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travel to india


									India Travel Guide
Vacations India has to offer are exquisite as much as the land itself. The history behind India
is as evident as the numerous landmarks that surround the country. The various wonders
around India are quite evident from the architectural structures to the various places of

The first place that you will want to see while on your vacations India has to offer is the
region of Udaipur. This area is well known as the city of lakes. In the middle portion of the
lake of Pichola, you will come across the lake palace on the island of Niwas. This is just one
example of the architectural wonder behind the country of India tour. From here, you will
want to see the Grand City Palace that is on the banks of the lake as well as the Monsoon
Palace. This region is known for the performing arts as well as its paintings and crafts. Be
sure to grab some souvenirs while visiting this region.

In Srinagar, the snowy peaks set the perfect backdrop for the country. Not only are the
mountains covered in snow but there are flowers that adorn all the gardens as well. This area
is known for the high number of houseboats on the lakes as well as the dried fruits that are
found in the various markets and the crafts that the street vendors are selling to the various
tourists. The treasures that come from this region are exquisite, much like the country itself.

In Agra, you will visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Here you will see the Taj
Mahal. When you are done visiting the Taj Mahal, you will want to check out the cities
landscape, there are palaces and forts all around that set a colorful tone to any picture that you
might be taking while on your vacations India is offering.

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