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									                                        Poetry Projects for English 9-Mrs. St.Clair

                                      In groups of 4 select a role from the list
                                      below. The roles will provide a division of
                                      duties to be sure everyone takes part in the
                                      action. You will create a poster or posters with
                                      each of the following roles. A creative
                                      presentation is needed—posters with
                                      definitions and examples of each. Along with
                                      these posters, you will need to present a
                                      compiled paper that will show the work that
                                      each of you have done along with the sources
                                      that you have used. Use the MLA FORMAT.



                                    Role Descriptions

Meter Master: during this assignment you will become the expert on the
rhythm and rhyme of poetry

Elements Eclectic: the various poetic elements employed to establish a
desired affect will be your domain of expertise

Stylist Supreme: The way a poem is put together says a lot and as the
expert stylist you will become familiar with the different structures a poem
can take

                                 Project I : Literary Guide
Meter Master: find definitions for the following types of meter and rhyme in
poetry. Explain each in your own words and give a 1 or 2 line example of
each from a poem. BE SURE to include the author's name after the example
for proper citation. After giving definitions and examples give a 1 page
summary on why rhyme and meter are important to poetry. Hint: go to
some of the listening websites to get ideas.

Anapestic, Ballad Stanza, Blank Verse, Ceasura, Dactylic, Enjambment, Free
Verse, Heroic Couplet, Iambic Pentameter, Meter, Rhyme Scheme, Rhythm,
Scanning, Spenserian Stanza, Stanza, Terza Rima, and Trochee

 Elements Eclectic: find definitions for the following poetic elements. Give
a 1 or 2 line example of each and explain in your own words why the
example fits the definition. BE SURE to include the author's name after the
example for proper citation. After giving the definitions and examples give a
1 page summary on how the use of poetic elements can affect poem.

Alliteration, Ambiguity, Analogy, Assonance, Connotation, Diction, Extended
Metaphor, Imagery, Irony, Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Oxymoron, Paradox,
Personification, Sarcasm, Simile, Symbolism, and Tone

 Stylist Supreme: find definitions for each type of poem listed below. Give
an example of each style (you will need to include the whole poem since
overall structure defines the style) and explain why the example fits the
definition. Exception: for the epic simply give a title of one and the author,
then summarize what the poem is about and why it fits the definition. BE
SURE to include the author's name after the example for proper citation.

Aubade, Ballad, Concrete Poetry, Confessional Poem, English Sonnet, Epic,
Epigram, Free Verse, Haiku, Italian Sonnet, Limerick, Lyric, Ode, Sestina,
Shakespearean Sonnet, and Symbolic Poem

All Roles: Explore the following sites to discover definitions and examples
As you discover your definitions and example put them into a word
document. When the whole group is finished merge the documents by
cutting and pasting into a single document. Email the document to me in an
attachment. Before moving to the next project check for my comments on
any corrections that need to be made:
                                          Evaluation Rubric

                 Beginning 1          Developing       Very Good                 Exemplary 4             Score
                                          2                3
Reference      Some terms left            Terms and        Terms, definitions      All the terms and      30
 Guide            out. Some             definitions all     and examples are         definitions are
              definitions are left   present. explained.     all present. The          present and
                  out. Some             Examples are          examples are        correct. Examples
              examples left out.           present.        explained but may        are provided for
               Some examples           Explanations of       not be precise.       every term with a
              are not explained       examples may be       Corrections were       clear explanation
               Corrections are             unclear.        made but may not            of how the
                   needed.            Corrections were        be completely       example shows the
                                       made but some               right             definition. No
                                       may not yet be                                corrections are
                                           precise.                                      needed.
  Roving            There are          All 12 examples       All 12 examples        All 12 examples       30
  Raving          examples and       are present. Poetic   are present. Poetic    are present. Poetic
Review- 12      identified poetic        devices are             devices are           devices are
examples of   devices but not the         identified              identified            identified
   poetic     required number of      including at least    including at least     including at least
 language      12 examples with       10 different ones.   10 different ones.      10 different ones.
    with           10 different         There may be        The examples all       The examples all
  Analysis       devices shown.      examples that lack             have a                have a
                   Not all the         paraphrasing or         paraphrasing           paraphrasing
                examples have a            analysis.           statement and         statement and
                paraphrase with                              analysis, though       analysis, that is
                    analysis                                 this may not be      clear and accurate.
                                                            clearly explained
                                                               or completely
Individual    There were poems         All 5 poems are       All 5 poems are        All 5 poems are       30
   Poem        contributed to the        present with           present with          present with
Creation 5    group portfolio but      analysis, the the       analysis. The          analysis. The
 required      not the required 5     later may not be       poems include 3        poems include 3
   with       and / or there were     clear. The poems      different areas of     different areas of
 analysis           anyalysis        may not represent       style and rhyme        style and rhyme
                   statements         3 different styles      scheme and 10          scheme and 10
                    missing.              and rhyme        different elements      different elements
                                        schemes, or 10          over all. The         over all. The
                                     different elements.    analysis may not       analysis is correct
                                                            be be completely         and complete.
  Peer        Some, but maybe       Provided all terms, Provided all terms, Provided all terms,   10
Evaluation   not all of the terms          definitions,      definitions,       definitions,
              and definitions of         examples and      examples and        examples and
             assigned role were        explanations for    explanations.    explanations. Did
              completed. Some       role. May not have   Made all needed         all needed
                help given to             done needed       corrections.        corrections.
             gather examples of     corrections leaving   Gathered poetic     Gathered poetic
               poetic language       group mates to do   language and did         language
               but not much or          it. Helped with required analysis. examples, helping
             did not help much         gathering poetic        Offered        to analyze and
               with analysis or       language but did suggestions but not      create Word
              Word production.          not help much        always in a         document.
             Did not give much       with analysis and supportive manner,     Participated in
              help in preparing      Word production.       help produce     creating porfolio.
               publication. Did              Offered        portfolio but    was friendly and
                   not offer           suggestions for         resented        supportive to
               suggestions for      problem solving or    interacting with     group mates.
             problem solving or      improving project          group.
             improving project.        but did not help
               May have been                much to
             continually rude to      implement ideas.
               group members.        May have refused
                                       to interact with
                                       group members.
                                          Total Score: 100%
                                                                    Walking in a Poet’s Shoes

                                                           Welcome students! You are about to
                                                           embark on an adventure into a world of
                                                           poetry. You will be stepping into a
                                                           journey of seeing poetry through the poet's
                                                           shoes. However, like Cinderella's glass
                                                           slipper only one shoe is right for you. In
                                                           order to find the right fit, you will be
                                                           trying on many different shoes. We will be
                                                           exploring a variety of poets and their
                                                           poems to find a poet whose writing has
                                                           special meaning for you.

 During this adventure, you will study various works of poetry from various poets, this will help you to
  write your own poetry and gather ideas that will help you find the best way for you to present your
  poetry to the class. You will have the opportunity to watch videos of poets presenting their work or
reading their work, as well as to visit some more poetry nights. It is up to you to figure out the the best
                             method for performing your poem for the class.
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