School
                  Blocked Curriculum Structure (3-5 Week Blocks)
 Blocked Subject Descriptions & Schedule:

Subject                        Block Description                                              Calendar              Weeks Resources
                                                                                               Dates                      Needed
Islam's View on Social         Social Issues, Dating, Violence, Indecency, Proper          9/16-10/7/2012                4        Students to receive
Issues                         Conduct, Dawah- Explaining Islam to non-Muslims                                                    syllabus with required
                                                                                                                                  items listed
HAJJ                           Special Sessions focused on the traditions of Hajj          10/14-10/21                   2
                               culminating in a program demonstrating the physical
                               & ritual aspects of Hajj
Eid Al-Adha                    Masjid Celebration                                          Sat. 10/27                    -
Salat: Method, Meaning,        Physical Demonstrations & Meanings of parts of Salat,       10/28-11/18                   3
And Motivation                 Wudu including Prayer Etiquette                             (with 1 week break)
School Break (Youth            No Classes                                                  Sun. 11/04                    1
Retreat 11/03-11/04))
School Break                   No Classes                                                  11/25                         1
Foundations of Islam           Pillars, Beliefs, Concepts and Terms + special session      12/2-01/06                    5
                               on Prophet Isa                                              (Includes 1 wk break)
School Break (Kamp             No Classes - Go to to register           12/30                         1
Khalil) 12/27-12/30            your student ages 12-17
Quranic Stories                Books, Moral Character Points                               01/13-02/03                   4

History of Al-Islam in         Special Session on the Modern History of Muslims in         02/10                         1
Houston                        Houston and Masjid WDM.
Seerah of Prophet              Study of the History of Al-Islam through studying the       tbd                           5
Muhammad                       life of the Prophet
Prophets in the Quran          Study of Prophets: Yusuf, Ibrahim, Isa, Musa, & others      tbd                           5
People of the Book             A survey of the beliefs and teachings of the Ibrahimic      tbd                           3
Islam's Climate for                                                                        tbd                           3
Business Success
Other Topics of Interest*   Health & Wellness in Al-Islam                                tbd                           tbd
NOTE: Quranic Recitation/Memorization Class as well as Arabic Language Classes will be held on an ongoing basis. All Subjects will interject the Tafseer of Imam
WD Mohammed where appropriate.

*Additional Topic Blocks could be presented throughout the school year.

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