Presentation of the project by vSTnB6


									                          Your Manga Character

  Imagine your Manga Character is a “real” person who comes to visit your
town and your school. Imagine that she / he does not speak English but can
speak……French, Spanish and, of course, Japanese !

 How would you welcome him / her in ANY of those languages? What else
  would you say to make him / her feel comfortable?

 What information about your town she / he would need to know? (i.e. local
  customs, places to see, things to do, etc.). (Use any of the above languages)

 And about your school? (Use any of the above languages).

 Japanese food is different from English food. In your group, discuss what
  English food you think your Manga character would like or dislike and why.

 Write a group-story about his / her visit to England and to (region). Think
  about the differences (and similarities?) between the Japanese and English

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