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Occupational Safety and Health - PDF


									                                 Occupational Safety
                                 and Health   RESOURCE LIST
This resource list contains references to Federal, State, and local government agencies as well as private
organizations that offer information resources related to the occupational safety and health objectives of HEALTHY
PEOPLE 2000. Because many States have adopted their own year 2000 objectives, you may wish to contact your
State health department for additional information.

  Occupational Safety and Health              Federal and National Information Sources
                                              U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH                       U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
LEAD AGENCY:                                  AND HUMAN SERVICES                              Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Centers for Disease Control               Public Health Service                           Office of Safety, Health,
            and Prevention                                                                    and Working Conditions
                                              Centers for Disease Control
   National Institute for Occupational                                                        2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE
                                              and Prevention
           Safety and Health                                                                  Room 3180
                                              Public Inquiries                                Washington, DC 20212
        4676 Columbia Parkway                 1600 Clifton Road, NE
         Cincinnati, OH 45226                                                                 (202)606-6180
                                              Mailstop A23
            (800)35-NIOSH                                                                     Provides occupational injury rates by
                                              Atlanta, GA 30333
             (513)533-8573                                                                    industry and historical fatality data.
YEAR 2000 OBJECTIVES                          (404)639-1537 FAX                               Occupational Safety and
lReduce work-related injury deaths            Refers inquiries from the public and profes-    Health Administration
                                              sionals to the appropriate area at CDC.         200 Constitution Avenue, NW
lReduce work-related injuries
                                              National Institute for Occupational             Room N-3647
lReduce cumulative trauma disorders                                                           Washington, DC 20210
                                              Safety and Health
lReduce occupational skin disorders                                                           (202)219-8151
                                              Office of the Director
lReduce hepatitis B infections                Humphrey Building                               (202)219-5986 FAX (Queries)
lIncrease worksite occupant protection        Room 715-H                                      (202)219-9266 FAX (Publications)
 system mandates                              Washington, DC 20201                            (202)219-4784 Electronic Bulletin Board
lReduce occupational noise exposure           (202)401–6997                                   Encourages employers and employees to
lEliminate occupational lead exposure         Provides information on occupational safety     reduce workplace hazards and to implement
lIncrease hepatitis B immunizations           and health issues and single copies of          safety programs. Maintains a reporting and
                                              NIOSH publications. Publications list           record-keeping system to monitor job-related
lImplement State occupational health
 and safety plans                             available. Maintains the Registry of Toxic      injuries and illnesses. Develops and enforces
                                              Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS), a       mandatory job safety and health standards
lEstablish standards to prevent
 occupational lung disease                    numerical database of toxicity data for         and distributes training programs. Distributes
                                              125,000 chemicals, and NIOSHTIC, a data-        print and audiovisual materials; some in
lIncrease worksite health and
                                              base of materials covering the field of occu-   Spanish. Publications list available. Call for
 safety programs
                                              pational safety and health, available online    electronic product information.
lIncrease worksite back injury preven-
 tion and rehabilitation programs             and on CD-ROM.
lEstablish State programs to assist           Office of Information
 small businesses with worker safety          4676 Columbia Parkway
 and health programs                          Cincinnati, OH 45226-1998
lIncrease primary care providers’             (800)35–NIOSH                                                         l
 assessment of occupational health            Provides information on secondhand                    HEALTHY PEOPLE 2000 is a
 exposures                                    smoke and other occupational safety and          national initiative to improve the
lReduce work-related homicides to             health problems.                                 health of all Americans through
 no more than 0.5 per 100,000                 .                                                    prevention. It is driven by
lReduce the mortality rates for                                                                300 specific national objectives
 byssinosis, asbestosis, coal workers’                                                         targeted for achievement by the
 pneumoconiosis, and silicosis                                                                 year 2000. HEALTHY PEOPLE 2000's
lEstablish formal smoking policies                                                               overall goals are to: increase
 in all worksites
                                                                                                the span of healthy life, reduce
lEnact nationwide comprehensive                                                                    health disparities among
 laws on clean indoor air
                                                                                               Americans, and achieve access
lReduce the number of States with                                                                   to preventive services.
 preemptive clean indoor air laws
1995                                This report is in the public domain. Duplication is encouraged.                        Priority Area 10
NATIONAL SOURCES                                  National Safety Council
                                                                                                         Federal Data Sources
                                                  1121 Spring Lake Drive
American Industrial Hygiene Association           Itasca, IL 60143-3201
2700 Prosperity Avenue                                                                                  Centers for Disease Control
