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					A significant factor in Italy’s competitive
                                                                                                                            PRESENTED BY
strength on global markets is its ability to foster
innovation and to identify potential research
applications. This is important for a country in
which the industrial landscape consists largely
of SMEs, which typically have limited budgets
for research, and now face a serious decline in
public funding.       Universities are unique
incubators for new knowledge, particularly in
science and technology; it is not surprising then
that there is growing interest among industry
entrepreneurs in global opportunities in
collaboration with institutes of higher learning.

The existing agreements between Italian and                                                                      SPIN-OFF AND STARTUPS
Canadian universities, and the diverse joint                                                                      INNOVATION PARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN
initiatives between research centres and                                                                              UNIVERSITIES, RESEARCHERS,
                                                                                                                      INSTITUTIONS AND INDUSTRY
industry play an important role in facilitating
knowledge transfer and strengthening scientific
collaboration, which lead to mutually beneficial
market applications.

The objective of this Round Table is to discuss
current initiatives and explore future                For further information on this event please contact:      OCTOBER 2, 2012 | CARLETON UNIVERSITY
possibilities for this type of cooperation, with a                                                                 RIVER BUILDING CONFERENCE ROOM
                                                                Office of the Scientific Attaché                         1125 COLONEL BY DRIVE
focus on the relationship between Canada and                     Embassy of Italy in Canada
                                                                                           Live Streaming:
                                                                      Carleton University
  “All truths are easy to understand once                                                                                     HOSTED BY
    they are discovered: the point is to                         Canada’s Public Policy Forum
               discover them.”
                Galileo Galilei                                     University of Toronto
                                                                                                                               2:00 - 4:00 | CONCURRENT SESSIONS
8:30 | REGISTRATION AND COFFEE                                 10:45 - 11:45| DISCUSSION                                        Automotive Sector Room 2440 R
                                                                                                                               Moderator: Alan Wildeman, President, University of Windsor
9:00 | OPENING PLENARY SESSION                                  Accelerating Innovation and Research Partnerships –           Giovanni Belingardi, Politecnico di Torino
                                                               Creating Markets                                                Salvatore De Nicola. Cytec
                                                                                                                               Donato Firrao, Dean College of Engineering, Politecnico di Torino
Masters of Ceremonies:                                                                                                         Peter Frise, Scientific Director & CEO AUTO21 NCE, University of
                                                               John McDougall, President, National Research Council            Windsor
Randy Zadra, Director                                          Canada - NRC                                                    Drew Knight, Director, Global Alliances, University of Waterloo
Carleton International                                         Luigi Nicolais, President, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche   Franco Mammarella, TRIUMF
Emanuele Fiore, Scientific Attaché                             - CNR                                                           Antonio Mancina, Chrysler Group LLC
Embassy of Italy                                               Nigel Lockyer, Director, Canada’s national laboratory for       Nick Markettos, McMaster University
                                                               particle and nuclear physics - TRIUMF                           Caterina Meglio, Adler Group Canada
                                                               Luca Giustiniano, Rector’s Delegate, LUISS University           Eva Milella, President IMAST scarl, Technological district on
                                                               Jerry Tomberlin, Dean of the Sprott School of Business,         Engineering of composite and polymeric materials and structures
                                                                                                                               Antonio Neri, Delta-tech S.p.A
Andrea Meloni, Ambassador of Italy to Canada                   Carleton University                                             Deborah Saucier, Dean of Science, UOIT
                                                               Mona Nemer, Vice President, Research, University of             Garth Williams, Director, European Research ERA-Canada
His Excellency the Right Honourable                            Ottawa
David Johnston, Governor General of Canada                     Ferruccio Resta, Rector’s Delegate, Politecnico di Milano        Aerospace Sector Room 3302
                                                               Giovanni Bardelli, President & CEO, IDS S.p.A.                  Moderator: David Zingg, Director UTIAS, University of Toronto
The Hon. Gary Goodyear, Minister of State (Science and                                                                         Suzanne Benoit, President, Aero Montreal
Technology)                                                    Moderator: Kimberly Matheson, Vice-President (Research          Gabriele Borsoi, General Manager, Dema Aeronautics
Introduced by Howard Alper, Chair, Science, Technology         and International), Carleton University                         Anadi Canepa, TRIUMF
and Innovation Council (STIC)                                                                                                  Alan E. Calegari, President & CEO, Alenia North America Inc
                                                               11:45 - 12:45 | DISCUSSION                                      Felice De Nicola, CIRA
                                                                                                                               Antonio Gammarota, Thales Alenia Space
Roseann O’Reilly Runte, President and Vice-Chancellor of                                                                       Luca Rossettini, D-Orbit
Carleton University                                             Funding Innovation: Models and Approaches                     Dario Rossilli, COO Ubitech Technologies
                                                                                                                               Daniele Tavano, SELEX-Finmeccanica
9:45 - 10:30 | DISCUSSION                                      Suzanne Fortier, President, Natural Science and                 Tullio Tolio, Director, ITIA-CNR
                                                               Engineering Research Council – NSERC                            Metin Yaras, Chair, Mech. & Aerospace Eng., Carleton University
 Developing Innovation Strategies – Public Policies and       Adriano De Maio, President, AREA Science Park of Trieste
Current Experiences                                            Gilles G. Patry, President and CEO, Canada Foundation for        Agri-Foods Sector Room 5208
                                                               Innovation                                                      Moderator: Michèle Marcotte, Science Director, Agriculture and
Mario Calderini, MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities     Alessandro La Porta, Head of Territorial Relations              Agri-Food Canada
and Research of Italy)                                         Department, UniCredit – Video Link                              Luigi Benedicenti, Associate - Vice President, University of Regina
                                                                                                                               Camilo Gianinazzi, CEO, IPADLAB
Alessandro Fusacchia, (Ministry of Economic                    Alessia Muzio, Head of Research, AIFI, Italian Private
                                                                                                                               Monique Lacroix, INRS
Development) – Video Link                                      Equity and Venture Capital Association                          Marielle Ledoux, Director Department of Nutrition, UdeM
Peter N. Lewis, Associate Vice President, Research,            Tom Corr, President, Ontario Centres of Excellence              Elisabetta Lupotto, Agriculture Research Council – CRA
University of Toronto                                          Riccardo Pietrabissa, President Netval, Politecnico di          Tim Meyer, TRIUMF
Marco Gilli, Rector, Politecnico di Torino                     Milano                                                          David Miller, Professor of Biochemistry, NSERC Industrial Research
Ilse Treurnicht, CEO, MaRS Discovery District                                                                                  Chair, Carleton University
Anthony Masi, Provost, McGill University                       Moderator: Sam Boutziouvis, Vice President, Policy              Piero Rosina, Ferrero S.p.A.
                                                               International and Fiscal Issues from the Canadian Council
Moderator: David Mitchell, President & CEO, Canada’s           of Chief Executives (CCCE)                                      4:00 | COFFEE BREAK
Public Policy Forum                                                                                                            4:15 | CLOSING PLENARY
                                                                                                                               Concurrent Session Reports by Moderators
10:30 - 10:45 | COFFEE BREAK                                                                                                   Closing Remarks and Thanks
                                                               12:45 - 2:00 BUFFET LUNCH hosted by Ambassador                  4:30 | ADJOURN
                                                               Andrea Meloni at Carleton University

                          Live Streaming         SPIN-OFF AND STARTUPS | OCTOBER 2 2012 | CARLETON UNIVERSITY

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