Health and Safety Policy
Statement of Intent

1.     The requirement to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees is
       acknowledged and the Governing Body and those in control of the Academy recognise and take
       responsibility for compliance with their statutory duties under the Health and Safety at Work etc
       Act 1974 and subsequent legislation.

2.     In compliance with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act, this Academy’s Governing Body will
       ensure so far as is reasonably practicable that:
         - all places and premises where staff and students are required to work and engage in academy
           activities are maintained in a condition which is safe and without risk to health. (This includes
           the health and safety of persons on academy premises or taking part in academy activities
         - all plant and equipment is safe to use and that arrangements exist for the safe use, handling
           and storage of articles and substances at work.
         - appropriate safe systems of work exist and are maintained.
         - sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision is available and provided to ensure
           that staff and students can avoid hazards and contribute in a positive manner towards their
           own health and safety and others.
         - a healthy working environment is maintained including adequate welfare facilities.

4.     In addition to the above The Academy will ensure that so far as is reasonably practicable that the
       health and safety of students, visitors and contractors is not adversely affected by its’ activities.

5.     Employee involvement is an important part of managing safety, and consultation on health and safety
       with employees and employee representatives forms part of this policy.

6.     This policy statement and the accompanying organisational arrangements supersede any previously

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     Mrs I Welford Chair of Governors                  Mr K Hollins Executive Principal

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Roles and Responsibilities

Governing Body        Ensure at a strategic level Health and Safety is adequately planned for, resourced and monitored to ensure
Responsibilities      that the Academy is safe and operating within all Health and Safety legislation.
Executive Principal   Has executive responsibility for ensuring safety within the Academy is managed effectively and achieves
                      objectives set by the Governing Body.
Finance & HR          Co-ordinates systems and procedures to deliver The Academy’s Health and Safety management system and
Officer               deliver local Health and Safety plans.
External Advisors     Are appointed under Service Level Agreements to provide specialist advice to The Academy as required.
All Employees         Irrespective of their position within The Academy structure, all employees have a role to play in ensuring
                      their own and others Health and Safety and must follow the requirements of this Policy and other safety
                      guidance with the Academy.

Academy Arrangements
The following procedures and arrangements have been established within our academy to eliminate or reduce health and safety
risks to an acceptable level and to comply with minimum legal requirements and follow the Health & Safety Planner that is
provided by the LA.

        The Premise Manager is the Executive Principal.

        The Health & Safety Co-ordinator is the Finance & HR Officer

   1.      Accident Reporting, Recording & Investigation
        The First Aider must report student accidents by recording details using the appropriate forms.

        Accidents to staff should be recorded on the correct form and put in the Staff Accident Record Book.
        Accident investigations will be co-ordinated by the Finance & HR Officer

   2.      Asbestos
        The Asbestos Record System Manual is located in the Reception Area.

        The Site Supervisory staff are responsible for ensuring that all contractors have sight of the manual, have signed to
        confirm they have seen it and completed a Hazard Exchange Form, prior to starting significant work on the premises.
        Hazard Exchange Forms are located in the front of the Asbestos Record Manual.

        All staff are instructed not to drill or affix anything to walls, without first consulting with the H&S Co-ordinator and
        following the above procedures as for contractors.

        If any damage is caused to asbestos materials, immediately isolate the area and report to the Head Teacher, do not
        attempt to clear up any debris. It will be The Academy’s responsibility to contact the County Asbestos Team for advice.

   3.      Contractors
        The Academy will only use approved contractors.

        Contractors are to exchange Health and Safety information and agree safe working arrangements by completing a
        Hazard Exchange Form and copies of risk assessments to assure The Academy that their work poses no risk to the

        The Site Supervisor is responsible for monitoring contractors working methods.

        Any concerns from staff regarding contractors should be reported to the Finance & HR Officer either in writing or

   4.      Curriculum Safety [including out of school learning activity/study support]
        Teaching staff must carry out a risk assessment prior to commencing any hazardous activity, eg cooking, science.
        Staff Ratio:
        Basic guide is: Year 7 onwards 1 adult to 15 – 20 participants
      Residential/foreign visits: 1 adult to 10 participants.
      Need 2 staff on each coach.
      However this ratio may vary according to the potential risk of the activity undertaken. See also, School Trips and Offsite

5.         Drugs & Medications
      Parents must sign Care Plans and are responsible for informing the Academy of any changes, at any time. Care Plans
      will only be changed at the request of parents/carers or those responsible for the student.
      If there is a Care Plan then the procedures in there MUST be adhered to. All drugs must be administered from reception
      with the exception of those students who may suffer from nut allergies or epilepsy. The relevant paperwork must be
      completed if drugs are administered. These will be completed and stored and kept on reception. All First Aiders and
      office staff will be made aware of where these are. After the medicine has been administered Form 5 must be
      completed and Form 6 once drugs administered.

6.       Electrical Equipment [fixed & portable]
      Staff are responsible for visually inspecting electrical equipment prior to use and reporting any defects through the
      electronic logging system; however, if it is felt to be an emergency the Site Supervisory staff need to be notified

      If staff bring in personal electrical items from home they are informed at their Induction that these need to have a PAT.

