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                               SEO Blogging Tips

Why Do You Need A Premium Theme?
 With the recent changes in Google Algo, Page Speed
  has become a very important aspect of SEO.
 You are never sure about the coding standards of a free
 Free Themes are often not well optimized for search
 There is hardly any support for free themes.
 Free themes are used by many bloggers so your blog
  look like one of them (No Uniqueness).
 Not very customization friendly.
Why Do You Need A Premium Theme?
 Not easy to add additional functionality.
 You cannot change the layout and design if you are
  changing the topic of your blog.
 Images are not well optimized.
 Can’t add image slider and slideshows in free themes.
 Not easy to add thumbnail images.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes
 Elegant themes is the most affordable theme club.

 Elegant themes are backed by Money Back Guarantee.

 Elegant themes provide more than 70 themes at $39

 Elegant themes are very well optimized for page load

Elegant Theme USP’s
 Elegant themes are backed with very good support.

 Elegant themes club provide theme for every topic or

 If you are internet marketer or want to start a question
 & answer blog, there is theme for you.

Elegant Themes USP’s
 Elegant theme provide ready to use themes so you
 don’t have to waste your time on customization.

 You can control each and everything related to your
 blog from a easy to use ePanel.

 You can add buttons, content box, tabbed content etc.

Elegant Theme USP’s
 You can add rating box and testimonials to your blog if
 you are using inReview theme from elegant themes.

 You can add custom list, pricing table, dropcaps and
 quotes to further add punch to your site.

 You can also add password protection to your
 individual content.

Elegant Theme USP’s
 If you use some other theme then you will have to
 spend at least $100 on purchasing plugins to do all of
 those things which are mentioned here.

 You get them in free with elegant themes.

 Adding additional plugins not only adds up to your
 cost but also increases the page load time which means
 reduced SEO.

 Elegant themes are the best theme for bloggers who
 don’t want to play with their theme at code level.

 Elegant themes are best for small businesses who are
 going to set up a blog to promote their business
 because they will get a ready made theme for their
 niche and they can control each and every aspect of it.

 Elegant Themes are perfect for those who are looking
  for “Value for Money” wordpress premium theme.

 Elegant theme leave more money on table which can
  be used to purchase additional resources like plugins.

 Elegant themes come with money back guarantee so
  you can always ask for refund if you are not getting
  what you expected.

 You have to pay only $39 for more than 70 themes per

 You can play with all the themes for first year, select
  your favorite theme and then leave the club. You still
  get to keep the theme you are using, so you get all the
  options and no worries.

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Description: Elegant Themes are best wordpress themes available. They are the most affordable wp theme clubs with lots of options. You can try all the themes in just $39 with money back guarantee. These themes are easy to customize and well optimize for your blogs or site performance.