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					                                             Dacula High School
                                                     COURSE SYLLABUS

           COURSE TITLE .....College Prep Biology                                 TERM .........................2012-2013
           TEACHER .............Mr. Mangino                                       ROOM #.......................1.271

    Email Address              rob_mangino@gwinnett.k12.ga.us
    Teacher Web Page           www.daculahs.org
                               Multiple opportunities for academic assistance are available throughout the school day. Students
                               may seek additional academic support before school, after school, and during lunch.
    Teacher Support
                               Periodically, students may be assigned required “Lunchtime Tutoring” based on their academic
    (Help sessions etc.)

This course is designed to emphasize the fundamental unity in the diversity of life forms. It involves the study of the living
world, from the basic chemicals of life to the organization of a cell. The course will sequentially follow the levels of
biological organization from the elementary to the complex. It introduces all the major areas of biological study so that a
student may determine his/her own interests in the discipline and pursue them in an advanced, in-depth level. Honors Biology
should provide students with opportunities to develop an understanding of the nature, method, practice, and implications
(personal, social, and environmental) of science as it is presently conducted. Class time will be devoted to class discussions,
lectures, labs, research, educational games, and other related classroom activities. Students will be given multiple
opportunities to prepare for the GATEWAY test. A practice gateway exam, essay questions, and other writing activities will
be utilized to prepare students for this important test.

The entire list of Academic, Knowledge and Skills for each of the following curriculum strands in this course can be accessed through the
district web address at www.gwinnett.k12.ga.us
                         AKS STRANDS                                                            UNITS/TOPICS
       A. Characteristics of Science                                   Fall Semester
       B. Academic Knowledge                                           Characteristics of Science (on-going)
                                                                       Ecology (9 wks)
                                                                       Cell Biology (9 wks)
                                                                             Basic Chemistry/Biochemistry (2wks)
                                                                             Cellular Structure, Function, and Transport (2.5wks)
                                                                             Cellular Energy (2.5wks)
                                                                             Cell Growth and Reproduction (2wks)
                                                                       Spring Semester
                                                                       Genetics (4 wks)
                                                                       Evolution (4 wks)
                                                                       Classification and Kingdom Survey (10 wks)

                        Published Materials                                                 Instructional Supplies
      Mcdougal and Littell - Biology by Stephen Nowicki                1.   Notebook (3 ring binder preferred)
      Students will have access to the new Biology textbooks           2.   Pencil/Pen
       in print version during class. Outside of class, students        3.   Graph paper and colored pencils
       will be able to access an e-version of the text via the          4.   Supply of printer cartridges and paper at home.
       student portal. For students who want a digital version of
       the text but do not have internet access, CDs will be
       circulated through the Media Center.
      Videos and DVD’s which have been pre-approved by
       the media committee will be used throughout the
      Streaming video from www.unitedstreaming.com will
       also be utilized

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                     Grade Weights                                                     Grading Scale
                                FALL          SPRING            A:     90 and above
Summative Assessments            40%           40%              B:     80 – 89
Lab Activities                   20%           20%              C:     74 – 79
Daily Assessments                15%           15%              D:     70 – 73
Midterm/Interim Exam             5%             5%              F:     69 or below
Performance/Written Final        5%             N/A           Parents can use the ‘go2 Parent Portal’ to access grades daily.
Final Exam                      15%        EOCT 20%           Paper progress reports will be issued approximately every 4.5

Expectations for Academic Success                                Additional Requirements/Resources
 1) Read daily                                                       Tutoring Available
 2) Ask questions                                                    Helpful Resources found on my website
 3) Participate constructively as a team member                      Lab write-up format
 4) Proof read written assignments and edit meaningfully             Lab Safety Procedures
 5) Review multiple sources of information
 6) Challenge yourself to continuously improve

