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With selected products   ■   Stop lateral moisture penetration into basements
from the Vandex          ■   Provide a dry space
                         ■   Utilise dormant or useless space
product range, it is
                         ■   Add value to the property
possible to;             ■   Upgrade space for more sophisticated use
                         ■   Avoid external excavation as the application can take
                             place from inside the building.
                         As well as waterproofing existing basements, Vandex
                         products can also be used in new construction and detailed
                         specifications can be obtained by contacting Vandex (UK).

Upgrading a basement     Properties undergoing refurbishment frequently have
                         basements that will need upgrading to create a drier
                         These basements may be used for storage, offices, bedrooms,
                         plant rooms etc., which all require different levels of dryness.
                                                           BASEMENT TANKING

What is dryness?                           pose a problem for the inhabitants or       20° C with no damp patches but a
                                           contents of that building.                  relative humidity of 75 % would be
Buildings/structures are not always                                                    considered damp because paper
dry, water and water vapour will           For example; a car park at 14° C,
                                                                                       would curl and the inhabitants
always exist bound up in the               which has a few minor damp
                                                                                       would     find     the   atmosphere
building materials and in the air. The     patches in corners and a relative
building can be perceived as being         humidity of 75 %, may be perceived
dry if the water present does not          as being dry, whereas an office at

                The following table gives a rough guide to environmental requirements:
        Usage           Some moisture tolerable ?                  Temperature (°C)              Relative Humidity
       Car Park                          Yes                            As External                   As External
        Office                            No                                  20                           60%
       Archives                          No                                  15                           40%

A comfortable                                  ventilation. If this is not done the    by the British Cement Association in
                                               moisture introduced into the            conjunction with the British Structural
                                               basement by people, boiling             Waterproofing Association).
There are three criteria which need            kettles etc., will allow the humidity   In order to achieve a Grade
to be addressed in order to make a             to build up to levels exceeding         4 environment, air conditioning or
basement fit for a specific purpose:             those considered advisable for          dehumidification is essential. (Ref.
■ Control water/moisture in the                the chosen environment. Very often,     Table 2.2 of the Ciria report C319,
   building structure                          relative humidity is controlled via     Water Resisting Basements). On the
■ Control the relative air humidity            an air conditioning system.             rare occasions when water vapour
■ Control the temperature                                                              is moving into the basement, this air
                                           ■   The area will then need to be
                                               heated. Again, this can often be        conditioning or dehumidification
                                               achieved by expanding the               will remove it with ease.
The upgrading                                  existing heating system into the
process                                        basement.                               The use of VANDEX BB 75 in the
The above mentioned criteria can be                                                    circumstances described, to provide
met through the following courses of                                                   a structural waterproofing system,
action:                                    Using VANDEX BB 75                          will fulfil the requirements of
                                           to achieve a grade                          BS8102 to achieve a Grade
■   To begin with, any moisture
                                                                                       4 environment, when used in
    penetration must be stopped.           4 environment
                                                                                       conjunction with the appropriate air
    This can be achieved by                VANDEX BB 75 is vapour                      conditioning or dehumidification.
    applying VANDEX BB 75 as a             permeable,      i.e.,it allows    the
    waterproof coating to the inside       passage of water vapour.
    walls and floors. This can then be      Vapour pressure charts show that
    followed by insulation and             water vapour does (in most
    decoration as appropriate.             circumstances) actually move out of
■   Following the waterproofing/            the basement towards the ground,
    damp-proofing work, the air             although this is not always the case.
    needs to be conditioned and            In any event, the amount of vapour
    circulated to ensure the relative      which migrates through basement
    humidity falls within acceptable       walls is so little as to be of no
    levels. This can often be              consequence. (Ref. Waterproofing
    achieved by providing adequate         Basements Design Guide, produced
                                                                          BASEMENT TANKING

Design specifications                                                    Application guidelines
                                                                     (please refer to the relevant product application guidelines)
1) Brickwork basement

                        Wall                                A) Substrate preparation
                        3:1 sand/cement mortar              Remove existing plaster, coatings or loose particles, which would inhibit
                        VANDEX BB 75                        bonding, down to bare concrete or masonry. The substrate must be sound,
                        4:1 render, 1:1:6 lime plaster or
                        cementitious renovating plaster
                                                            clean and well keyed. If necessary the substrate can be prepared by suitable
                        VANDEX UNI MORTAR1 fillet
                                                            mechanical means such as grit blasting, high pressure water jetting or bush
                                          Concrete Slab     hammering.
                                                            Any other foreign bodies within the structure that could cause disruption, such
                                                            as timber or steel, must be removed. Rake out mortar joints to a depth of
                                                            approximately 20 mm. Thoroughly clean the walls by wire brush or other
                                                            suitable means and immediately sweep up resulting debris from the floor,
2) Brickwork basement with reinforced concrete joint
                                                            before it can cause any further contamination.
                        Wall                                Apply a layer of VANDEX UNI MORTAR 1 (minimum layer thickness of 5 mm)
                        3:1 sand/cement render              onto the pre-wetted substrate. Alternatively, a nominal 10 mm thick – 3:1
                        VANDEX BB 75
                        4:1 render, 1:1:6 lime plaster or   sand/cement render can be applied.
                        cementitious renovating plaster
                        100 x100 x 2.5 mm VANDEX
                        BB 75 E reinforced using            B) Salt treatment
                        VANDEX CONSTRUCTION
                        JOINT TAPE       Screed             If the substrate is contaminated with salts:
                                                  Slab      ■       For nitrate contamination, apply VANDEX ANTI NITRATE in
                                                                    accordance with the VANDEX ANTI NITRATE standard specification.
                                                            ■       For sulfate contamination, mix 8 kg of VANDEX ANTI SULFATE with
                                                                    1 bag (40 kg) of VANDEX ROUGH CAST.
3) Concrete basement (new/existing)

