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One of the things that most women worry about today is the emergence of eye bags. Whether you are rich or poor, employed or unemployed you are prone to worrying about this issue.

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Probably the most popular problem of ladies today is eye bags. You can be rich, poor, ordinary, or high-
class and still have this problem. To address it, you must know how these eye bags come about.

Bagsundereyes can majorly be due to the genes. There are ladies who have inherited flat contours around

the eyes that don't really become big or sag. There are others though that have acquired the genes of

having fat deposits in the eye area which makes either the top or bottom bulge. Always exposing oneself

to the sun can make the skin below the eyes thinner thus resulting to less resiliency and formation of eye


                                                      The sun does this because UV rays can affect how

                                                      the skin cells regenerate, affecting formation of

                                                      collagen which is key to making skin firm and

                                                      elastic. Also, prolonged hours of remaining in the

                                                      prone position can cause eye bags because of the

                                                      pooling of fluid in the facial tissues. Another factor

                                                      is consumption of food that is high in salt that

                                                      causes keeping of fluid in the facial tissues can

                                                      result to eye bags. Aside from the abovementioned,

                                                      you can also harbor eye bags when you have

                                                      allergies since these can cause swelling of the

                                                      mucous membranes and sinus tissues including the

                                                      area around the eyes.

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Ailments like hyperthyroidism can also affect the appearance of the eye bags. Another factor is the

fluctuations in hormone levels that occur every month which can make eye bags look bigger or smaller.

Finally, fatigue, tiredness and absence of enough amounts of sleep can make you have eye bags too.

Increased levels of fatigue can influence how the skin will regenerate and heal. Your skin may become

less resilient and those under-eye bags could hang around for a while. Since you now know what

activities can contribute to the appearance of eye bags, you also know what activities to defer from.

                                                        But if just can't avoid these activities, you can just

                                                        at least do these steps to just eliminate these eye

                                                        bags. First, never ever sleep on your back without

                                                        a pillow. A pillow will elevate your head while

                                                        sleeping, which will avoid puffiness when you are

                                                        naturally prone to water retention in your eyes.

                                                        Another easy way is to just get enough sleep. If

                                                        you are fond of applying creams, you can opt to

                                                        put   humidifying     cream    in   the   eye    area.

                                                        Bagsundereyes info helps in keeping yourself

                                                        away from stress and doing eye gymnastics.

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