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									The New Essentials for
Email Template Design

When it's about designing, it was easy for print designers as they had the privilege of fixed canvas
size. For digital designers, it is no way the same. Emails are viewed in different screens sizes via
different operating systems and different email services providers. This makes it all the more difficult
for the email designers to nail down on specific sizes or designs.

Here are the new essentials for designing email templates to make designers' job easy. This will
also improve the designing.

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   Make it better:
   Even the best of the best still has place for improvement. Improving your email design should be an
   incessant process. Always be ready and remember that your guidelines might change anytime.

   Think different:
   Most email marketers think having a simple email template design looks aesthetic. Though there is
   truth in it, you can always experiment with creating trendy templates. However, the template should
   look beautiful and impactful enough to impress the recipients.

   Remember the basics:
   Basics never change. Though there would be a lot of updates, the basic framework for the
   templates will never change. So always stick to the basic rules. For example, when you are creating
   a HTML template, tables are your basic layout without which your canvas gets distorted.

   Text Vs. HTML:
   As most email service providers now do not block images in the emails, most of your recipients
   tend to view your email in the HTML version. Well, there are few subscribers who still prefer to
   view simple text messages. So be prepared with both text and HTML versions of your email.
   Even in a text version, you can highlight areas of interest by adding special characters.

   Image blocking threat:
   There is still some threat from the email service providers about image blocking. Remember
   that images should just enhance the text and not replace the message an email conveys. Note
   that even when the images are blocked or disabled, your email should make sense to the
   recipient. Do not forget to use ALT TAG keyword for every image you place. Choose web-safe
   fonts that don't hinder the email service providers.

   The magical 600:
   For designers, 600 is the lucky number. It is recommended that designers should stick to 600
   pixels width to avoid the horizontal scrolling. This also lets the key message to appear in the
   preview pane.

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   Test, Test & Test again:
   Adopt the policy of 'Constant and Never-Ending Improvement' as a strategy to improve your design.
   Follow the A/B Testing to identify what works and what doesn't. Though you can try out hundreds of
   designs, stick to one template and test by changing just one element at a time. True that testing
   consumes a lot of your time but do not forget that it is worth it if you want real results.

   Want to learn more? Watch out for more in our Resources section…

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