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                                  Of Narcotic Anonymous
                                       May 19, 2012
                                    St Alban’s Church

Opening: The Area Service Committee was called to order by the Chair at 1:30 p.m. with a
moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.
Newcomers to ASC: Eddie and John from H.O.W. We Recover
Readings:       Twelve Traditions – read by Brandi
                Twelve Concepts – read by Serina
                Purpose, Function, and Responsibilities of ASC -- read by Eddie
                NA World’s Service Vision -- read by Edward
Acceptance of Minutes: April 21, 2012. It was moved by Jason, seconded by Jodie, to accept
the April minutes as printed. There were no objections. The April minutes was accepted.
Roll Call: See attachment at the end of the minutes. Nineteen GSR’s were in attendance. A
quorum was met. Total attendance was 26.
Nomination and Election: Open positions - Co-Secretary, H & I Chair, Literature chair, and
Activity Chair.
Tina G, of Bay City was nominated for Activity Chair. She has three and half years clean, Unity
is her home group, and she has a sponsor. She is working the steps. She has served on the
Activity Committee in the past and is currently serving on the Retreat committee. She has
creative ideas, and likes entertainment. She has the willingness to serve the fellowship.
Vanessa M. of Midland was nominated for Activity Chair. She has two years clean, is the GSR
of HOW, has a sponsor and is working the steps. She also sponsors sponsees. She stated she has
nine committed people to help with the committee responsibilities.
Sandy R. was nominated for Literature Chair. Sandy stated her qualifications. She has served on
the Literature committee and is Alt GSR of New Awakenings.
It was also stated we will need nominations for RCM and Alternate RCM whose position starts
in July. Please have interested members attend the June meeting. Clean time requirements are
two years for RCM and one year for Alternate RCM. Also the ability to travel around the state
for meetings is a requirement.
Group Reports:
12 Steps Forward: Next home group meeting: June 12th at 7:15 p.m. Donation: none. There
was no communication with Area.
A Gathering of Men and Women: Next home group meeting: June 10th. Donation: $30.00.
Attendance is up, all is well.
Attitude of Gratitude: Next home group meeting: June 14th. Donation: none. All is well.
Average 8 to 10 at a meeting.
Cluttered Spirits: Next home group meeting: June 10th. Donation: $15.00. The meeting is going
well for a small group. Around 10-13 people attend per week. Still need support. We are having
outside meetings, weather permitting. But they will be non-smoking. There is a designated area
for smokers.
Common Welfare: Next home group meeting: June 12th. Donation: $18.58. We have no
nominations at this time. Our 8 a.m. meeting is starting to grow. We could still use support.

May Area Minutes                                                                        Page 1
Common Desire: Next home group meeting: Thursday before next Area, June 14th.
Donation:$15.00. Attendance is good. There are lots of newcomers and a few new group
members. Austin’s first year clean will be the first week of June.
Conscious Contact: Next home group meeting: the Sunday before Area, June 10th. Donation:
$10.00. There is nothing to report to Area.
Easy Does It: Next home group meeting: July 20th. Donation: none. Group needs some speakers
with a story to share. A list was passed around for members with interest to speak to sign up.
Please venture out and come visit our meeting so we can have some new faces and stories of
experience, strength and hope. Maybe collaborate and come in as a group. We will be holding a
Book reading meeting every 3rd Friday of the month. We need to get more literature. Attendance
is growing slowly but surely. Caseville (Light of Hope) and Port Austin (Surrender) meetings are
dying out.
HOW: Next home group meeting: Monday a.m. before Area following the meeting, June 11th.
Donation: none. All is well and alive with HOW. Attendance is good. Group is discussing
upcoming picnic, more will be revealed.
How It Works: Next home group meeting: June 11th. Donation: $30.00. Attendance and
donations are fine. We are going to continue to split into separate Men’s and Women’s meetings
on Mondays.
H.O.W. We Recover: Next home group meeting: June 8th. Donation: none. We need our name
changed in the meeting list. Group is doing well. Eight members attend every week.
If You Want What We Have: Next home group meeting: June 9th. Donation: none. Our group
attendance is good. We have paid our rent for three months. We need to replace literature soon.
Dexter was voted in as alternate treasurer. Other than that we have nothing new to report at this
In The Solution: Next home group meeting: June 15th. Donation: $22.30. The Friday night
attendance is good, several newcomers. The Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoon
meeting attendance could use more support.
Learning to Live: Next home group meeting: TBD. Donation: $5.00. We are holding our own.
We can always use support. The rent is paid, we have coffee and literature. We are placing an
order for key tags and coins. We had our business meeting with three new home group members.
Living the Dream: Next home group meeting: TBD Donation: none. Our group is going well
with four or five in regular attendance. We always appreciate when a friend stops by. We had a
couple of newcomers this month. We are looking forward to seeing more people stopping by 218
S. Elm at the Richland Township Hall, Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. w are in need of home group
New Awakenings: Next home group meeting: second Saturday, June 9th. Donation: none. All is
No Fear: Next home group meeting: Wednesday, June 13th at noon. Donation: $20.00. We also
donated $10.00 to Region and $10.00 to World Services in the spirit of the Money Matters IP
that suggests 50% to Area; 25% to Region, and 25% to World. We rotate through the 12 steps of
NA by reading from “It Works, How and Why”. Our group attendance averages 20-25. We have
one new group member, so we currently have 6 active group members.
No Matter What: Next home group meeting: Friday before nest Area, June 15th. Donation:
$20.00. Friday meeting is solid with attendance and donations. Sunday could use some support.
There are a lot of newcomers at both meetings.

