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									Al Hekma International School
Monthly Newsletter

December 2009

                                        Principal’s Note
          Dear AHIS Parents,

          The school year seems to be flying by. We are already leaving for Winter
          Break in about two weeks. All students will enjoy the time off, but they also
          need to stay focused on learning, since we have had such a fragmented
          school year.

          High School students are already heavily in the Model United Nations
          calendar for SY 2009-2010, with one conference held at Bahrain School. Select
          students are also working on BAYMUN that is coming up, and of course, Al
          Hekma’s YLC will be in February.

          The PE Department set up Track and Field events during breaks and the
          results are within this news letter. It was a great inauguration for the new
          track put in this year. The Marathon Team spent two days a week practicing
          after school on the track which helped to get our team in shape for the
          Bahrain Marathon held on November 20th.

          Flower Day was enjoyable for many students in grades 1-12. The High School
          Student Council sold flowers on this day as its first activity of the year. AHIS
          looks forward to more Student Council planned activities throughout the

          Winter’s Day was celebrated this year school wide and all students were
          allowed to wear white and black to school on December 3rd. It is always
          enjoyable for the students to have a chance to wear something different from
          their uniforms to school.

          Winter break will be from December 16- January 3rd. School will start on
          January 4th for all sections. AHIS wishes all families a safe and enjoyable
          winter break!


          Dawn E. Lee
          AHIS and Open Sesame

Middle / High School
Student Council      The Middle/High School Student
                           Council has had two activities this
                           year. They sold flowers on Flower
                           Day held November 19th. A
                           sandwich sale was held on
                           November 25th. Students and
                           teachers could buy homemade
                           turkey or roast beef sandwiches
                           during break.

Student Council
Elementary Student Council will be chosen on December 7th in an
assembly. AHIS hopes many student will come out and take part in
the election process.

               Bahrain School’s Mini MUN
                         AHIS sent some 10th 11th grade students
                         to the Bahrain School’s Mini MUN.
                         Abdul Rahman Saif (grade10) and Nur
                         Amalina (Grade 11) were chairs for
                         General Assembly. Esra Faisal Hamad
                         (Grade 12) was chosen best delegate at
                         the convention.

              Bahrain Bayan School’s MUN
AHIS will send delegates to this year’s BAYMUN. The students
attending are:                      Sana Saleem -Grade 11
Safiya Durgana- Grade 11           Omar Al Mahmeed -Grade 11
Essra- Grade 12                    Nur Amalina -Grade 11
Hanoof- Grade 11                   Dena -Grade 10
Isa- Grade 12                      Nayef -Grade 11
Jonas – Grade 11                   Abdulrahman Saif -Grade 10

                            Bahrain Marathon

             AHIS Marathon team ran on 20th November! Our student
                              team members are:

           Shannon Grade 6              Hanoof Adel Grade 11

           Noora Hussam Grade 7         Omar Al Mahmeed Grade 11

           Carole Grade 9               Ahmad Buhassan Grade 11

           Joleen Grade 9               Ahmad Najar Grade 12

           Hamad Adel Grade 9           Fatima Farsi Grade 12

           Naher Grade 11               Esra Grade 12

           Nur Amalina Grade 11         Ammar Grade 12

           Kamal Hilal Grade 11         Noor Salah Grade 12

               Track and Field Competition

Students took part in a track and field competition during October and November.
The following students won the competition:
Elementary Results
50m run
Fawaz Khalid Grade 1B
Scott Armstrong Grade 5
                                      Middle School Results:
Relay 4-50m Grade 2B                  200m run
 Amir Iskander                        Nura Hosam Abutbara Grade 7
 Rahaf Meshal                         Mohamed Al Hashimi Grade 7
 Isa Hassan
Meshal Khalaf                         Relay 4-100m Grade 6
                                      Dalal Muneer Al Kerdi
Relay 4-50m Grade 5                   Seline Moh'd Durganan
Scott Armstrong                       Shannon William Arthur
Hussain Khalid                        Joud Jafar Momani
Yazan Al Saweer
 Khalid Al Anni                       Relay 4-100m Grade 7
                                      Maytham Murad Al Zayer
Long Jump                             Mohammed Hassan Saleh
Elias Tawfeeq grade 3A                Salman Khalid Tahiri
Rahaf Meshal Grade 2B                 Hussein Moneer Al Awami
                                Long Jump
                                Rooba Al Mabrook Grade 8
                                Amir Izzat Sendijns Ngadimon Grade 8
High School Results: ______________________________________________
200m run
Ahmed Bu Hassan Grade 11        Bashayer Ali Hassan Grade 12B
Khalid Al Mosawi Grade 10       Deena Al Saweer Grade 10
Relay 4-100m Grade 11                            12B
                                                Noor Ahmed Salah
Ahmed Bu Hassan Kamal Hilal
                                                Esra Faisal Hamad
Omar Al Mahmeed Yasser Al Mousa

