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									                                           Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date/Time: Monday 28th March 2011, 8pm

Location:               Ashtead CC

Subject:                SCBACO AGM

A total of 30 SCBACO members attended the SCBACO Annual General Meeting, together with the following
Lorraine Elgar – ACO Regional Representative, London and East (LE)
Chris Bullen – Cricket Development Manager, Surrey Cricket (CB)

The following members of the Committee were present:
David Edwards – Chairman (DE)                  Laura Murphy – Secretary (LM)
John Smith – Treasurer (JS)                    John White – Appointments Officer (JW)
Mike Brunavs – Publicity Officer (MB)          Brian Hurn – Level 2 Umpires Assessment Coordinator (BH)
Jim Jenkinson – Welfare Officer (JJ)           Colin Wilson – Croydon (CW)
Steve Hodge – East Surrey (SHO)                Jeremy Beckwith – SCUP (JB)

A full list of members who attended the AGM is available from the Secretary.

Apologies for absence were received from 18 SCBACO members, 2 representatives from Surrey Cricket, and 2
members of the Croydon Umpires and Scorers Association.

The following members of the Committee were unable to attend:
Graham Cooper – Education Officer             Anne Jobbins – Scorers’ Officer
John Gray – Farnham                           Trevor Woodage – West Surrey

A full list of apologies for the AGM is available from the Secretary.

 Minute No.                                                Item                                     Action
                  Introduction / Apologies
 SCBACO           DE welcomed the members present to the third SCBACO Annual General Meeting
 AGM 1/11         and apologised for the late start. DE introduced the Committee, Lorraine Elgar
                  (ACO Regional Representative, London and East), and Chris Bullen (Cricket
                  Development Manager, Surrey Cricket). He also thanked Ashtead CC for hosting
                  SCBACO Committee meetings and the AGM.
 SCBACO           Apologies noted above.
 AGM 2/11
                  Minutes of the 2010 AGM (22/03/2010)
 SCBACO           There were no challenges to the accuracy of the minutes of the 2010 AGM held on
 AGM 3/11         22 March 2010 and the members present agreed the minutes. DE signed the
                  minutes of the 2010 AGM.

                                   Meeting Minutes

            Matters Arising
SCBACO      There was one action point outstanding from the minutes of the 2010 AGM held on
AGM 4/11    22 March 2010 relating to communications to new members. This action point is
            addressed in the Secretary Report.
SCBACO      DE noted that SCBACO only received an updated membership database in January
AGM 5/11    2011, the first since June 2010. Unfortunately, this does not highlight new
            LE advised that ECBACO will produce monthly automated membership lists in
            future and new members will be highlighted at the top of the list.
            Chairman Report
SCBACO      The Chairman report was circulated prior to the meeting. DE thanked Ashtead CC
AGM 6/11    for the use of their facilities for SCBACO Committee meetings and the AGM. DE
            mentioned the extensive work undertaken by the Surrey Cricket Operational
            Management Group (OMG). DE represents SCBACO on the OMG, together with the
            Chairman of all other SCB working groups. DE explained that SCBACO is a young
            association which is still developing. We don’t always get things right, but we are
            learning and listening. DE referred to a meeting at the Oval the previous week
            which he and JW attended. He confirmed that the issues raised at this meeting will
            be taken forward with the SCBACO Committee. There were no questions.
SCBACO      CB suggested that the new Surrey Cricket structure is made available to SCBACO
AGM 7/11    members. CB to email this to DE.                                                       CB
            Secretary Report
SCBACO      The Secretary report was circulated prior to the meeting. LM highlighted the growth
AGM 8/11    in SCBACO membership. There were 392 SCBACO members as at 31 December
            2010, an increase of 94 (31.5%) from 2009. SCBACO membership has since
            risen to 447 with the addition of new members from the spring 2011 Level 1
            Courses. LM also noted the fact that 49 SCBACO members have still not supplied
            a valid email address, despite our efforts to improve the accuracy of contact
            details for SCBACO members. There were no questions.
SCBACO      LE suggested all communications to SCBACO members refer to the members’
AGM 9/11    portal on the ECBACO website and encourage members to update their contact
SCBACO      DE noted that the membership database does not include the Level of
AGM 10/11   qualification. LE advised that ECBACO is developing the membership database to
            address these problems.
SCBACO      CW mentioned that Local Associations can provide new student contact details
AGM 11/11   forms.
            Treasurer Report
SCBACO      The Treasurer report and 2010 Accounts were circulated prior to the meeting. JS
AGM 12/11   highlighted the extension of the accounting year for training to fall in line with the
            SCBACO financial year, and the significant increase in the 2011 training grant
            from the SCB. There were no questions.
SCBACO      DE thanked the SCB for the significant increase in the 2011 training grant. MB
AGM 13/11   seconded this on behalf of the Local Associations.
            Education Officer Report
SCBACO      The Education Officer report was circulated prior to the meeting. There were no
AGM 14/11   questions.
SCBACO      CW mentioned the significant contribution GC makes towards training in the Local
AGM 15/11   Associations. GC’s input has been excellent, especially given the inadequacies of
            the ECB training material.