Class Procedures and Policies
Tardy Policy
D.O.T. is the current tardy policy at Dacula High School. The ultimate goal is to get students to class on time and
maximize instruction while streamlining the tardy policy in order to help teachers in the classroom. D.O.T. is a teacher
driven idea that was formulated through studying other tardy policies throughout Gwinnett County. D.O.T. is a teacher
driven/administration supported policy designed to show students the importance of attending class on time.
                   *Students have 4 total tardies before receiving consequences. (Please see D.O.T. Referral Form)
                   *Students have 7 minutes between class changes and 6 minutes between lunches.
                   *When the last bell sounds, teachers will shut their doors. Students will not be admitted into
                    classrooms unless they have an Administrator or D.O.T. pass.
Students still in the hall after the bell will report to the D.O.T. table in the front lobby to receive a tardy pass. Once they
receive their pass, they are to report to class.
DHS Wireless Policy

         No Electronic devices and/or accessories may be used, seen, or heard at any point the school day (7:20am-
       This includes but is not limited to cell phones, PSPs, IPods, CD players, MP3 players, cameras, and ear phones.
       Infractions will result in confiscation and disciplinary consequences.
       The electronic device will be processed and should be ready for pickup within 24 hours .
Make-up Work
       Refer to the student agenda book
          It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a time to complete make-up work with their teacher.
       Make-up work will be completed BEFORE or AFTER school.
       Alternative assignments/assessments may be given
DHS Late Work Policy
       One day late                                 90% of the earned grade
       Two days late                                80% of earned grade
       Three days late                              50% of earned grade
       After three days late work will not be accepted

   ***Daily Practice/Homework and Labs may or may not be accepted late at the discretion of the teacher.
DHS Cheating Policy
       Cheating will not be tolerated. All instances of cheating will be subject to review by the
           administrative staff. Refer to the Student Agenda Book.

                              **The syllabus is subject to revision throughout the school year**
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                                   Gwinnett County
                            Safety Contract for High School
As a science student, I will adhere to the following safety rules:

 1.    Follow all general and specific instructions given by the teacher for a lab activity.
 2.    Study your assignments. If you are in doubt about any procedure, ask your teacher for help.
 3.    Do not perform activities that are unauthorized.
 4.    Immediately report to the teacher any accident, injury, incorrect procedure or damaged equipment.
 5.    Safety glasses and safety aprons should be worn for any activity indicated by the teacher.
 6.    Do not engage in horseplay or any other such actions during a lab activity.
 7.    Use the safety equipment provided for you. Know the location of the fire extinguisher, safety shower, fire
       blanket, first aid kit, and closest administrator’s office.
 8.    Any accident that might cause personal injury must be reported to the teacher. A copy of this accident report
       will be sent home.
 9.    An incident report must be filed with county security for any major accident. A copy of this accident report will
       be sent home.
 10.   Place broken glass and waste chemicals in designated containers. Keep insoluble waste materials out of the sink.
 11.   Never taste or mouth-pipette any chemical substance. Never inhale chemicals. Keep combustible materials (
       e.g. hair spray or sprayed hair) away from open flames.
 12.   If an accident/injury should occur, follow the first aid procedures outlined in First Aid Procedures.
 13.   When your activity is complete, be sure to turn off the water and gas and disconnect electrical connections.
       Clean your work area. Return all materials to their proper places.

                           Gwinnett County Biology AKS
A - Characteristics            of Science
1. Evaluate the importance of curiosity, honesty, openness, and skepticism in science
2. Design and conduct scientific investigations
3. Apply standard safety practices for all classroom laboratory and field investigations
4. Use technology to collect, observe, measure and manipulate data and findings
5. Use valid critical assumptions to draw conclusions
6. Apply computation and skills necessary for analyzing data and developing conclusions
7. Communicate scientific investigations clearly
8. Read scientific materials to establish context for subject matter, develop vocabulary and to be aware of current

B-     Academic Knowledge

9. Analyze the relationship between structures and functions in living cells
10. Analyze how biological traits are passed on to successive generations
11. Examine the relationship between unicellular and multicellular organisms and the increasing complexity of
12. Evaluate the dependence of all organisms on one another and the flow of energy and matter within their
13. Evaluate the role of natural selection in the development of the theory of evolution

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