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									Principles of Technology II Syllabus                                        Mr. Little

Course Overview: Principle of Technology II is a course in applied science for those
who plan to pursue careers as technicians or who just want a solid foundation for further
study in science. It blends an understanding of basic principles with laboratory practice in
practical applications. It will give you a firm foundation for understanding today’s – and
tomorrow’s – technology.

Textbook and materials: Principles of Technology: Center for Occupational
Research and Development, 1985.

Prerequisites:          You should have successfully completed the first year of Principle
of Technology. The second year naturally builds upon the knowledge you gained in the
first year. The expectations of your first year teacher also apply in this second year.
        A solid background in mathematics is essential for success in this course. You
should be fluent in algebra, not necessarily a “math whiz”, but the ability to rearrange
formulas to solve for an unknown is essential. Some familiarity with trigonometry is
helpful, but not essential. You should have access to a scientific calculator and be
familiar with its operation.

Teacher expectations and Requirements:

   1. Students will keep a notebook to be used exclusively for this course. You should
      bring this with you to class daily.

   2. Students absent on the day of a test or quiz will be expected to take that test upon
      returning to class. Consideration will be given in the event of prolonged excused

   3. Homework will be turned in on the due date. Failure to do so will result in a grade
      of zero for that assignment, except in the case of excused absences.

   4. Students are expected to participate in class discussions and laboratory activities.

   5. Students are expected to discuss homework problems and ideas with other
      students, but copying the work of another student is academic dishonesty and will
      be treated as such.

   6. Be prompt: class begins when the bell rings.

   7. Be courteous and respectful of the teacher and other students.

   8. Don’t hesitate to come to me for extra help if you need it.

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