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									                                  ESOL II A COURSE SYLLABUS
                                     Druid Hills High School

                                       Phone Number: 678-600-1388 (Cell)
Mrs. Smaranda LIVESCU
Room Number: 113 A                     Email:
First semester : 2012                  Tutorial Days: Tu. & Th.
Textbook: Visions ‘A’                  Tutorial Hours: 3:20 – 4:00
Textbook Price:                        Tutorial Location: Rm. 113 A

Department Philosophy: Diversity of language and culture must be respected
and celebrated. In addition, these diversities can be used as tools to foster
social acceptance, academic success and overall achievement in an ever
increasing global community.
The mission of DeKalb County World Languages curriculum is to equip all
students with the strategies and skills to communicate proficiently and
effectively in the target language and to facilitate appreciation of other
languages and cultures, as well as their own, in preparation for active
participation in a global society

Course Description: This is a Beginning Level ESOL class. ESOL II is a course
designed to develop and enhance academic and communication skills of young
adult English language learners (ELLs). The course will focus on reading,
writing and speaking English. Learning to communicate in English is at the
heart of this course, however, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Pronunciation will be
the primary focus. The objective is to develop cognitive academic language
proficiency (CALP) that will enable you to perform successfully in your
Literature and other core subject classes. This course will incorporate 20
minutes of Free Voluntary Reading twice a week and use of the internet
resources ( three times each week for 20 minutes. In addition,
students will create a personal vocabulary and reflection Journal.

The course will follow the Chapters/Units lessons in VISIONS A with support
from EDGE, and other printed and audio visual materials. Thompson &
Martinet, Grammar, as well as Learning American English will be used to
reinforce the grammar assignments presented in the textbooks. Teacher made
materials will be also used.

Course Prerequisites: None (This course is usually assigned to the new
comers, students exiting the International Center intensive English Program)

The course follows WIDA Standards/Objectives and is adapted to VISIONS

Course Outline:
       Orientation to school and county procedures and policies; Assessment
       and Inventories; Pre Library orientation; Classroom/school
       Site field trip
Week2: Library orientation; words and Jargons; assignment vocabulary
       Alphabetical Order, Syllabication, Rhyming Words; poetry – Library
       research techniques
       Alphabetical Order, Syllabication, Rhyming Words- Poster/Project
       involving translation; use articles from AJC
Week   Common Nouns and Verbs; plurals, exceptions, place/function in
5:     sentences – Identify them in true stories
       Common Nouns and Verbs – Simple Tenses
       The Verb “Be” – Present, Past, and Future Simple – Poster with the forms
       of To BE and chapter topics – Legends and short stories
Week     The Verb “Be”- as an auxiliary; usage in
8:       Affirmative/Negative/Interrogative sentences -
Week     Positive and negative statements and commands; writing paragraphs on a
9:       given topic – Black History month
Week     Positive and negative statements and commands; writing paragraphs on a
10:      given topic; Vocabulary – plagiarism; reference; paraphrase
Week     Prepositions and Adverbs of frequency – Poster /Book – Research – Ruby
11:      Bridges
Week     Prepositions and Adverbs of frequency – Project based on the
12:      Chapter/Unit lessons
         Use of common adjectives – Create a dialogue
Week     Present/ Past/Future indefinite Tenses - Regular and irregular verbs – A
14:      Poem Poster
Week     Interrogative and negative forms of the verbs/present and continuous
15:      tenses
Week     Research on given topics; first draft; second draft; power point work The
17       Story of My Life – My Roots
         Research on given topics; first draft; second draft; power point work
         Review and Final exam – Power Point presentation

Grading Scale*

Area                      Percentage      Area                        Percentage
Class work/Daily              25 %
Homework                          15 %       Reading/Writing                  15%
Tests/Quizzes                     15 %
Projects                           15%        Final Exam                      15%

The approved syllabi template established by the DeKalb County School
District will be used.

Required Materials: 1 3-ring binder, 3 dividers with tabs, 1 small notebook
(Journal), 1 English to English dictionary or English/native language
dictionary, markers or color pencils

Classroom Expectations:
Attendance—coming to class on time and every time is important. You
(independent) or your guardian will be contacted after the third absence.
Homework—you must do your homework before coming to class. Late
homework will be given half credit. If you do not have time to do a good job on
your homework, you should not take this class. Being absent is NOT an excuse
for not knowing the homework.
Tests and Quizzes/Make-up—you will have quizzes and tests. If you miss the
class, you will miss the quiz or test. Make up quizzes or tests will be given after
school on Tuesdays and Thursday.
Academic Dishonesty (Cheating and Plagiarism)—you must do your own
work and not copy and get answers from someone else. You also must not ask
someone to correct your work before coming to class. If you copy writings from
other sources such as a book or magazine and turn it in as your assignment,
you are plagiarizing. You will receive an "F" for the assignment for your first
offense. For your second offense, you will be referred to the Discipline Principal.
Preparedness—you must come to class prepared by bringing with you the
appropriate materials, textbooks, handouts, and completed assignments.
Participation—you must participate in class. You are not participating if you
are talking to a neighbor, doing homework, daydreaming, or not doing what the
rest of the class is doing. If you are working in a group or with a partner, you
must talk to your group members or partner and be a part of the group.

Computer Access—you have access to computers in the classroom and in the
Library Lab. All final writing projects must be typed. Your disk will be given to
you by the teacher and kept in the classroom. Do not use any other disk in
the computers. You will save your work on your computer diskettes.
Using English—please try to use English during class hours. Also, during
class, do your best to use only an English/English dictionary. Translation
dictionaries or electronic dictionaries have been found to be less helpful in your
attempt to acquire and use the English language.
Pagers and Cellular Telephones—turn off all pagers and cell phones BEFORE
class begins. You may NOT leave the classroom in the middle of class to
answer a page or phone call.
Expectations and Procedures
You must observe all DeKalb County and Druid Hills High School rules as well
as the following class rules:

   BE PREPARED – bring notebook, paper, and pen and pencil daily
    No loud unnecessary talking or noise-making
    Get permission to leave your seat
    Follow all directions the first time given
    Maintain a clean, safe classroom environment; keep your work area clean
    Get teacher’s permission to have food in the classroom and
    Grooming is not permitted in the classroom.
    Make restroom stops before and after class. In case of emergency, speak
    privately to the teacher                        When the bell rings the
    teacher will dismiss you
   BE COOPERATIVE AND RESPECTFUL – respect all teachers and students.
    We work together to succeed. It is not the right of any individual to take
    away from the educational time of others. Cultivate a positive attitude.

Late Assignments: Late assignment will not be accepted
Make-up Policy: If an absence is excused, students will have 3 days to make-
up missed assignments.
Re-do Policy: Students may re-do a failed test to earn a maximum
replacement grade of 70. The student is required to attend at least one tutorial
session in order to re-do a failed test.

Student Signature: ________________________________________            Date:

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________            Date:

The teacher reserves the right to change or adjust any section of the
course syllabus at any time during the semester to more adequately meet
the needs, abilities and interest of the students.

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