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The Shared Ministry Newsletter July 2011                                     Volume 23 Issue 47

  The United Courier
  Reminder—Church Services are at 9:00 a.m. in the
            Conference Room for the summer.
  July 04—Closed—for Independence Day-No office or
                  community hours.
  July 09—Common Ground Café—9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
  July 30—Common Ground Café—9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
             FROM THE PASTOR                       secondary emotion. It covers a deeper,
On Sunday, May 22nd, 26 members of our             more primary emotion. Do your best to
Shared Ministry family spent the morning in        identify the primary emotion. Perhaps it’s
spirited conversation – engaging in a              loss (after all, we’ve experienced much
focused brainstorming session under the            loss!). And expressing the loss is much
able facilitation of Chris Finnegan, a friend of   more helpful than expressing the anger in
Anita Stabile. Some of the topics covered          developing a more intimate relationship.
were these: The Shared Ministry’s
uniqueness, our Worship, our relationships         Greet them with curiosity and respect. Ask
with one another within our Shared Ministry        them why they’re Unitarians and why they’ve
family, and our relationships with those           decided to take up residence at 16th and
beyond our Shared Ministry family. Through         Market.
our conversation, we came to some
common agreement on such things as                 Greet them with humility. We don’t have the
providing altar flowers; identifying the           edge on truth. We can learn from them.
activities we want to continue (the
Community Hours [w/ clothing bank], the            Greet them with the acknowledgement that
twice-a-month Community Breakfasts,                they hold many of core values which we
summer day camp, and the prayer chain);            hold dear: love, care and compassion,
and identifying the new activities we want to      community, mutual respect, justice, peace,
begin.                                             etc. Sharing these values has the potential
                                                   to create a strengthened sense of mutual
Not surprisingly, it became very clear to          trust, respect, and understanding – for those
those of us gathered that what we most             in our two congregations, and, for those
needed to start was to establish closer            within the wider Allison Hill community.
relationships with those in the Unitarian
congregation. After all, our uniqueness as         Nurturing these relationships can be the key
The Shared Ministry is our ecumenical spirit       to a remarkable ministry at the corner of 16th
– our shared faith backgrounds. That’s what        and Market – a ministry we began, and a
sets us apart from other churches. It’s            ministry we can help continue. As your
happening nowhere else around. Now I’m             Pastor, I cherish this time with you.
aware that we have many mixed feelings
about the Unitarians buying and sharing ‘our
building.’ The feelings are much like those
who are year-round residents in tourist
destinations. They need the tourists for their
livelihood, and yet – they’re a pain in the         LETTER FROM UNITARIAN MINISTER
neck! It’s a pain in the neck to have to share     Dear Members of The Shared Ministry,
space that used to be ‘ours’ with a much
larger, active group of people, and yet – they     As some of you already know, the
saved our life!!! If the Unitarians hadn’t         chandeliers in the sanctuary are being
purchased ‘our building,’ The Shared               cleaned and the crosses on them are being
Ministry wouldn’t be here today. So, in            removed. Please know that this is not being
establishing closer relationships with the         done with any disrespect for your cherished
Unitarians (a task that is difficult for many of   symbol; in fact, many in our Unitarian
us), let me make some suggestions:                 Universalist fellowship cherish this symbol
                                                   as well. However, as a religious body
Greet them with gratitude. Say ‘thank you’         encompassing many backgrounds, there are
to them. After all, they saved our life!           some within our group for whom the cross is
                                                   an obstacle to their belief system. We are
Greet them with an open heart. If anger            wanting to make that beautiful sanctuary
gets in your way, remember: anger is a             space as religious-symbol-neutral as
possible – looking forward to a time when
Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and others are
as comfortable there as both you and we
are. Just as the Fellowship Hall in our
shared building is a common space for
everyone, we want this sanctuary to be
equally welcoming.

I know this is difficult for many of you; I                PERSONS IN OUR PRAYERS
appreciate your understanding and patience.        On Thursday evening, May 26, a terrible
In due time, there will be other modifications     storm ripped through Central Pennsylvania.
to the sanctuary and elsewhere in the              Former Pastor, Bill Rader, writes: “A
building as well. Change is what a church          tornado hit in our town (Dauphin), and the
does to meet the needs of the times. I’m           most damaged house was ours. We had to
glad we are fellow travelers on this road.         be evacuated in the middle of the night – a
                                                   process that took about seven hours and
Warmest regards, Howard                            twenty men with chain saws. We’re very
Rev. Howard N. Dana                                thankful to be alive, having missed being
Unitarian Church of Harrisburg                     pinned under the wreckage by only a
                                                   second. We’re staying at my brother’s home
                                                   not far away. We do not know if, or when,
                                                   we can get back into our home, the
                 BUILDING USE                      ancestral family center. We’ve received
Brian Kahler, a member of the Unitarian            much support. It’s just a small taste of what
Church who is involved in many of the things       people in Joplin have experienced.” Bill and
that occur in our Market Street facility, has      Clara, we hold you in our hearts and
compiled a list of all the activities which have   prayers! Judi Shepler is progressing
occurred in the building since the Unitarians      steadily from surgery she had on May 24th;
purchased the building in 2009. It is an           Jamie Wright has recently been diagnosed
astounding list – seven pages long! Some           with ovarian cancer; Al and Betty Sites’ son,
of these activities have occurred through the      Albert, who has been critically ill for the past
efforts of The Shared Ministry, some have          several weeks in Richmond, Virginia may
occurred through the efforts of the Unitarian      soon be discharged from the hospital to
Church, and some have occurred through             rehab or home! In addition to these
the efforts of our two congregations               persons, please continue to pray for
together. Many of you have already seen            Natashia Zabriskie, Kathy Williams and her
this list. If you have not, you may secure the     husband, Patrick Martin, and Gene Clark
list by calling the Church Office (232-0877).      (who has recently been experiencing
                                                   vertigo). We rejoice with Jim Porrett and
                                                   Mae Everhart who announced in Worship on
                                                   June 5th that they are getting married!

