Record Sheet by O3L09H


									        Higher Education Scanning Licence – Scanned Copy Record Sheet

Please complete the following record sheet and return it to the Licence Co-ordinator
(Philip Thornborow, Collections and Learning Resources Manager, Information
Services). Alternatively, please complete the online form at

NILE Course code

NILE Course owner

Course duration (weeks)

Number of registered
students on course

ISBN / ISSN (or full journal
       title if ISSN is

Title of work
(e.g. Chapter or Article title)

Author(s) of chapter or

Journal year/volume no.
(if a journal article)

Page numbers                         From:                           To:

Source                                   From original owned by institution

(Please select one)                      From copyright fee paid copy

                                         From another HEI under Sharing Provision (include
                                         name of supplying institution)


Primary reason for                       Digital version owned by institution but it is in an
scanning                                 unsuitable format
(where digital version is
known to exist)                          Institution does not own or subscribe to digital
(Please select one)
                                         No digital version exists

Artistic works                           Full page artistic work
(images only)
                                         Artistic work with text
(Please select one)
                                         Artistic work disembedded from page

HE Scanning Licence – Record sheet
October 2008
HE Scanning Licence – Record sheet
October 2008

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