Relay 4-100m Grade 10                              Grade 9
Khalid Al Mosawi    Ahmad Mahmood               Enaam AbdAli Fathi
Mustafa Al Anni                                 Carole Hassan
                                                Joleen Lourens
Long Jump
Vladimir Krylov Grade 12A
Ahmad Yehia Mohammed Grade 10
Hanoof Adel Grade 11

 Fruits and Vegetables: 5- A Day for Healthy Minds
                    and Bodies!

As parents and teachers, we all care about our
children/students and want them to be healthy, both
physically and mentally. One way to achieve this is to make
sure the children are eating properly. Nutrition plays a
vital role in the amount of energy and concentration a child
has. Without the appropriate nutrients, the body cannot
function at its best.

If you haven’t heard of it already, I’d like to
introduce to you the 5-A Day campaign.
Health experts advise everyone to eat at
least 5 servings of fruits and/or vegetables
during each day (5-a day). This should be
a combination of fruits and vegetables. (For
example; eat 3 servings of fruits and 2
servings of vegetables or vice versa). Fruits
and Vegetables are rich in vitamins and
minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. They help us
maintain and healthy weight and are delicious!

Our children will be much healthier, happier,
and perform better in school if they improve their eating
habits. The 5-A Day rule is a great way to start improving
your child’s health. Fruits and vegetables are very versatile
and you can serve them in many different ways. And remember
that parents should eat healthy as well; parents are the
primary role-models for their children.

So, whether you are cooking dinner, ordering take-out, or
filling your child’s lunch-bag in the morning, don’t forget
the fruits and vegetables-5-A Day!

Thanks, and I wish you all a healthy and productive year,

Jennifer Hill
Elementary Supervisor

For more information on the 5-A Day campaign, visit the
following websites:

                                              SAT Grade 12

AHIS has been informed by the Ministry of Education that all graduating senior students planning on
applying for a government scholarship must take the SAT exams and score 1000+.

AHIS also requires all graduating seniors to take the SAT exam in order to receive a diploma. The
SAT exam can be set up through Mr. Fatima Al Goush, Grade 12 University Counselor. The student
needs to see her and she will help him/her apply online at school.

The exam is given periodically throughout the year in Bahrain and may be taken as many times as the
students wants, but it is important that it is completed at least one time this school year. For best results
the student should complete the exam as early as possible in the school year.

Below is the international calendar for the test. Please note that application MUST be received by the
registration date or the student will not get into the testing hall. In Bahrain the test is held at Gulf
                                     SAT International Test Dates
                                       (Only these dates are left)
      2009-10                                 Early Registration             Regular Registration
     Test Dates                             (must be received by)           (must be received by)

  January 23, 2010    SAT & Subject Tests      December 2, 2009                 December 15, 2009

  May 1, 2010         SAT & Subject Tests       March 10, 2010                   March 25, 2010

  June 5, 2010        SAT & Subject Tests       April 14, 2010                    April 29, 2010

                      Heya Beya Activity
   AHIS hope all families had a happy and safe Eid holiday.
   During the weeks of November 15th-November 25th, Open Sesame and
   Elementary students celebrated the Eid tradition of Heya Beya.
   Students brought baskets to school and the baskets were filled with dirt
   and seeds. The students took the baskets home to water each day, until
   Eid. It is a Bahraini tradition to throw the plants in the sea, on the day
   of Eid Al-Adtha, for fish to eat.

   The activity was a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate Bahrain’s
   culture and traditions.