                                                                 GIFT RECEIVED
           SUMMER SCHEDULE                         Dorothy Brown, a member of The Shared
Beginning on Sunday, June 19th, and                Ministry, who died on May 20, 2010, made
throughout the duration of the summer, we          provision in her Will for The Shared Ministry
will worship downstairs at 9:00 a.m.               to receive $1,000. That gift was recently
                                                   received and we are grateful.
The 2011 budget, which was approved by
the congregation on December 5, 2010,
relies heavily on the offerings and
contributions of members and friends. In
fact, $1,274 is needed each week from
these sources. In the month of May this is
what was received:
                                                 JULY BIRTHDAYS
                                                 02 – Carl Smith
May 1 - $869                                     03 – Kathy Williams-Martin
May 8 - $677                                     06 – Edna Werntz
May 15 - $985                                    13 – Jeff Stoner
May 22 - $745                                    28 – John Hoch
May 29 - $1575                                   30 – Rev. Bill Rader

              PASTOR’S FUND                      JULY USHERS
The Pastor’s Fund is a fund which can be         1st Sunday – Emma Miller, Virginia Crews
used by the Pastor, at his discretion, to help   2nd Sunday – Pam Barndt, Marchel Barndt
meet some of the critical needs of members       3rd Sunday – Ann Marie Van Dyke, Joanne
of the congregation, and, persons in the         Edmondson
neighborhood. It is funded by the                4th Sunday – Betty Scheetz, Kay Huber
contributions of The Shared Ministry             5th Sunday—Tyrone Beard, Anita Stabile
members and friends, and, by $500 per
month which is transferred from the church’s
General Account to the Pastor’s Fund.            JULY LAY READERS
(Some of this $500 is used to provide            03 –Ann Marie Vandyke
leadership for our Community Hours.) In          10 – Kay Huber
May, $1,135 was expended from this Fund          17 – Virginia Crews
as follows:                                      24– Judi Shepler
                                                 31—Betty Scheetz
  (incl purchase of bus tickets):   $586.50      FLOWER CALENDAR
Misc.:                              $238.50      The 2011 flower calendar is at the back of
Community Hrs Ldrship:              $180         the sanctuary. Please sign up if you wish to
Rent:                               $ 50         place flowers on the altar in memory, honor,
Medical:                            $ 41         birthday, wedding, or anniversary of a loved
Utilities:                          $ 39         one. The cost remains $26.00 for the two
                                                 vases. Checks should be made payable to
                                                 The Shared Ministry and the flowers are
                                                 yours to take following the morning service.
            POINT TO PONDER
For me, the different religions are beautiful    JULY ALTAR FLOWERS DONATED BY:
flowers from the same garden, or they are        03 – Anita Stabile
branches of the same majestic tree.              10 – Mae Everhart
Therefore, they are equally true, though         17 – OPEN
being received and interpreted through           24 – OPEN
human instruments equally imperfect.             31 – Gene Clark
- Mahatma Gandhi
                                                   What is your favorite scripture passage?

                                                   “John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that
                                                   He gave His only begotten son, that
                                                   whosoever believeth in Him should not
                                                   perish, but have everlasting life.”
                                                   ~David Walker
Whenever we think of flowers here at The           “Psalms 146” ~Betty Sites
Shared Ministry, we think of Elly Acri – and –
it’s no wonder… Elly began taking care of          “John 3:16” ~Martha Sweigard
the altar flowers at Fourth Church in 1953!
In 1979, when The Shared Ministry was              “The Lord’s Prayer” ~Joan Hoch
formed, she and Grace Reed alternated
months until the Park Street building was          “Romans 8: 38-39 – Nothing can separate
sold. Grace relinquished her involvement           us from the love of God.” ~Jody
then, and Elly resumed this responsibility –       Edmondson
continuing until the present time!!! At our
May 22nd Story Boarding session, we                “Faith without works is dead.” ~Pat Allen
developed ways of relieving Elly of her
duties, and at our Service of Worship on           “Revelation 2:10b, "Be faithful unto death,
July 3rd, we will officially say ‘Thank You’ for   and I will give you the crown of life.” ~Rick
her many, many years of faithful service.          Strahl

                                                   "Behold, I can make all things new."
                                                   (Somewhere in Ecclesiastes) ~Ann Van

                                                   What are your hobbies?

                                                   “Reading and baseball (Phillies and
                                                   Yankees)” ~John Hoch
                                                   “Reading, knitting, traveling” ~Sharon
Even though we all gather on Sundays for           Herrold
worship, one hour a week isn’t really enough
time to really get to know each other.             “Eating.” ~Anita Stabile
Hopefully, this new section of the Courier
can provide some insight into each other’s         “Reading, listening to music, watching
lives and help us become even better               movies” ~Gary Brown
                                                   “Reading and knitting” ~Betty Scheetz
A set of questions was originally sent via
email. If you would like a copy of the             “Guitar, dogs, gardening, bicycling, hiking”
questions to answer, please contact Jen            ~Mike Allen
Cramer at or 331-
0322. In the next few months, several              “Driving roadsters, boating, fishing” ~Tom
members have volunteered to call those             Herrold
who do not have email, so stay tuned for
more questions and even more answers!

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