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					                          FOUNDATION PLAN PREPARATION CHECK LIST

D e s c r i p ti o n :
D i s t:                 C o u n ty :                         R o ute :              PM:
EA:                                               D a te :

Bridge Name and Number:

____ Properly formatted sheet
____ All signatures entered
____ Name of Structure
____ Bridge Number and Post Mile
____ District, County and route
____ Expenditure Authorization number
____ Site to be placed towards upper left corner of drawing
____ North Arrow placed in upper right corner
____ Control lines and name designations. Control line should be the darkest line on the drawing.
____ Stationing
____ Bearings
____ BC and EC stationing of curve with bearing of tangent or radial
____ Curve data on the inside of curve
____ Line intersection stationing
____ Topography
____ Name and direction of nearest cities
____ Names of streets and streams
____ Horizontal and vertical location of bridges to be widened
____ Utilities ( Type, Size and owner)
____ Type of roadway surface
____ Types of rails (MBGR etc.)
____ Pipe sizes and flow line elevations
____ Railroad crossing numbers
____ Hydraulic data near lower right corner
                   Magnitude, frequency, and pertinent water surface elevations for the following:
                             Design flood
                             Base flood
                             Overtopping flood
                             Flood of record if available
____ Water surface elevation and date
____ Show survey monuments if within the site
____ source and date of survey
____ Bench Marks: Two preferred with information in lower left corner
____ Datum : NGVD, District, etc.
____ Scale
____ Alignment ties
____ Drawing Number in lower right corner

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