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Central obesity has been associated with a myriad number of conditions, some more
unimaginable than others, and even till date, there are a number of diseases which have
been associated with having central obesity. Now, with all this hue and cry about having
pendulous abs, the first part of their body that people want to tone down is their

The hard part of this process is simple enough: the stomach is too complex. The
abdomen and the tissue beneath the stomach muscles are the largest store of the
body’s subcutaneous fat. On the corollary, what this implies is that when people want to
drop the inches from the stomach, they need to work hard, and they need to work long
as these are one of the least labile stores of fat in the body.

Stomach toning exercises are those specific set of exercises which mainly work the
muscles of the abdomen, and additionally that of the back and partly also the chest
muscles. It goes without saying that almost all workout regimens include a few sets
of stomach crunches in the routine. And it is also a common practice that these
exercises are done everyday without an exception, unlike workouts for the other parts
of the body. The reason for this exception is an extension of the statement earlier:
stomach fat takes time and effort to burn.

The muscular system of the abdomen consists of two very large and powerful sets of
muscles known as the rectus abdominis, one of the most powerful muscles in the body
itself, along with the oblique muscles of the stomach wall. Besides acting as a
containment for the abdominal organs whenever there are acts which involve the
spiking of the intra-abdominal pressure, the oblique muscles help in the lateral rotation
of the spinal cord and subsequently of the torso as a whole. But the recti are the
muscles which are the real Dodge cars of the abdomen. These stomach muscles are
extra bulky and hence they are divided into segments, and these are the ones which
when manipulated well give the much-hyped “six pack” abdomen.

Stomach toning regimens look to involve the recti muscles to the most extent as
possible, as these are the biggest muscles and therefore helping in drawing the most of
the fat reserve in the tissue in the abdomen. There are a number of exercises which help
in rapping up the abs, but by far the most effective and time tested ones are
the stomach crunches. These are a simple set of stomach exercises which when done
correctly and regularly help in losing abdominal fat.

Lying down flat, with both the palms interlocked and behind the head, one should
breathe out when using the abdomen to pull oneself up without using leverage from the
elbows or back and bend in as much as possible and extend back to the normal position
when breathing in.

Doing these stomach exercises right has many advantages. If the breathing is done
right, it saves the person from struggling to overcome the innate intra-abdominal
pressure which occurs when people breathe in as most people tend to do when they
crunch and also help in delivering the inhaled oxygen to all parts of the body equally and
help in performing the exercise properly.

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