                                             AHIS Mission
 Our mission is “dedicating our lives and hearts to building confident and motivated life long

                     Action Steps for Parents H1N1
Tips for taking care of children (and other household members) with the flu

    Stay home if you or your child is sick until at least 24 hours after there is no longer a
     fever or signs of a fever (without the use of a fever-reducing medicine). Keeping sick
     students at home means that they keep their viruses to themselves rather than sharing
     them with others. Stay home even if taking antiviral medicines.
    Cover coughs and sneezes. Clean hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based
     hand rub often and especially after coughing or sneezing.
    Keep sick household members in a separate room (a sick room) in the house as
     much as possible to limit contact with household members who are not sick. Consider
     designating a single person as the main caregiver for the sick person.
    Monitor the health of the sick child and any other household members by checking
     for fever and other symptoms of flu. A fever is a temperature taken with a thermometer
     that is equal to or greater than (37.8 degrees Celsius). If you are not able to measure a
     temperature, the sick person might have a fever if he or she feels warm, has a flushed
     appearance, or is sweating or shivering.

     Watch for emergency warning signs that need urgent medical attention. These warning
     signs include:

        o    Fast breathing or trouble breathing
        o    Bluish or gray skin color
        o    Not drinking enough fluids
        o    Not urinating or no tears when crying
        o    Severe or persistent vomiting
        o    Not waking up or not interacting
        o    Being so irritable that the child does not want to be held
        o    Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
        o    Sudden dizziness
        o    Confusion
        o    Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough
    Check with your doctor about any special care needed for household members who
     may be at higher risk for complications from flu. This includes children under the age
     of 5 years, pregnant women, people of any age who have chronic medical conditions
     (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease), and people age 65 years and older.
    Have the sick household member wear a facemask – if available and tolerable –
     when sharing common spaces with other household members to help prevent spreading
     the virus to others. This is especially important if other household members are at high
     risk for complications from flu.
    Make sure sick household members get plenty of rest and drink clear fluids to
     keep from being dehydrated.
    If a household member is sick, keep any school-aged brothers or sisters home for 5
     days from the time the household member became sick. Parents should monitor their
     health and the health of other school-aged children for fever and other symptoms of the

                             Academic Honesty
                       AHIS has an academic honesty policy that
                       requires all students to deal honestly with
                   school work. Students are not allowed to give or
                   complete any school work for other students. If
                     a student is caught being dishonest in his/her
                               work a zero will be given.

                              New Address
If you have a new address please contact the Registration Department on
17-623999 to update your file.

                          Absent/Late Arrival
If your child will be absent or late please contact the Registration Department on
17-623999 before 7:00 am.

                                    Flower Day
                       Students and teachers in Elementary,
                       Middle and High School took part in
                       Flower Day on Thursday Nov 19.
                       They were allowed to buy and wear
                       flowers in celebration.

        Bus Information
 If your child will not ride the bus please
   provide a written note to be given to
      administration informing who is               Health Information
     authorized to take him/her home.

                                                AHIS has a no medication
                                                policy unless written
                                                instructions are received from
                                                the parents to the
                                                Although AHIS has a nurse on
                                                staff if your child is running a
                                                fever, please do not send
       Yearbook Pictures                        him/her to school per
                                                Ministry of Health directives.
                                                If your child comes to school
Yearbook pictures will be rescheduled and       with a fever he/she will be
a new schedule will be sent to parents.         isolated. The nurse will call
Make sure your child wears the regular          the parent to take him/her to
uniform on this day even if they have PE.       the nearest health center.
                                                The Student Health Form is
                                                part of the school packet sent
                                                out on the first day of school.
                                                Please complete the Student
                                                Health Form for your child
                                                listing a medical release, and
                                                emergency contact information.

                                  AHIS Uniforms
           PE uniforms can only be worn on PE days. All other school days
           the students must be in correct uniform. If a student comes to
           school in the incorrect uniform he/she will be sent home.

                                           School Timings
                                             SY 2009/10

                                     Open Sesame: 7:30 -1:45
                                  AHIS (grades 1-12) 7:30 – 1:50
                              If a student is more than 15 minutes late to
                              school he/she will be sent home. We are
                              educating our students to respect timing.

                  Activities and Events for December

4t SAT Exam (grade 12 sign up on
                Please see enclosed schedule

   26th November– December 1st Holiday Eid Al Adtha (tentative)
   3rd December Black and White Day/ Winters Day
   16th December Bahrain National Day
   16th December -3rd January Winter Break

          AHIS wishes all students and their
            families a safe and enjoyable
                   Winter Holiday!


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