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                             MIS 213-005

                                    Syllabus – Fall 2012

Course           Instructor: Dr. Bryan Reinicke
Information      Office:     CI 2022
                 Office Hours: 9:30 – 12:00 and 1:30 – 4:00 T, Th
                                 and by appointment
                 Phone: 962-7533 (office)
                 Time: MW 3:30-4:45 (CI 2005)

Course           This course is designed to be a survey of information systems use in organizations
Description      and the information systems technologies used to implement them. During this
                 course you will learn to:

                 1. Apply information systems solutions to business problems in marketing,
                    finance, accounting, operations, and strategy.
                 2. Understand the role of information systems in increasing personal and business
                 3. Provide advanced skills in spreadsheet, database, and web based software
                 4. Use basic concepts of computer programming through the use of Macros.
                 5. Identify how information systems can assist a firm in increasing its competitive
                 6. Understand information systems, including: hardware, software, storage, and
                    telecommunications systems.
                 7. Identify the role of information systems in capturing and distributing
                    organization knowledge and intelligence and in enhancing management decision
                 8. Identify ethical, moral and legal issues related to the storage and dissemination
                    of information and the use of information systems.
                 9. Apply office software and database software to the solution of management
                    problems typically encountered at various levels of the organization.

Textbook and     Required textbook
Materials        Introduction to Information Systems, Fourth Edition
                 By Rainer& Cegielski

                 Introduction to Information Systems and Technology: Hands-on Tutorials and
                 By ISOM Department
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                USB Flash Drive is recommended for this course.

Using Entropy   You can access Entropy from Your logon will be
                your 85#. If you already have an Entropy Account, you will be able to log in using your
                e-mail address the first time. After logging in, you will be prompted for your 85#.
                Entropy will be used for submitting assignments and posting grades. You MUST have
                an Entropy account for this class.

                All class information will be posted on the course website:
                ( ) as well as in Blackboard.
                All assignments must be submitted via Entropy. It is therefore essential that you are
                familiar with Entropy. It is also YOUR responsibility to make sure that you can access
                your Entropy account.

                If you are using your home Internet connection to access E-mail or the World Wide Web,
                you may have trouble getting connected for various reasons. Make sure that you give
                yourself enough lead-time to complete assignments. Because you will almost always
                have access to these systems on campus, technical problems are not accepted as excuses
                for late assignments.

Handouts        Check the course website often. You are responsible for the class material
                irrespective of attendance. All assignments and handouts will be posted on
                Blackboard and may be accessed there.

                Handouts will include assignments, as well as outside articles for the class to read.

Exams           Two exams will consist of multiple choice, True/False, Application and short
                answer problems and questions. Any exam grading disputes must be submitted in
                writing within one week of the results.

                No make-up tests will be offered unless you have a proof that you had a legal or
                medical emergency (regular medical appointments do not constitute an emergency).
                Dates for the exams are listed on the course schedule. The schedule is tentative and
                as such these dates are subject to changes. The exams are not cumulative, and will
                be held in class on assigned days during regular meeting periods.

Projects        There will be 6 projects assigned during the semester. Each of these projects is an
                individual effort. A soft copy of each project must be submitted via Entropy on the
                due date. Please make your name and the assignment number the name of the
                document. For example, MyName_Project1.doc. There will be additional details
                regarding the projects as the semester progresses.

                Please note that late work is not acceptable except in the case of legal or medical
                emergency. In these cases, late work will be accepted without penalty.

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Quizzes          Quizzes will be given over the course of the semester to monitor students’ understanding
                 of the course material. The questions in the quizzes will be clearly taken from course
                 lectures and corresponding material covered in the book. There will be 12 quizzes given
                 over the course of the semester. Quizes will be given in Blackboard – students should
                 check the schedule in Blackboard for due dates.

Grading Policy   The distribution of the grades will be as follows.

                                        Exam I                        20%
                                        Exam II                       20%
                                        Projects                      30%
                                        Quizzes                       30%

                 The grading will be based on the following grading scheme.

                              93-100    A                                  73-76    C
                               90-92    A-                                 70-72    C-
                               87-89    B+                                 67-69    D+
                               83-86    B                                  63-66    D
                               80-82    B-                                 60-62    D-
                               77-79    C+                              Below 60    F

Disabilities     If you have a disability and need reasonable accommodation in this course, you
                 should inform me of this fact in writing within the first week of class or as soon as

                 If you have not already done so, you must register with the Office of Disability
                 Services in Westside Hall (extension 3746) and obtain a copy of your
                 Accommodation Letter. You should then meet with me to make mutually agreeable
                 arrangements based on the recommendations of the Accommodation Letter.

Dishonesty       BASE FILES (meaning two or more students work on the same assignment on the
Offenses         same machine at the same time), providing your files to other students, or handing in
                 the work of others is considered cheating. Violations will follow the guidelines of
                 the Academic Honor Code found in Section V of the Student Handbook and Code of
                 Student Life.

                 Cheating of any kind shall result in a grade of zero (0) on the test, assignment or
                 quiz in question with a minimum deduction of ONE LETTER GRADE. The
                 instructor shall be the sole judge as to when cheating has occurred.

                 Please note that you are responsible for reading the chapters listed prior to
Additional       class.
Notes            Tutors for Access and Excel are available to you. They are in CIS 2055.
                                   MIS 213 – Syllabus – Page 3 of 4
                          Tentative Schedule

Week   Day    Date                     Topic                Reading      Date
 1      W    22-Aug                 Introduction

 2     M     27-Aug            Intro to Info Systems       Chapter 1
       W     29-Aug        Org Strategy and Info Systems   Chapter 2
       M      3-Sep          Labor Day - No Classes                     No Class
       W      5-Sep         Data and Knowledge Mgmt         Chapter 5
       M     10-Sep                       -                Access Lab
       W     12-Sep           Hardware and Software         TG 1 + 2
       M     17-Sep                       -                Access Lab
 5                                                                      Project 1
       W     19-Sep         Ethics privacy and security     Chapter 3     Due
       M     24-Sep                      -                 Access Lab
       W     26-Sep                    Cont.                Chapter 3
       M      1-Oct          Career Day - No Class                      No Class
       W      3-Oct                      -                 Access Lab
       M      8-Oct          Fall Break - No Classes                    No Class
 8                                                                      Project 2
       W     10-Oct                  Cont.                 Chapter 3      Due
       M     15-Oct           Telecom and Networks         Chapter 6
       W     17-Oct             Mid Term Exam                            Exam
                                                                        Project 3
 10    M     22-Oct                 E-Business             Chapter 7      Due
       W     24-Oct                       -                Excel Lab
       M     29-Oct             Wireless and Mobile        Chapter 8
       W     31-Oct                Conference                           No Class
       M     5-Nov                        -                Excel Lab
 12                                                                     Project 4
       W      7-Nov        Info Systems in Organization    Chapter 10     Due
       M     12-Nov                      -                 Excel Lab
 13                                                                     Project 5
       W     14-Nov            Business Intelligence       Chapter 12     Due
       M     19-Nov                      -                 Excel Lab
       W     21-Nov            Thanksgiving Break                       No Class
       M     26-Nov                      -                 Excel Lab
 15                                                                     Project 6
       W     28-Nov                Acquiring IS            Chapter 13     Due
       M      3-Dec                    Cont.               Chapter 13
       W      5-Dec             Final Exam Review

                      MIS 213 – Syllabus – Page 4 of 4

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