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					                                      ENGINEERING CONCEPTS
                                        COURSE SYLLABUS
                                        Druid Hills High School

Teacher(s): Ronald Pugh                                 Phone Number: 678-874-6302
Room Number/s: Room 515 C                               Email: Ronald_Pugh
Semester: Fall 2012                                     Tutorial Days: Monday - Friday
Textbook: Engineering the Future                        Tutorial Hours: 3:30pm-4:30pm
Textbook Price: $                                       Tutorial Location: Room 515 C

Department Philosophy: To prepare every student for college and careers by providing interest-based
programs that meet industry standards.

Course Description: Engineering Concepts is second course in the engineering pathway. This course
introduces students to the fundamental principles of engineering. Students learn about areas of specialization
within engineering and engineering design, and apply engineering tools and procedures as they complete
hands-on instructional activities.

Course Prerequisites: Algebra I

GPS Standards: See link below for the GPS standards:

Course Outline:
             Engineering Professions and
 Week 1:                                                Week 10:      Architecture Drawing
 Week 2:     Advance Electrical Calculations            Week 11:      Architecture Drawing
 Week 3:     Engineering Design Process                 Week 12:      Architecture Drawing
 Week 4:     Engineering Design Process                 Week 13:      Design Analysis and Fundamentals
 Week 5:     Engineering Design Process                 Week 14:      Design Analysis and Fundamentals
 Week 6:     Vex Robotics                               Week 15:      Design Analysis and Fundamentals
 Week 7:     Vex Robotics                               Week 16:      CAD Design
 Week 8:     Vex Robotics                               Week 17:      CAD Design
 Week 9:     Vex Robotics                               Week 18:      CAD Design
Grading Scale*
Area                                     Percentage           Area                                     Percentage
Class Work/Daily Work                        20%              Reading/Writing                               10%
Homework                                      5%              EOCT/Final Exam                               10%
Projects/Labs                                20%
Tests/Quizzes                                20%
Performance/Participation                    15%

* Based on established national/international standards for the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate
Programs, these courses are exempted from and/or may make modifications to the system-wide grading percentages.
However, the approved syllabi template established by the DeKalb County School System will be used.

90-100            A
80-89             B
70-79             C
70                D
69 & below        F

Required Materials: Notepad, calculator, and pencil

Classroom Expectations:
                 Arrive to class on time with your book, notebook and other course materials.
                 Give others your undivided attention when addressing the class.
                 Keep a record of all assignments and complete them on time.
                 Learn to follow all school and classroom rules and understand the consequences.
                 Develop an attitude that promotes learning in our classroom.
Consequences for Misbehavior
                 Verbal warning
                 15 minute detention and call to parent/guardian
                 30 minute detention and call to parent/guardian
                 Referral to discipline office

Late Assignments: The highest grade that will be given for late assignments is 80%. The teacher reserves the
right to change this policy when unforeseen circumstances or personal hardships are the cause of the late

Make-up Policy: Students are responsible for making up any missed assignments. Students must make up
missed assignments the next class day. Failure to make up work will result in a “0” for that assignment.

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