Overview of satellite systems

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					                                Recent applications in Communication
                                           Course Outline

Day 1                                                    Introduction to computer networking
                                                         Basic terminology and concepts.
Topic: Cellular Communication                            Types of networks (LANs, MANs and WANs)
Speaker: Dr. Saud Al-Semari (KFUPM)                      Network computing models (Peer-to-peer and Client-
                                                         Server models)
Global view and trends in telecommunications
Fundamentals of Cellular Systems                         Network Evolution
Overview of the GSM system                               Evolution from Mainframe centered systems to
Overview of CDMA                                         Enterprise networks and to Worldwide networks.
CdmaOne (IS-95)                                          ___________________________________________
                                                         Day 4
___________________________________________              Continued… Computer Networking
Day 2                                                    OSI Reference Model
                                                         A detailed look at the OSI Reference Model of ISO.
Continued… Cellular Communication
GSM 2+ (GPRS) and EDGE systems                           Network Standards
Third-Generation Wireless Standards (WCDMA               Brief description of existing LAN and WAN standard
and cdma2000)                                            network products.

                                                         Network Convergence
Topic: Satellite Communication                           Trends in computer communication networks
Speaker: Dr. Mahmoud Dawoud (KFUPM)
                                                         Topic: GPS and Vehicle location systems
Overview of satellite systems                            Speaker: Dr. Khalid Biyari
Milestones in the development of satellite               (Advanced Electronics Company)
communications, satellite orbits, Future trends
                                                         Introduction to GPS, GPS system description
Elements of communication satellite systems              Signal Structure, Positioning with GPS, Receiver
The space segment, TT&C subsystems, power                Selection considerations
supply, transponders                                     Applications of GPS: Intelligent Transportation
The earth segment and earth stations                     Systems

Satellite access: FDMA, TDMA, & CDMA                     ___________________________________________
                                                         Day 5
Satellite services
Fixed, Direct broadcast, and Mobile satellite services   Topic: Imaging and Multimedia
VSATS                                                    Speaker: Dr. Omar Al-suwailem (KFUPM)
LEO’s, MEO’s, and GEO’s
                                                         Imaging systems fundamentals
___________________________________________              Video conferencing technology
Day 3                                                    Multimedia applications

Topic:    Wireless Local Loop technology                 Topic: INTERNET Applications
Speakers: Dr. Amr Elsaadany & Mr. Eric Baker             Speaker: Dr. Sadiq Sait (KFUPM)
(Lucent Technologies)
                                                         Quick overview of Internet and the Web.
A new technology Lucent is deploying throughout          Internet services, The web concepts: Client/Server,
the world that allows rapid and inexpensive              supported file formats, languages, tools, etc.
implementation, especially in rough terrain areas.
                                                         Multi-media and the web, Multimedia integration to
Topic: Computer Networking                               the web (audio, video, etc, audio/video streaming,
Speaker: Dr. Habib Yousef (KFUPM)                        live cameras, and so on).
Demonstration of the various concepts explained
Access to the web through live cameras connection
Enhancing browser capabilities for playing
video/audio (plug-ins, etc), required HTML tags and
other software etc, are covered.

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