February 14, 2012 / 7:30 AM WNYHCA

President:  Jennifer Dunn             x
Pres-Elect: Kristen Chapman           P                      DIRECTORS:
Secretary:  Jeffrey Jacobs            x
Treasurer: Rachel Davis               x                      Class of 2013:          Class of
COMMITTEES:                                                  Deborah       x         E. Paul
                                                             Cudzilo                 Hettich
Membership:                Mary Mahaney             x        Christopher   x         Bruce Liebel   x
                           Christopher Eckert       x        Eckert
Patient Financial          Katherine                x        Peggy         x         Mary           x
Svcs:                      Tomasulo                          McDonough               Mahaney
                           John Galley              x        Robin Walters           Suzanne        P
Reimbursement:             Paul Sweet               x                                Roccisano
                           Russell Previte          x
Patient Access:            Peggy McDonough          x
                           Danette Szafranski
Davis Chapter              Kristin Anderson
Social Events:             Bruce Liebel             x
                           Mary Ann Miccichi        x
Founders:                  Susan Dybas              x
Sponsorship:               Larry Nowak              x
                           Deborah Cudzilo          x
Educational                Kristen Chapman          P
                           Jill Johnson             x

Chargemaster:              Robin Walters

Newsletter:                Suzanne Roccisano        P
                           Bruce Liebel             x
Certification:             Robert Levesque          x
                           Jeffrey Jacobs           x
Past Presidents            Bruce Liebel             x
X Indicates Present
P Indicates Phone Conference

   Approval of January meeting minutes
         Motion to approve and second.
President’s Report:
     The slate of officers and board members for election are set.

     There was a 22% response rate on the member satisfaction survey. Some opportunities were
     education topics, locations, and speaker selection.

President Elect Report

     For the Mini LTC, the hosting chapter pays for the Evening’s dinner. The estimated cost is
     $14,000, which is split between the two hosting chapters. This amount is above the cost of
     sending members.

Treasurer Report:

     Review and Approval of January Financial Statements
     Current loss of $4,800 for the year. See attached addendum for more details. Motion to
     approve January financial statements was made, seconded, and approved.

Committee reports:
   Social Committee
     The annual banquet will be on Thursday, June 7, 2012. Aqua or Templeton Landing are the
     potential sites. Members will be free to attend while guests are $20.

     The Sabres game is next Tuesday. 30 people have paid.

     There are also 30 people set to go to the Bandits game on March 3rd.

     The annual Euchre tournament is also being planned.

   Education Report
     The Spring Institute speakers, topics, and agenda were discussed as well as the location – the
     Marriott in Amherst.

     There is a webinar next week on unclaimed property.

     There is also an upcoming session for the Cost Report.

   Certification
  The attached proposal for the Chapter Subsidy was discussed. A stipulation that the subsidy is
  to be for one time was added. There was a motion to approve and seconded. The voting
  members of the Board approved the measure.

 Membership

  Membership is currently at 187 members. Addendum is attached.

  One membership was given away at the Chargemaster Session. Mary Mahaney will follow up
  with Robin Walters.

  There was a new member that did not come through in time for the report. Two more members
  are required to meet the CBSC goals. A proposal to have a drawing for 2 memberships at the
  Spring Institute was made. The motion for approval was made and seconded. The motion

 Newsletter Update
  There was a lot of participation in the last issue. Jill Johnson will be taking over the Newsletter
  Committee for the next year.

 PFS Update

 Chargemaster
  There was discussion related to the Charge Master session. It was mentioned that the survey
  and CPE credits have not been sent out yet.

 Patient Access
  The January 13th meeting was well attended. Topics included medical necessity. The next
  meeting will be in March.

 Reimbursement

  The Cost Report Session will be Friday, April 20, 2012 at the Batavia Country Club. The
  session will focus on acute care all day as there are no changes for long term care. A list of the
  speakers will be sent out.

 Sponsorship
  The updated 2012 Sponsorship Drive netted $25,000. There are 3 Platinum Sponsors, 4 Gold,
  3 Silver and 10 Bronze. Healthnow pledged for 2 years. Thank you letters will be going out.

 Founders
     Davis Chapter Mgt

        Is up to date.

     Past Presidents Club
        There was a breakfast meeting.

        Jennifer Dunn will be the Committee Chair next year.

Additional Business:

Next scheduled board meeting is Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 7:30 am at WNYHA.

Meeting Adjourned
Respectfully Submitted,

Jeffrey Jacobs,

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