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                                       2012-2013 Estimate of Charges and Financial Aid
Student Account Charges                                                 Summer                Autumn                Winter                Spring
Course Fees (see Time Schedule )
Room and Board (if on-campus)
Total Charges

Financial Aid                                                           Summer                Autumn                Winter                Spring
Federal Sub. Stafford Loan (less 1% loan fee)
Federal UnSub. Stafford Loan (less 1% loan fee)

Total Financial Aid
                                                                                                                                                     C = (A - B)
Total Due to SPU Each Quarter
Total Due to SPU This Year

Option A: Pay in Full The                           THIS IS NOT A BILL
 amount not paid in full by the
                                                                                                                         Option B/C:
due date listed will be assessed a                                                                                  Installment Schedule
        1.25% late fee.                                                                                        (not applicable for Summer quarter)
           Summer                           OPTION B: Combined Installment Plan                                        Autumn
                                        If you plan on enrolling in autumn, winter and spring quarters         10/15/2012
7/17/2012                               & are interested in spreading out your payments each quarter,          11/15/2012
                                        you can save, by submitting a $80 fee & application by 9/7/12.
                                        With 1 application & fee you will be able to participate in the
           Autumn                                                                                                       Winter
                                        2012-2013 autumn, winter, & spring installment plans.
10/15/2012                                                                                                     2/15/2013
            Winter                                                                                                       Spring
                                               OPTION C: Three Installment Plan                                4/16/2013
1/14/2013                               Sign up for a Three Installment Plan to spread out payments for        5/20/2013
                                        a quarter. The application & $40.00 fee due is due by 9/7/12           6/18/2013
            Spring                      for autumn, 12/7/12 for winter, 3/15/13 for spring.


                           The amounts listed above are estimates. Actual monthly payments may vary if charges or financial aid change.
                            For more information on payment plans and methods of payment please visit our website at

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