May Area Minutes                                                                          Page 2
Recovery Zone: Next home group meeting: June 14th at 7:15 p.m. Donation: none. No
communication with Area.
Primary Purpose: Next home group meeting: Wednesday before Area, June 13th. Donation:
none. Attendance is steady. Our meeting area has changed to the basement for now due to
construction in the Church. The rent is paid this month.
Steppin Straight: Next home group meeting: June 13th. Donation: none. Our home group
meeting is going well. We have good attendance. Jeremy T. celebrated one year on the 16th of
Together We Can Do It: Next home group meeting: TBT Donation: none. We need support.
We keep trying to get someone to attend Area. Attendance is very low. We could use some new
faces to come up and help carry the message.
Unity: Next home group meeting: June 11th. Donation: $30.00. We have changed our format at
the meeting starting with a women’s and men’s meeting on the first and third week of every
month starting this month. Our unity picnic is just around the corner. It is schedule for July 21st
at the Monitor Township Park. More will be revealed.
We Are Not Unique: Next home group meeting: June 4th. Donation: $45.00. No problems or
correspondence at this time.
Trusted Servant Reports:
Chair: Hello family,
Hope all is well with everyone. We have completed are two months of the CARR presentations
and are now in going back to our normal format. The summer months are coming and I know a
lot of people will be vacationing. I myself will be working out of town a lot more. I am asking
those unable to make it to Area, try to have your Alternate GSR or another member of your
home group to attend Area. I myself have been lucky and been able to attend all Areas so far.
Most likely that won’t be the case in the next few months, but will deal with that as it arises. My
best form of contact is my cell phone for those that need to contact me.
In Loving Service, Rob M.
RCM: Next Committee Meeting: The Michigan Regional Service Committee of NA will meet on
Sunday, June 03, 2012 at 9:00am (Riverside Alano Club, 223 E. Michigan Ave., Battle Creek,
MI 49017.
SBASCNA RCM Expenses: Our (RCM/RCMA) estimate for gasoline ($60.00) & food ($20.00)
costs for the May regional meeting in Battle Creek, Michigan totals $80.00. In addition, we will
deliver our donation to MRSCNA.
Michigan Region Convention of NA (MRCNA) Report:
The dates for the 2012 convention (MRCNA 28—Recovery: Priceless) are July 5th thru the 8th..
Room reservations must be made by mailing or faxing the ‘reservation form’ that is located at The next meeting MRCNA planning meeting will be held
tomorrow, on Sunday, May 20th. Subcommittee meetings begin at 11:00 am and the main
meeting begins at 12:30 pm. Meeting location is: Shanty Creek Resort, 5820 Shanty Creek Rd.,
Bellaire, MI 49615-9634.
Open Regional Positions:
Co-Secretary and Michigan Service Office (MSO) Representative.
Discuss at your Next Meeting:
Please get your meeting list set up on the phone system
In June we will be holding elections and nominations for RD, RDA, and PR