7.        Fire Precautions & Procedures
      The Executive Principal and Health & Safety Governor are responsible for annually completing and reviewing the fire
      risk assessment. This is to be completed in September.

      Fire drills are to be carried out each term and recorded in the Health & Safety file located in Finance & HR Officer’s

      Fire exits are to remain clear at all times.

      Fire extinguishers are checked on an annual basis by an approved company.

      The Fire Alarms are tested on a weekly basis by the Site Supervisor. The test is recorded and any concerns are reported
      to the Finance & HR Officer and the maintenance company contacted should they be required. The Alarms are tested
      on a quarterly basis by an appointed company.

      Emergency Lighting is tested weekly by the Site Supervisor and recorded in the appropriate way.

      Fire Procedure
      There are written procedures as to how The Academy students and staff evacuate the building if the fire alarm sounds
      and this is communicated through the staff handbook; through induction. Students are updated on any changes
      through Assembly or through Group Tutors at registration.

8.        First Aid
      The Academy has assessed its First Aid requirements and lists of First Aid trained staff are displayed throughout the
      building. The First Aid boxes are maintained by the person responsible for this. All First Aid administered must be
      recorded in the appropriate way. First Aid training will be refreshed as required.

9.        Glass & Glazing
      All glass in doors and windows is safety glass and all glass replacements are safety glass. There is no glass in the
      Academy which is below safety glass standard.

10.     Hazardous Substances (COSHH)
      Where possible all substances purchased will be non-hazardous.

      If a hazardous substance has to be used, the Safety Data Sheet will be obtained from the supplier. COSHH assessments
      will be completed where necessary if work with the substances poses a risk to pupils or staff.

      All hazardous substances are to be locked away from children. Flammable substances will be stored securely in metal
      cabinets to avoid fire risk.

      The Site Supervisor locks hazardous substances in his workroom and the Data Sheets are available in his workroom and
      the main Health & Safety folder. First aiders are to familiarise themselves with the location of these sheets.

      Cleaning and Catering Services staff are trained in the use of such substances by the LA. Details of hazardous materials
      used by Cleaning and Catering Services are available in the Cleaner’s cupboard and the Kitchen Office.

11.      Health and Safety Advice
      This is provided by the Strategic Health and Safety Service under a Service Level Agreement. The telephone number is
      01785 355777. The Occupational Health Unit at Staffordshire County Council also provide advice to the Academy.

12.      Housekeeping, cleaning & waste disposal
      Premises are to be kept clean and tidy. Waste is to be placed in the appropriate bin.

      Staff from Staffordshire County Council Cleaning Services are appointed to clean the inside of building between the
      hours of 3.15pm and 6pm. Waste bins are emptied on a daily basis into exterior waste bins. Wet floor cleaning is only
      carried out once The Academy has closed to students and signage is used to alert staff.

      Broken glass must be wrapped and disposed of in the recycling glass bins.

      The Site Supervisor is responsible for clearing snow and ice. Grit is used on all paths.

13.      Handling & Lifting
      The Site Supervisor is trained in safe lifting techniques. A trolley is available for all staff to use. If any significant manual
      handling risks are identified action will be taken to avoid, assess and reduce these risks.

14.       Jewellery
      For reasons of safety and security we prefer children not to wear jewellery during the day; however, ear-ring studs are
      allowed provided they are removed for PE.

15.      Lettings/shared use of premises
      The Academy has a public entertainment licence, granted by the Local Authority.
      A condition of lettings is that the organisation hiring the premises is shown fire exit procedures and is aware of their
      responsibilities for keeping the site secure and for calling the emergency services if required. Emergency lighting is
      provided in The Academy Lecture Theatre and this is tested regularly. Fire exits are clearly marked.

      Hirers have responsibility for their own first aid provision during the periods of hire.

16.       Lone Working
      If at all possible, staff must avoid working alone in any part of the building. If it is necessary to work alone then the staff
      member must inform another person that they are working alone, where they are, a contact number and what time
      they expect to finish.

      Emergency Contact details are available for all staff. Staff are responsible for notifying the Academy if their contact
      details change.

17.      Maintenance / Inspection of Equipment (including selection of equipment)
      PE equipment and outdoor play equipment is independently inspected annually by an approved contractor.

      The Site Supervisor undertakes regular testing of fire alarms, emergency lighting, water systems, ladders and a visual
      check of electrical equipment. These tests are recorded.

      Fire extinguishers are examined annually under contract.
      Electrical equipment is tested regularly (See Electrical section).

      Cleaning and catering equipment is maintained by Staffordshire County Council’s own contractors.
18.       Monitoring the Policy and results
      The Finance & HR Officer completes the annual Premises’ Evaluation Checklist in September and Health and Safety Self
      Audit in January to monitor the effective management of Health and Safety in The Academy and to ensure staff are
      applying these arrangements. In addition we will monitor accident reports/trends and complaints. The Executive
      Principal is responsible for developing new Health and Safety policy and guidance and reviewing the effectiveness of
      these at regular intervals.

