GROUP PROJECT

Your group must create a country and place it somewhere in the world. Using the list of
items on the next page, you must create all of the information about your country. You
can divide this task up any way that will be most beneficial to your group.

Your group will give a 5 to 10 minute presentation to the class about your country. Your
presentation must include at least 1 visual aid but may include more. Along with the
visual aid, you must also create a travel brochure that could be handed out to someone
looking for a vacation spot. The classroom computers may be used for this.

Your group grade will be based on the following:

               Visual aid                    15 points
               Complete information          20 points
               Group participation           25 points (includes the worksheet
               Group presentation            40 points

Your individual grade will be based on the following:

               Work in class                 50 points
               Presentation                  40 points
               Complete information          10 points

Visual aid must be poster board size, neat, accurate, easy to see and must not contain
more than 15 words. The travel brochure must be limited to one page but you can use the
front and back of the page. Travel brochure must include pictures.

Your group will receive a separate grade on the travel brochure worth 100 points.

Deadlines:         Dec. 5      Brief description of country in writing
                   Dec. 6      Group worksheet
                   Dec. 8      Travel brochure and visual aid sketches
                   Dec. 11     Group presentations begin

If you are absent the day your group presents their country, you will need to schedule a
separate time with me to give your part of the presentation. Your individual grade will
count as 50% of your semester exam.

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