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					            How To Get the Most out of the
              2007 Polk County Schools
             Classroom Technology Fair
           21 Questions to ask about Desktop Cameras
1. What type of head does the camera have (flexible gooseneck or more rigid style)?
2. Does it have built-in lights? Can they light from below as well as above?
3. Does it have a platform on which to place objects?
4. Are there attachments for the camera head to enable specialized use like connection to
5. Will it film vertical as well as horizontal objects?
6. Does the camera also function as a switcher for other a/v devices? (in other words, do
other devices connect to the camera so you can display them on your projector without
having to switch cables?)
7. If so, what types of devices and how many devices can be connected to it?
8. How many and what types of output jacks does the camera have.?
9. Does it have both audio/video jacks and RGB/VGA jacks so the camera can be
connected to a VCR, a TV, and a projector?
10. Does the camera include a way to minimize glare?
11. What are the camera’s output resolutions?
12. What is its imaging resolution in megapixels?
13. Is the camera focused electronically or manually?
14. Is the brightness adjusted manually, electronically, or both?
15. Is the zoom adjusted manually or electronically?
16. Is the white balance adjusted manually or automatically?
17. Can images be captured to a computer and how is this accomplished?
18. How portable is the camera?
19. Does the camera have a built-in microphone or the jack for an external one?
20. Does the camera come with annotation software so you can write electronically on
top of images using your computer mouse or comparable device?
21. Does the camera come with a storage media slot like SD, Compact Flash, etc.

Advice:Captain Video says that it wise to know how you will be using your camera before
purchasing one. Science lab use is distinctly different from English class or media center

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