19.       Poster on Health and Safety Law
      The Health and Safety Law poster is situated by the Reception Office and is the responsibility of the Finance & HR

20.       Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
      Plastic gloves and aprons are available for staff members carrying out first aid duties. PPE will be provided where risks
      cannot be controlled by other means. Where necessary PPE will be provided free of charge where risk assessment
      determines it to be necessary.

21.      Reporting Defects
      Premise defects should be reported to the Site Supervisor through the electronic call logging system; however, serious
      hazards should be immediately reported to the Site Staff or Finance & HR Officer or Princpal, who will arrange for the
      appropriate action to be taken.

22.       Risk Assessments
      The Principal is responsible for ensuring Risk Assessment’s are undertaken for significant risks and for ensuring that
      control measures identified are implemented prior to the activity taking place. Risk Assessments will be completed in
      conjunction with appropriate staff and students and will be held in the Finance & HR Officer’s office for reference. They
      will be reviewed regularly.

      A Risk Assessment of the school grounds and buildings will be carried out at the start of each term by the Site

      Old risk assessments will be archived in accordance with document retention schedules.
23.        School Trips/ Off-Site Activities
      The Principal must authorise all school visits.
      The Academy Visit Co-ordinator will ensure all necessary paperwork is available and ensure all visits are inputted onto
      the EVOLVE system.
      Visit leaders must ensure appropriate risk assessments are undertaken for off site activities.
      A student will not be allowed to attend a visit without a signed consent slip from a parent or guardian.
      First aid equipment and Medical Care Plans for students must be taken on all visits.
      Parent/Volunteers accompanying students on a visit must have a Children’s Check (old list 99 check) carried out on
      them not more than 5 days prior to the visit.
      Parents and teachers transporting children must have appropriate insurance.
      It is the responsibility of the parent to provide a booster seat, should their child require one.

24.      Academy Transport – e.g. minibuses
      Only Staffordshire County Council approved school transport is used.

25.     Smoking
      Smoking is not permitted in any part of The Academy or grounds.

26.      Staff Consultation and Communication
      Governors ensure, at a strategic level, Health and Safety is adequately planned for, resourced and monitored to ensure
      that The Academy is safe and operating within all Health and Safety legislation. Health and Safety is managed at the
      Governors’ Finance & General Purpose meeting, which takes place 3 times per year.
      The Health and Safety policy is the key document for communicating health and safety procedures within The Academy.

27.       Stress and staff Well-being
      The Academy will consult staff to identify stress and well being concerns and take action to control these risks. This will
      include ensuring those staff using computers, or hazardous substances have these risks appropriately managed.

28.      Training and Development
      As part of our risk assessment process, Health and Safety training needs will be identified for staff and training delivered
      as appropriate. Where refreshers are required, these will take place. All Health and Safety training will be recorded.
      All new staff will receive a recorded Health and Safety induction from their Team Leader and a copy of the Health and
      Safety policy.

29.     Display Screens / Computers
      Staff using computers regularly for more than an hour a day are responsible for completing an annual self assessment
      form which can be supplied by the Finance & HR Officer. Staff should report concerns about hardware and software to
      the ICT Staff.
      Identified users are eligible for sight tests paid for by The Academy every two years.

30.      Vehicles on Site
      Vehicles are allowed only on the designated car parking areas within The Academy grounds. Visitors to The Academy
      are required to complete the visitor book giving their vehicle registration plate as appropriate.
      Parents are not allowed to park on site unless permission has been agreed in advance.
   31.        Violence to Staff / Academy Security
         Visitors to The Academy must sign in and out at the Reception Office and wear an Academy Visitor Sticker, unless they
         are Staffordshire County Council employees displaying their appropriate badge. Staff should challenge strangers in The
         Academy if they are not wearing appropriate identification.
         Workplace students must wearing clothing that identifies them as such.
         All security doors are to be kept closed.
         If there are any concerns about meeting with parents who might be angry or concerned, arrangements must be made
         to support the individual concerned by ensuring they meet in an open area, or are accompanied or similar. All incidents
         of verbal and physical violence are to be reported to the Principal who will ensure appropriate support is provided.

   32.      Working at Height
         The Site Supervisor is responsible for carrying out recorded checks to ladders and steps. Staff must only use authorised
         access equipment and not stand on furniture to access display boards, high shelves etc. Students must not use steps or

   33.    Water Hygiene
         The water system is risk assessed every two years by a County approved contractor. The Site Supervisor carries out
         monthly water checks to ensure the safety of water system and records these temperatures in the Water Hygiene
         Water is stored at a high temperature and where necessary this will be controlled by hot water signage or valves to
         reduce temperature in sinks that student’s use. Hertel completes independent six monthly checks and bring any faults
         to the attention of the Academy.

336.     Work Experience
         The Deputy Principal is responsible for the placement, training and supervision of Work Experience students. All Work
         Experience students must receive information about first aid, fire procedures etc when they start their placement.

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