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To demonstrate what we have learned about working with maps, you will be
creating a map of a country of your creation. You are free to create this
country in any fashion, but the following is required:

     A map title and your name
     A key (or legend) explaining the symbols you have used
     A compass rose – use cardinal and intermediate directions
     A scale bar showing distance
     An inset map or locator globe
     At least ten different natural landforms
     At least five important man made landmarks such as a dam, airport, or train station
     At least five named cities –
     Lines of latitude and longitude neatly labeled on the side (I recommend
      not drawing a complete grid across the map – detracts from the
      appearance) remember to label latitude lines either N or S hemisphere
      and the longitude lines should be labeled either E or W hemisphere
     A capital city (represented by a star on the map and in the key)
     A city named Titanville that is 400 miles away from the capital city
     On a separate piece of notebook paper –
              Name (first and last)
              S.S. period
              My Map Information

      1. List the five cities and their latitude and longitude
      2. Write a paragraph (at least four sentences) that explains where a large population of
         people would be most likely to settle and thrive in your country, give reasons why the
         area you chose would work for a large population, consider climate, elevation of the
         land, water sources, nearby farmland, transportation, …

This project should represent your best possible effort. Quality will be
expected. The final product will include color (different colors should be
explained in the key), be legible, and include all required elements.
Remember the elements of quality we have discussed – rulers for straight
lines, outlining, directional coloring, no white space, neatness, go over any
pencil marks with a blue or black fine tip marker or ink pen, spelling for

Due Friday, October 5th.

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