Suite 250                                                                                               and Prevention
Fairfax, VA 22031-4307                                                                                  National Center for
                                                  (708)285-0797 FAX
(703)849-8888                                                                                           Infectious Diseases
                                                  Works to increase safety and improve the
(703)207-3561 FAX                                                                                       1600 Clifton Road, NE
                                                  occupational health of the American people.
Dedicated to protecting worker and commu-                                                               Mailstop D29
                                                  Its Safety Training Institute offers courses in
nity health and safety. Publishes monthly                                                               Atlanta, GA 30333
                                                  industrial hygiene, safety training techniques,
journal, newsletter, and various technical                                                              (404)639-3794
                                                  and other related topics. Offers educational
publications; cosponsors large annual confer-     activities and develops special programs for          National Institute for
ence and exposition; and offers laboratory        groups such as older adults, youth, bicycle           Occupational Safety and Health
accreditation and testing program. Informa-       riders, farm workers, drivers, and boaters.           4676 Columbia Parkway
tional pamphlets on various health and safety     Publications catalog of print and audiovisual         Cincinnati, OH 45226
topics are available.                             materials available.                                  (800)35-NIOSH
Industrial Health Foundation                                                                            (513)533-8573
                                                  Public Health Foundation
34 Penn Circle West                               1220 L Street, NW                                     National Center for Health
Pittsburgh, PA 15206                              Suite 350                                             Statistics
(412)363-6600                                     Washington, DC 20005                                  Healthy People 2000 Staff
Membership association of industrial firms        (202)898-5600                                         6525 Belcrest Road, Room 770
seeking to advance healthful working condi-       (202)898-5609 FAX                                     Hyattsville, MD 20782
tions in industry. Publishes abstracts of         Monitors public health activities and facili-         (301)436-3548
industrial health literature. Publications list   tates exchange of information between public
available.                                        health agencies. Maintains computerized               Office of Disease Prevention
                                                  annual data on health department funding,             and Health Promotion
National Consumers League
                                                  programs, and expenditures, including infor-          Healthy People 2000 Staff
815 15th Street, NW
                                                  mation on occupational safety and health              330 C Street, SW, Room 2132
Suite 928                                                                                               Washington, DC 20201
Washington, DC 20005                              activities relating to a number of infectious
                                                  diseases. Information services include an-            (202)205-8583
(202)737-2164 FAX                                 swering data-related inquiries, special analy-        U.S. Department of Labor
(202)347-3189 National Fraud Information          ses, and publication dissemination. Services          Bureau of Labor Statistics
  Center Bulletin Board System                    are primarily for public health policymakers          2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE
(202)638-7378 Community-Based Health              and researchers. Call for electronic product          Room 3180
  Link Bulletin Board System                      information.                                          Washington, DC 20212
Cooperates with State- and university-based       Society for Occupational and                          (202)606-6180
consumer organizations to work on issues          Environmental Health                                  Occupational Safety
affecting American consumers, including           6728 Old McLean Village Drive                         and Health Administration
safety in the workplace. Publications list        McLean, VA 22101                                      200 Constitution Avenue, NW
available.                                        (703)556-9222                                         Room N-3647
                                                  (703)556-8729 FAX                                     Washington, DC 20210
  State and Local Sources                         Serves as a forum for the presentation of             (202)523-8151
                                                  scientific data and the exchange of informa-
  Look in your telephone directory for            tion among occupational and environmental
  such listings as:                               health professionals in government, industry,
  l State and local chapters of                   labor, and academia with the aim of reducing
    national organizations                        the risks of occupational and environmental
                                                  hazards. Facilitates this communication
  l State and local health departments
                                                  through The Archives of Environmental
  l Telephone hotlines                            Health and by sponsoring an annual
  l Local libraries                               conference.

                                                                                For General Information on HEALTHY PEOPLE 2000:
                                                                                Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion,
                                                                                U.S. Public Health Service, 330 C Street, SW, Room 2132,
                                                                                Washington, DC 20201; (202)205-8583.
                                                                                For Healthy People 2000 Publications:
                                                                                Please write to ODPHP National Health Information Center,
                                                                                P.O. Box 1133, Washington, DC 20013-1133.
                                                                                Inclusion in this listing does not imply endorsement by the Public
                                                                                Health Service or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

                                                                                                                                   Priority Area 10

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