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									Guildford County School
Job profile – Headteacher

Guildford County School is a specialist music college and foundation school that is about to
convert into an academy. It offers an excellent all-round education for 11-19 year olds and is
situated near the centre of Guildford. Our oversubscribed school has around 1,000 students
supported by around 120 staff. Rated good with outstanding features by Ofsted in 2009, it has
a strong academic record with the majority of students leaving year 13 to pursue higher
education. Students and staff enjoy strong community, business and charitable links and the
school is renowned for its family-like atmosphere and pastoral care, which is frequently
praised by parents and carers. More information about the school can be found at

Guildford County School aspires to be a school which:
    values and promotes excellence and recognises different kinds of success
    appreciates individual difference and fosters respect and tolerance
    encourages warm relationships, a place for all, and a safe welcoming atmosphere
    provides opportunities for everyone to give and achieve through collaboration
    values integrity, fairness and ethical conduct
    is creative, open to innovation and initiative, and respectful of tradition
    affirms in everyone a sense of identity, confidence and community

We are seeking an individual who can turn this good school into an outstanding one. S/he will
provide vision, strong leadership and direction for Guildford County School, creating,
maintaining and developing conditions which enable students and staff to achieve effective
learning so that the school’s aims and objectives are implemented in accordance with the
policies of the governing body and national educational strategy.

       The headteacher will effectively manage teaching and learning, promote excellence,
        equality and will have high expectations of all students. S/he will ensure that teaching
        and learning is at the heart of all planning and resource management.
       Working with the governing body, the headteacher will secure and sustain effective
        teaching and learning throughout the school, monitoring and evaluating the quality of
        provision and use the latest technology and data to set targets that stretch the whole
        school and drive improvement.
       S/he will create a safe and productive learning environment that encourages
        collaboration and team work and is engaging and fulfilling for all students, whatever
        their ability.
       S/he will recruit, lead, motivate, support, challenge and develop staff to create a
        stimulating working environment that recognises and rewards dedication and hard
        work but also cares about staff wellbeing and work/life balance and promotes staff
        development needs.
       S/he will be an effective manager and deploy people and resources efficiently to meet
        specific objectives identified in the school improvement plan, within the constraints
        of finance and resources.
       The headteacher will work with the governing body to create a shared vision and
        strategic plan that constantly seeks improvement and will also work with governors to
        meet the challenges of the changing world of education.
       S/he will work with, and support, the director of music to develop the school’s music
        specialist status and the educational benefits that it brings to the whole school.
       S/he will maintain and develop the excellent support from parents, carers and the
        wider community and strengthen the school’s communication strategy and links with
        business and commercial partners. They will also continue to forge and reinforce
        links with local schools, the University of Surrey, and other educational
        establishments. S/he will seek any links that will further the education and result in
        benefits for the students of Guildford County School.
       The headteacher will recognise that his/her own conduct, enthusiasm and drive sets
        the tone for the whole school and will be committed to his or her own professional
       The headteacher will celebrate and share success whenever it is merited, within the
        school and with the wider community.
       S/he will lead and promote the pastoral care provision.
       S/he will continue to develop the sixth form as an integral part of the school, not a
        separate entity, and foster the mentoring and leadership roles that sixth formers take
        on – including the successful house system.

The headteacher is accountable for the leadership of all teaching and support staff, with
specific performance management responsibility for members of the leadership team and
other designated staff (see staffing structure attached). A full staff list can be found at

The headteacher is accountable to the governing body of Guildford County School and Surrey
County Council until academy conversion has been completed.

This job description is based on the National Standards for Headteachers, and the Common
Core of Skills and Knowledge for the Children’s Workforce. The headteacher will carry out
his/her professional duties in accordance with, and subject to, the National Conditions of
Employment for Headteachers, and education and employment legislation. This job
description is subject to annual review as part of the head’s performance management

Key facts about Guildford County School:

Type of school:                  Foundation school converting to academy
Age range:                       11-19
Location:                        Farnham Road, Guildford, Surrey
Denomination:                    Non-denominational
Co-educational                   Yes
Specialism                       Specialist Music College
Number of students               980
Absence rate                     4.4%
Date school established          1905 (as a girls’ school)
School awards                    SSAT award for being in the top 10% of non-selective
                                 schools for the percentage of A/A* grades at GCSE. Schools
                                 Prom finalists 2012.
Number of teaching staff         67
Non-teaching staff               54
Newly qualified teachers         3
Entry level attainment           Above average
SEND students                    13.7%
EAL students                     9%
Number of students on FSM        25 (2.5%)
GCSEs                            75% : 5+ A*-C grades, inc maths and English
                                 82% 5+ A*-C grades
A level results                  99.49% A*-E
                                 62.56% A*-B
AS level results                 94.77% A-E
                                 52.62% A-B
Number in the 6th form           200

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