H04-081 – Policy/Procedure
                             October 8, 2004

TO:           HCS Regional Administrators
              APS Program Staff
              Legal Benefits Advisors/Attorneys

FROM:         Penny Black, Director, Home and Community Services Division

PURPOSE:      This MB directs APS program staff and LBAs to document time spent in
              APS due process related activity.

BACKGROUND:      The HCS Workload Standards Study was conducted in July 2002.
                 APS due process/administrative hearings were implemented October
                  2003, adding new tasks to the APS program. These tasks were not
                  included in the Workload Standards Study.
                 Accurate information about the amount of APS staff time associated
                  with due process is needed for staffing and budget models.
                 Because a formal time study by an external consultant is not feasible
                  at this time, the APS program will perform an internal self-study.

WHAT’S NEW,   APS program staff and LBAs will document their time spent in APS due
CHANGED, OR   process related activity. The time study will result in a cross-sectional time
CLARIFIED:    measure (i.e., the proportion of each worker’s total time spent in some sort
              of APS due process related activity) and a longitudinal time measure (i.e.,
              the average amount of due process related time it takes for each case).

ACTION:       All APS program staff and LBAs –

              1. Starting October 11, 2004 through December 10, 2004:
                   Follow the directions on the attached forms and document all of
                      your APS due process related time on each case to the nearest
                      tenth of an hour (6 minute increments);
                          o APS program staff must use the form in Attachment #1;
                          o LBAs may use the form in Attachment #2 or use another
                              method to gather the information, but must use Attachment
                              #2 to summarize and report the information.
                   For this time study, “due process related” time means all activity
                      that occurs after the primary investigator has forwarded the case to
                      regional management to review the investigator’s recommendation
                      to substantiate a finding of abuse, abandonment, neglect or
                      financial exploitation.
                     When you first begin documenting your time, some of these cases will
                     be at the beginning of due process, some in the middle and some near
                     the end of due process. That is ok. Just document your time on each
                     different case during the two month period.
                      Record your time in the appropriate activity category (pre-hearing,
                          hearing or post-hearing). The log defines these three categories.

                 2. Forward a copy of your October 11 – December 10 time logs to Lori
                    Melchiori by December 15.

                 3. After December 10, continue to document all of your due process
                    related time on each of the new hearing requests that were received
                    during the months of October and November. Keep recording your
                    time on only these cases. Continue until due process is complete (this
                    may take several months).

                 4. Forward your post-December 10th log(s) of time to Lori Melchiori after
                    due process has been completed on the case(s) you are logging.

RELATED          RCW 74.34 Abuse of Vulnerable Adults
REFERENCES:      WAC 388-71-0105 through 388-71-0155
                 Long-Term Care Manual, Chapter 6

ATTACHMENT(S):   Attachment #1: APS Staff Log of APS Due Process Time (Note: This
                                format documents one case per page.)
                  2004\H04-081 Att 1 APS Staff Log of Due Process Time.doc

                 Attachment #2: Log of LBA Time Engaged in APS Due Process (Note:
                                This format documents multiple cases per page.)

                 2004\H04-081 Att 2 LBA Log of APS Due Process Time.doc

CONTACT(S):      Lori Melchiori, APS Program Manager
                 360-725-2531 or melchl@dshs.wa.gov

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