May Area Minutes                                                                           Page 3
Please change area phone line information on the website: Flint, Greater Muskegon, Livingston,
Northwoods, Saginaw Bay, Southern-Mid Michigan, Washtenaw, & West Shore all are missing
the new 800 number (800-230-4085).
New Business: WSC 2012 … Draft Distributed at WSC … Summary of decisions
World Board Motions (1-5) … pp. 3-4
World Board Resolutions (1-8) … pp. 4-5
World Board Motions (8-14) … pp. 5-6
WSC Processes in Supported in Straw Polls … pp. 8-9
Note: Regional Proposal C supported
Note: Regional Proposals A, B, D, & E not supported
Note: CPR … Candidate Profile Reports
Service System Straw Polls (a-i) … pp. 19-20
Statistics on Participants Attending WSC 2012 … p.21
The Draft Distributed at WSC Summary of Decisions was also reviewed. Because of the size of
the document, it will be posted on the Area website separately.
ILS, Willard
Secretary: Minutes were distributed by email and US mail. 18 packets were printed and mailed
along with a request for Guidelines. Copying was $40.38 and postage $35.40 and 20 agendas
was 1.70 for a total of $77.48 which I am asking to be reimbursed to bring the Secretary prudent
reserve to $100.00.
I received a phone call from the Activity Chair. She was resigning and moving. She wanted a
trusted servant to take the activities equipment and supplies. I received them and inventoried
them as follows:
1       Roaster
2       60 cup Coffee pots
1       30 cup Coffee pot
1       Large cooler (ice chest)
1       Small plastic container (9.5 cups)
1       Plastic plate – clear
1       plastic plate – white
1       Sugar dispenser with sugar
1       Cream dispenser – empty
1       Container of tooth picks – open with tooth picks
7       Decks of cards – open
1       Spaghetti spoon – White
1       Fork utensil – chrome
84      8.5 oz cups – open
50      8.5 oz cups – unopened
25?     Assorted tea bags
100? Plastic portion cups
?       Bag of assorted plastic ware
1       coffee creamer 16 oz container – open
1       Dawn dish soap – 1/3 bottle open
2       Boxes Coffee stirrers – 1 open

May Area Minutes                                                                          Page 4
1/2     Box disposable gloves - open
½       Box trash bags – open
1       Table cloth (plastic) – unopened
5       Bottles assorted spices – open
5lb     Bag of sugar – open
1       Small box sweetener – open
2       Mustard bottles – open
2       Ketchup bottles – open
1       Bottle Taco sauce – open
1       Bottle Hot sauce – open
1       33 oz can of coffee - unopened
1       Large bag of assorted small bags of potato chips
In loving service, Mike M.
Treasurer: I am requesting reimbursement of $144.10 for purchase of 4 starter kits. $110.80
was ordered in literature, with $20 spent of 4 used text and $13.30 in prorated shipping for a total
of $144.10. Last month the Activity Chair approached me when the straw poll presentation was
being done for $500 for prudent reserve for Activities. I refused to issue a check at this time,
since group conscious could not be obtained. Our previous balance was $1,212.62 with a
monthly income of $354. Our expenditures were $251.74. Our expenditures were low since we
did not receive a bill from Quest nor King Communications for the month of April; this leaves us
with an ending balance of $1,314.88 for May of 2012. I would like us to consider not making a
donation to region this month until we get a better picture of where we sit financially. The
detailed report will be included in area minutes and will be electronically sent to the secretary.
In Loving Service, Tammy R
Subcommittee Reports:
Activities - open
Literature - open
Public Relations/H&I: Next Committee Meeting: June 11th at 5:30pm at Aldersgate Church,
corner of Airfield and Dawn Drive, Midland
Three persons and the chair attended the May 14th meeting. Discussion mainly centered on
requests for new H&I (Hospitals and Institutions) meetings. Discussed a request for a new H&I
meeting at 1016 in Midland, to be a closed NA Introductory presentation probably on Monday
evenings. Also in the works are new women’s H&I meetings at a women’s shelter in Saginaw
and at Kairos (also in Saginaw). Women with experience in H&I meetings, and/or who are
interested in carrying the NA message to those who do not have full access to regular NA
meetings please contact the PR Chair (and I will put you in contact with the women who are
serving as contact persons for these new proposed meetings). The Freeland prison meetings and
Midland jail meetings are being held as scheduled, but both meetings could use support. Please
review the definition of the word “commitment” prior to engaging. The Saginaw Bay portion of
the website is current (to the best of our knowledge). The Helpline is functional, though call
volume is still down from past years typical levels. Books and literature were distributed at the
Midland County Jail and Kairos juvenile facility. No area funds were spent by this
subcommittee in the last month.
If you have questions, suggestions, and would like to get involved please contact me or come to
the next PR subcommittee meeting.