                                       Meeting Minutes
               DE agreed that SCBACO is fortunate to have GC as Education Officer and his input
               is tremendous.
               Publicity Officer Update
 SCBACO        The Publicity Officer read his report at the meeting. MB highlighted social
 AGM 16/11     networking opportunities on Facebook and Twitter, and requested assistance from
               SCBACO members in establishing an SCBACO presence on Facebook. There were
               no questions.
               Appointments Officer Update
 SCBACO        The Appointments Officer report was circulated prior to the meeting. JW
 AGM 17/11     highlighted the ECBACO classification and grading process and stressed that
               SCBACO umpires are graded on the level at which they have umpired, not on their
               ability. There is a pathway for those umpires that wish to progress and this is linked
               to the ECB Premier Leagues (i.e. the Surrey Championship). This was decided by
               the ECB, not SCBACO. JW also noted the need to find out more about the large
               number of umpires with whom SCBACO are not in active contact, and address this
               during the coming season.
 SCBACO        Bob McLeod asked about the new flat rate fee structure for umpires. JW confirmed
 AGM 18/11     that this was introduced to help the SCB budget more effectively. The existing rates
               were increased and there is a minimum rate of £35.
               Election of Officers
 SCBACO        The members present agreed to re-elect the following current members of the
 AGM 19/11     Executive Committee:
               John Smith – Treasurer
               Mike Brunavs – Publicity Officer
               Appointment of Auditor
 SCBACO        The members present agreed to re-appoint Crispin H Lyden-Cowan as Honorary
 AGM 20/11     auditor.
               Any Other Business
 SCBACO        DE noted that due to the 2012 Olympic Cycle Road Race taking place in Surrey on
 AGM 21/11     the opening day of the games in July 2012, there will be no Surrey Championship
               matches on 28 July 2012. Surrey Championship matches will start one week
               earlier on 5 May 2012.
               MB asked why the 2012 cricket season is starting one week earlier, instead of
               finishing one week later. DE advised that some clubs are unable to hold cricket
               matches on three weekends in September 2012 due to lack of ground availability.
 SCBACO        JS proposed that the SCBACO nominate David Edwards and Graham Cooper for
 AGM 22/11     Honorary Life Membership. The citations will be submitted shortly.
 SCBACO        LE thanked the SCBACO Committee, in particular David Edwards for his
 AGM 23/11     contribution through illness. LE reminded members of the London & East Region
               AGM on 3rd April 2011. She noted that David Edwards and Graham Cooper are
               worthy nominations for Honorary Life Membership, and suggested that SCBACO
               considers succession planning for its Committee members. DE to follow up.
               Close of Meeting
 SCBACO        There being no further business, the meeting closed at 21.13.
 AGM 24/11

Laura Murphy                                         Confirmed:
2 April 2011                                         Date:


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