                        Concrete Wall                       C) Waterproofing/Damp-proofing
                                                            Please refer to the application guidelines for VANDEX BB 75 for waterproo-
                        VANDEX BB 75
                                                            fing/damp-proofing walls and floors.
                          VANDEX UNI MORTAR 1 fillet
                                                            D) Joints and cracks
                                          Concrete Slab     Depending upon the construction principles used and the nature of the buil-
                                                            ding structure, the following solutions should be applied.
                                                            ■     Static cracks and joints – are chased back to form a uniform rebate
                                                                  slurry coated with VANDEX BB 75 and filled flush with VANDEX
                                                                  UNI MORTAR 1. For wall/floor joints, a fillet of VANDEX UNI
4) Concrete basement subject to movement (new/existing)
                                                                  MORTAR 1 may be applied as an alternative.
                        Concrete Wall
                                                            ■     Joints and cracks with minor movements – should be
                        VANDEX UNI MORTAR 1
                                                                  sealed using VANDEX CONSTRUCTION JOINT TAPE bonded with
                        VANDEX BB 75                              VANDEX BB 75 E.
                        VANDEX FLEXTAPE
                        Bonded with VANDEX FLEXTAPE         ■     Movement joints – should be sealed using VANDEX FLEXTAPE
                                       Concrete Slab              bonded with VANDEX FLEXTAPE ADHESIVE.

                                                            E) Curing
                                                            Applications with cementitious Vandex products should be protected from
                                                            frost, wind, direct sun and rain during setting and hardening.
For individual technical solutions                          The application should be kept damp for a period of at least three days.
or alternative design specifications,                        Cementitious Vandex products are fully cured after 28 days.
please contact Vandex UK Ltd.
                                                                                                                                  BASEMENT TANKING

Plastering and                                                                                  Cementitious tanking systems are vapour
                                                                                                permeable. As vapour movement is
                                                                                                                                                                  the binder/pigment ratio, the higher the
                                                                                                                                                                  vapour resistance of the paint. Problems
decoration                                                                                      usually from within the basement out                              may therefor be experienced when these
                                                                                                towards the ground, this is an advantage.                         paints are used and they should be
                                                                                                There may be occasions however, when                              avoided in basements.
Areas below ground level are prone to
                                                                                                the vapour movement is reversed and
condensation and obviously this will                                                                                                                              Trade Matt Emulsions have a lower
                                                                                                it moves from the ground into the
usually occur on the coolest surface,                                                                                                                             binder/pigment ratio and a high vapour
which would normally be the VANDEX                                                                                                                                permeability which means that residual
BB 75 coating and that condensation                                                             It is important to ensure that any                                moisture in new plaster can escape.
would affect Gypsum based plasters.                                                             decorative covering over the tanking                              Mineral paints, which combine with the
No incompatibility exists between                                                               system is sufficiently vapour permeable                            surface of mineralic substances such as
VANDEX BB 75 and Gypsum based                                                                   to prevent a build up of humidity. If it is                       plaster or render, also have a high
plasters. However, it is recommended                                                            not, interstitial condensation could occur                        vapour permeability. Either of these
that VANDEX REFURBISHMENT PLASTER                                                               within the plaster layer supporting the                           paint types is recommended for use in
be used over the VANDEX BB 75 before                                                            decoration resulting in bubbling and                              basements.
applying any finishing plasters.                                                                 peeling of the covering.
                                                                                                                                                                  As a guide, if the paint is suitable for use
If it is important that a finishing plaster is                                                   It is generally appreciated that gloss                            over new (damp) plaster it is also
applied directly onto the VANDEX BB 75                                                          paints should not be used over a tanking                          suitable for use over VANDEX BB 75. If
then steps must be taken to ensure that                                                         system, but it is commonly thought that                           in doubt, the paint manufacturer should
condensation does not cause problems.                                                           water based emulsion paints are                                   be contacted.
After lateral penetration of moisture has                                                       Advanced paint technology, however,
been stopped in a basement, it may                                                              has resulted in much higher binder/
need to be decorated.                                                                           pigment ratios, (Vinyl Matts). The higher

                                                                   Vandex Product Range for Basement Construction
                                                                Scope/                         Substrate                       Neutralising Waterproofing Sealing                   Re-plastering       Movement
 Vandex Product                                                 Treatment                      preparation                     harmful salts damp-proofing construcition            walls               joints and
                                                                                                                                             walls and    joints and                                   and live
                                                                                                                                             floors        cracks                                       cracks
 VANDEX ANTI-NITRATE                                                                                                                      ●
 VANDEX ANTI-SULPHATE                                                                                                                     ●
 VANDEX BB75                                                                                                                                                  ●
 VANDEX REFURBISHMENT                                                                                                                                                                     ●
 VANDEX FLEXTAPE ADHESIVE                                                                                                                                                                                    ●

For consumption values, technical data and application guidelines please refer to the product data sheets and product application guidelines.

                                                                                   Q U A L I T Y
                                                                                ISO 9001
                                                                                                                           Visit our Homepage www.vandex.com                             www.vandex.co.uk
The information contained herein is based on our longterm experience and the best of our knowledge. We can, however, make no guarantee since for a
successful outcome, all circumstances in an individual case must be taken into consideration. Indications of quantities required are only averages which in
certain cases might be greater.

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