May Area Minutes                                                                            Page 5
Bryan H., PR Chair
Retreat: Hello Everyone,
Sorry I’m not there to give this report in person, I’m out of town this weekend. Well, we pulled it
off. The Retreat was a Great success. We ended up with 118 members participating over the
weekend. We actually had 123 people registered, but there were some no shows. I believe at this
time we will only be billed from the DNR Center for 119 people. So I’d like to personally thank
everyone who attended, everyone who helped contribute to the Financially Impaired Fund, for
those who paid for someone else’s registration and to those who help get the word out that we
were in desperate need for people to register. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
        Once we receive the final bill, which should be in the next month or so, we will submit
our final report. A few things to keep in mind. The DNR Center has a beautiful new
“Conference” building that we will be able to utilize next year. In talking to the Center’s
Director, he anticipates the future maximum beds available on site will be 150. I really believe
that with a few changes to the way we accept registrations we should be able to continue to
secure the facility as an exclusive NA event. More on that in the next report.
        There is a group that has been going up to the DNR Center for about as long as we have
that meets on the third weekend in May each year. What that means to us is that next years
Retreat will be held over Mother’s Day Weekend, but the following year, 2014, it will be the
weekend after Mother’s Day Weekend. That’s all for now.
In Loving Service, Greg W. 
Old Business: none
The Committee agreed to take 10 minute break. The meeting reconvened at 3:05 p.m. with a
moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. 18 members returned.
New Business: It was suggested that we look at the financial process of the Activity committee.
Two people might be needed to account for funds. The Chair explained what the proposed
process change would need a motion supported by home groups because this would be a
Guidelines change. Someone suggested that this item would be covered by our 4th Tradition. It
just needs to be enforced. Discussion followed. The question was asked how subcommittees
operate. The Chair explained it. Jason explained the website.
Open Floor: It was requested that Area events be mentioned in the cover letter to minutes. Also
it was suggested that event be addressed in the GSR’s Group Reports.
The Chair request that a Financial Request section be added to agenda. This would highlight
Area spending in a specific part of the meeting, in addition to the request for reimbursement in
their reports. A straw poll was taken. The poll indicated support for this change.
Adjourn and Close: It was agreed to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m. in our usual
manner. The chair led the close.
Respectfully submitted in loving service, Mike M., Secretary

Month:                           April    Year:                            2012
Submitted by:                             Tammy R
Group Name                       Donation Group Name                   Donation
12 @ 12                                   New Way of Living
12 Steps to Freedom                       No Fear                            20
A Gathering of Men and
Women                                        No Matter What                  25
Clean and Serene                             No Reservations                  7

