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									                     Westwood Regional School District
                                 8th Grade Concert Choir         STUDENT CONTRACT
Welcome to High School Concert Choir. In order for you to achieve your full potential in this class it is necessary for
you to adhere to the following classroom procedures and regulations.
Classroom regulations                                         2. If you miss a concert for an emergency situation only
1. You will be assigned seats by your teacher, based on          (this includes extreme illness, family illness/death in
    voice part and will be expected to maintain these            family) you will be allowed the opportunity to
    seats until your teacher changes them. If you are            complete a written assignment to make up for a
    having any difficulties with these assignments, bring        portion of the grade.
    them to the attention of your teacher immediately.        3. Should you miss a concert performance with no valid
2. Hats and coats should not be worn in class. The use of        excuse, you will receive a failing grade for that
    any personal electronics in class is prohibited unless       marking period.
    instructed otherwise. Cell phones will be placed in a     4. In addition to school concert performances, you will
    secure location at the beginning of each class period        also need to attend some outside of school
    and will be returned to the students at the end of           performances. These will include community events
    rehearsal. If any student is found with a cell phone in      and music festivals.
    his or her possession, it will be confiscated and kept    Exams
    in the main office for the remainder of the day.
                                                              1. It is your responsibility to take every exam given in
3. Stow your book bags and purses in the seats of the            class. Approximately 1-3 short exams will be given
    auditorium and out of the way of the rehearsal space.        each marking period. These can be written,
4. No food will be consumed in class. However, water             performance, or a combination of the two.
    and only water will be permitted in choir rehearsal.      2. If you are absent for an exam you must make
5. Each day’s lesson will begin promptly. If you should          arrangements with the teacher to make up a missed
   arrive late and have a pass, enter quietly and leave          exam as soon as possible.
   your pass on the piano.                                    3. Material for the exam will be reviewed in the class
6. Once in the classroom you should quietly proceed              period prior. In addition, if you require extra help for
   directly to your assigned seat, and take out your music       any reason, let me know and I will be happy to meet
   folder and pencil.                                            with you after school.
7. It is expected that you will participate actively in       4. A Mid-Term and Final exam will also be given in
   class. Class participation is a major factor in              this course. Seniors who maintain an A average
   determining your grade. Classwork will be evaluated          throughout the entire year may be exempt from taking
   as follows:                                                  the final only. All students will take the mid-term.
 (5)     Participates at every opportunity.
 (4)     Participates often .                                 Grading policy
 (3)     Occasionally participates.                           Grades will be determined as follows:
 (2)     Rarely participates in class.                               Tests: Concert Participation,          30% 7
 (1)     Is inattentive in class..                                   Marking period assessments                 0
 (0)     Is a disruptive influence during class.                                                                %
         Poor attendance and/or lateness
                                                                     Lessons: Lesson Attendance,            20% 1
5. Students will not be permitted to leave the room for              Lesson preparation (an assignment          5
   any reason during the first and last ten minutes of the           will be due at each). Lesson               %
   class period.                                                     participation
6. If your teacher is absent, a substitute lesson will be
   left for you to complete. You must hand in this                   Class performance and participation 50% 5
   assignment at the end of the period to be graded.                                                         %
                                                                     **Extra credit can be earned by         1
Concerts                                                             attending additional performances       0
1. All students in Chamber Singers are required to attend            within the music department.            %
   concert performances. The dates of these concerts
   can be found on the district website. There are three
   this year.

(K-12 School Docs: Student Contract Template)

I have read the 8th Grade Concert Choir Student Contract, and I understand all my responsibilities related to this class.

STUDENT’S SIGNATURE:__________________________________________________________

                                                     INFORMATION FOR PARENTS
Your child is enrolled in 8 Grade Concert Choir. Concert Choir is a challenging subject for most students so it is
important that you are aware of the course requirements so we can work together to assure your child’s success in this
 Homework is assigned rarely in this course. However, students are required to be at all concert performances and
 dress rehearsals as well as prepare a short assignment for each lesson meeting.
 Exams are announced approximately one week in advance. There will be 3 short exams each marking period as well
 as an end of the year assessment. They will either be written, performance, or a combination of the two. These are
 essential to measure student progress since the majority of work in the course is group-based.
  Students are expected to take every exam given in class. Students with a documented absence must make
  arrangements with the teacher to make up a missed exam as soon as possible.
Extra Help
 I am available for extra help, as needed, every day after school.
Extra Credit
 Students can earn extra credit in this course by attending performances given by the Performing Arts Department.
 There will be several concerts they will not be performing in and will be given extra credit if they come as an
 audience member. These can include Jr. High Vocal and Instrumental concerts, Ensemble Night, or the spring
 musical production.
Course Description, Objectives, Audition Info, Trip Info, Music Parent Group Info
 Information is available on-line.
Contacting the teacher
 If you would like to discuss your child’s progress, you can reach me at lbagley@wwrsd.org or by phone at
 (201) 664-0880 x 2162

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