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Personal information

Name                        Cindy Geens
Address                     Rue de Bettincourt 101F
                            4300 Waremme
Mobile phone number         (0032) 473 / 43 61 65
Marital status              married
Nationality                 Belgian
Date of birth               29 March 1980
Driving licence B

Professional objective

A challenging job that enables me to use my extensive language knowledge in a business


1999-2003                   Lessius Hogeschool Antwerpen
                            Master’s degree in translation – Dutch / English / Spanish (in
                            my final year, I followed comprehensive courses of legal
                            translation and liaison interpreting)
                            Final dissertation : ‘Partial Translation into English of
                            Publicidad y Traducción (Antonio Bueno García)’ a partial
                            translation of a scientific work about advertising and its
                            translation, from Spanish into English

1998-1999                   Catholic University of Leuven
                            Germanic philology

1992-1998                   Scheppersinstituut Mechelen
                            Secondary school
                            Latin – Modern Languages

Work experience

January 2005 until now      commercial and administrative employee at RISterm S.A., a
                            company - in the French-speaking part of Belgium - that
                            specializes in the maintenance of industrial valves and On Site

January until June 2004     hotel receptionist at Novotel Mechelen Centrum
October until December 2003administrative employee at Huyghebaert in Mechelen
                           (temporary job)

1996-2003                     vacation job working as a warehousewoman at Huyghebaert
                              in Mechelen (quick and accurate team work)

Language skills

Dutch                         mother tongue
English                       excellent English skills, both reading and writing as well as
                              understanding and speaking
French                        excellent French skills, both reading and writing as well as
                              understanding and speaking
Spanish                       very good Spanish skills, both reading and writing as well as
                              understanding and speaking
German                        good reading and writing skills, basic understanding and
                              speaking skills
                              I took German courses in secondary school and a two year
                              course of German at evening school

Computer skills

Office applications           Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Internet, Trados & Multiterm


Language, reading, film, museum visits, theatre, fitness training, long walks, traveling


Raf Erzeel (dissertation supervisor)
Lessius Hogeschool Departement Vertaler – Tolk
Jozef De Bomstraat 11
2018 Antwerpen
E-mail : raf.erzeel@lessius-ho.be

Luc Bourdeaud’hui (Assistant Front Office)
Novotel Mechelen Centrum
Van Beethovenstraat 1
2800 Mechelen
Phone number : (0032) 15 / 40 49 50

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