May Area Minutes                                                                            Page 6
Cluttered Spirits                 10 Primary Purpose
Common Desires                       Recovery Zone
Common Ground                        Sarah B's Group
Common Welfare                       Serenity Sunday
Conscious Contact                 20 Stepping Straight          34
Desire to Change                     Sunday Serenity
East Side                            Surrender Group
Fishing for Recovery                 Survival                   10
Freedom Group                        Together We Can Do It
Graciously Forgiven                  Twelve Steps Forward       20
H.O.W.                            20 Unity                      10
H.O.W. It Works                   30 We're Not Unique
                                     Willing to Make the
Hugs, Not Drugs                      Effort                     50
I Can't We Can                       Easy Does It
If You Want What We Have          30 Whatever It Takes
In the Solution                   29 An Attitude of Gratitude    20
It Works How and Why                 Total Group Donations      350
It Works When You Work It         10 Additional Income
Just For Today                       Walk The Talk               4
Keep it Simple
Learning to Live                   5
Let Go Let God
Light of Hope                          Total Income             354
Living the Dream                       Reimbersements
Never Alone
New Attitudes
New Awakenings                         Total Monthly Assets     354
Expenses              Amount
Area Rent                    20
Century Link
King Communications
Post Office Box
Public Relations          143.1
Region Donation
RCM and/or Alt RCM         9.04
Secretary                 62.25
Treasurer                 17.35

May Area Minutes                                                      Page 7
Monthly Expenses         251.74

Previous Balance       1,212.62
Monthly Assets             354
Total Balance          1,566.62
Monthly Expenses         251.74
Ending Balance         1,314.88

                                    Roll Call
    Trusted Servants         Ja Feb Mar Apr May
        Groups               n
Chair                        P    P    P   P   P
Co-Chair                     P    O    P   A   A
Secretary                    A    P    P   P   P
Co-Secretary                 -    O-   O   O   O
Treasurer                    P    P    P   P   P
Co-Treasurer                 P    A    P   P   P
RCM                          P    R    P   P   P
Alt RCM                      P    P    P   A   P
Activities Chair             P    R    R   P   O
H&I Chair                    R    O    O   O   O
Literature Chair             R    P    O   O   O
PR Chair                     P    P    R   P   R
Retreat Chair                P    P    P   P   R
       Home Groups
12 at 12                     A    R    A   A   I
12 Steps Forward             P    A    R   P   R
12 Steps to Freedom          R    A    A   I   I
A Gathering of Men and       P    A    P   R   P
Attitude of Gratitude             P    P   P   P
Clean & Serene               I    I    I   I   I
Cluttered Spirits            R    P    R   P   P
Common Desires               P    A    P   A   P
Common Ground                I    I    I   I   I
Common Welfare               P    P    P   P   R
Conscious Contact            P    P    P   P   P
Desire to Change             I    I    I   I   P
May Area Minutes                                   Page 8
East Side                    I   I   I   I   I
Easy Does It                 A   A   I   P   P
Fishing for Recovery         I   I   I   I   I
Freedom Group                I   I   I   I   I
Graciously Forgiver          I   I   I   P   A
H.O.W.                       A   A   I   P   P
How It Works                 P   P   P   P   P
H.O.W. We Recover            I   I   I   I   P
Hugs, Not Drugs              I   P   P   A   A
I Can’t, We Can              I   I   I   I   I
If you Want What We          R   R   P   P   P
In the Solution              P   P   P   P   P
It Works, How and Why        A   P   A   P   A
It Works When You Work       P   A   A   P   A
Just For Today               I   I   I   I   I
Keep It Simple               I   I   I   A   A
Learning To Live             A   R   A   P   P
Let Go, Let God              P   A   P   A   A
Light of Hope                I   I   I   I   R
Living the Dream             A   A   R   A   R
Never Alone                  A   A   P   A   A
New Attitudes                I   I   I   I   I
New Awakenings               P   P   P   R   P
New Beginnings               I   I   I   I   I
New Way of Living            I   I   I   I   I
No Fear                      P   P   P   P   P
No Matter What               P   A   P   P   P
No Reservation               R   P   P   P   A
Primary Purpose              R   A   A   P   P
Recovery Zone                P   A   R   P   R
Sarah B.’s Meeting           I   I   I   I   I
Steppin Straight             P   P   P   P   P
Sunday Serenity              I   I   I   I   I
Surrender Group              I   I   I   I   R
Survival                     P   P   P   P   A
Together, We Can Do It       I   I   I   I   R
Unity                        P   P   P   P   P
Walk the Talk                            P   A
We Are Not Unique            P   P   R   A   R
What Ever it Takes           -   P   A   A   I
Willing to Make the Effort   P   P   P   P   A
New Group Mt Pleasant                    P   A

May Area Minutes                                 Page 9

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