County Research Project by ls723a4r


									                                County Research Project

In an effort to help deepen your understanding of the state of Washington, you will be
doing a focused research project on a specific county. This research will coincide with
what we will be learning in the classroom as a whole. The first 5 assignments will be
done as an individual focusing on one specific county. The final component will be a
collection of 2 to 3 counties put together to create a regional tourism project. A small
amount of class time will be allowed to work on these, but 80% of it will be homework.
The project is worth a total of 300 points. Grades will be determined based on final
product quality. Pencil is not acceptable. All work must be original and not just copied
from other sources.

County ____________________

   1.      Map – A hand created detailed map of your county. This map needs to
           include all major roads, parks, bodies of water or rivers, the county seat,
           significant landforms, historic landmarks, Native American reservations and
           all communities larger than 50 people.
                Due (          )      (50 points)

   2.      Native American Poster – A small poster that highlights the tribes in your
           county and includes at least 5 aspects of their culture such as clothing,
           housing, games, family structure, art, etc. Use pictures and brief written
           descriptions to highlight these aspects.
              Due (           )        (50 points)

   3.      Government Flow Chart – A flow chart that shows the elected officials of
           your county, the offices they hold and a description of the jobs they complete
           for the people of this county.
                Due (          )      (50 points)

   4.      Historical Timeline – A timeline of the major historical events of your county
           with small graphics to highlight some of the events. At least 15 items and 5
           pictures are expected for an average grade. This needs to be an actual
           timeline and not a list of dates and events.
               Due (          )        (50 points)

   5.      Economic Activities Poster – A poster that promotes the major industries in
           your county. Create it to bring people to the area due to the businesses
           created by these industries. Grading based on neatness, graphics and
              Due (           )       (30 points)

   6.      Final Tourism Project – You will be joining other counties that share
           significant similarities with your county to produce a promotion for your
           region. This will highlight the major parts of the regions based on the
           research you have done previously. This promotion will take the form of a
           video, power point, radio commercial, brochure, magazine or another media
           (get approval of the teacher). This will be shared with the class in a 10
           minute presentation. No posters please.
               Due (            )       (60 points)

   7.      Works Cited Page – Keep a list of all sources that you use to complete the
           above requirements. This will be turned in with your final tourism group
               Due (       )       (10 points)

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